Winter magic!!!

Welcome . .


Cooler weather!
 I hope that you are enjoying this as much as I do

My red rose is still rosing away (stunning smells).

  After flowering –

the petals are collected and ready to steam with.


The fence came down today so construction then painting, with a brand new rose garden up the side of the fence planned . .



WINTER –  Rest and regeneration time for every body – hibernation. Regroup. This is very obvious in temperate climates.  The plants all shut down. We need to also.


I am back for this more pleasant weather – to stay around Brisbane – not traveling about.

(It is a bit too icy in my NZ homes for me presently).

I am teaching locally and writing courses and resources for all to heal themselves this year.

I am still here – working so very well – and at great depth. Differently than anyone else can.

Maybe – when you have tried everything – it may be time to actually get better.


After my life experiences working with apparently ‘hopeless’ cases I am more interested in taking you on a course of sessions intensively.  By the time you have found me all sorts of health reversals, hopes dashed  and deep distress are resident in your being.Causing all sorts of blockage (equals pain)  – and need releasing.

Initially seeing me daily or several times a week is what I found worked best 40 years ago.

THEN you are fixed ..

This is to stop your body regressing into patterns. Even more so now.

You have a concern – body doing something different/not healing.

More here

Invest in what I now offer


Almost all pain is as simple as the Self Care online course answers – use no cold as it saps away your essence, take out the heavy metals that block the nutrients you need (and do not add more in) and add in what is so needed most – warmth. It IS winter – nourishing broths and great ingredients – soups and stews and plenty of clean not cold water.


Heather as health project manager.


Sometimes you have seen me a while ago. Maybe a lot has happened since.
What you thought I could do may or may not have happened then . .and life changes.

You may now have . . . .
Whatever – and are finding yourself locked into all sorts of dramas .

STOP why not ask yourself – what would Heather say/do?
I am usually brought in at a desperation stage – when I still can do a lot to ease suffering . . . used at the end of the cancer or whatever else journey – why not part way through – or instead of those who say ‘we don’t know’ as to what has gone wrong to medicate/irradiate /whatever with yo?  taking steps with your life?
The body heals itself – when you let it.

At all stages of life – and any concerns – reach for decades of professional and personal natural health problem solving. I am still here in Brisbane . ..

My first clinic in 1979 in the city.

Now I am easily situated in Coorparoo.

The Life Alignment Centre.
Even if /when you sign up for the hopeful chemo/surgeries/investigative works – it is still your body that is supposed to heal.


Easily undone – and of ours ewe may also need to get you off the medications that were numbing you.

Not fixing why blockages were even there – my job – get the Qi to flow. . is not all about needles . .



Looking at your Life Recipe.

Maybe come to see me where life flows are encouraged?

Where my scope of practice is health – and its enhancement?

Follow nature – her opinion is the only one that counts.
What have YOU done to break yourself?
Let us take you back to living well.


I am usually on site as I live upstairs.
I have much consolidating to do  will find me with small excursions around Australia teaching acupuncturists my holistic body mechanical magic.

Where my passion is – undoing your pelvic mess . . 

Seriously – is where the healing is.

Bladder – impinged upon by uterus (or swollen prostate) and all hell breaks loose.

Men – all sorts of trouble.

Who cares – or knows what to do?

I have been working with men’s woes too – same work to be done – your prostate was to be a uterus when you were less than 8 weeks inside mum – and is going to get as upset as our uterus does – with modern life and all.  Serious prostate and urinary issues and severe pelvic pain – intensives and easily fixed – really!
We go deep and undo why and how and then your body can heal itself.


Women’s bladder with uterus on top of (where supposed to be)

Structure determines function
So many people come to see me for named medical conditions.
Ideally they would come as they do not feel right – something is missing.

Quite likely all you do to get out of pain – and be more comfy.

An adjustment may – just not hold.  You go back again. And repeat as needed.

A few years ago when I studied the Arvigo work – I came back into clinic and knew that something had to shift. And shift it did. You may have been one of the lucky ones I rang.

A case from clinic . .retroverted uterus



‘So what?’ you say?

  • Neck/shoulder/upper back strain.
  • Horrendous period spams all down legs . .
  • When you look at her belly  there is an obvious dip half way to the navel
  • Most menstrual flow appears when sitting on the loo .  .
  • and weer she trying to get pregnant –  no one would tell her deep rear penetration – as we all knew to do prior to IVF .. . (legs up the wall).

There is no apparent medical reason (as the medicos are only interested in endo/drugs/surgery it seems) .

What about uterus in wrong place and pulling on all ligaments, so nothing is where it is to work best?

Even worse with the x2 heavy womb filling up monthly. See more here. Prolapsed bladder?  Prolapsed uterus?



Want real help?

What I offer is multi faceted.
As you know, I always work differently.
Never expect just ‘ needles – as this is not acupuncture anyway.
Never was.
Has devolved and thus those with minimal training put needles in (calling it Dry Needling/Western Acupuncture ) – and no training past insertion and recipe book notations.
When seeking real help you realise that here has been a process.
When coming in for pain – I start with pulling out why your flows  are not able to.


Which flows?

Qi – Blood – arterial and venous – lymph and nerve.  .

As a holistic body mechanic – I deal with all the processes.



This is actually why I became a natural health care problem solver.

Me and one of my sons and his son recently.

My ‘new baby’ is the site under construction – Opening the Baby Gate

Empowering the birth journey – resources to allow easy couple magic here.

If you know of anyone who is trying to conceive, or who may be/has been grievously wounded in the reproductive battles including birth (maybe a very long time ago?).

And then there is a vexed issue – where is the science in what the current medical dogma enforces?
Says me – the mother of  a massively vaccine damaged adult daughter??



This is the P.S . .

If you are wondering why I stopped being registered as an acupuncturIST under AHPRA – (in Australia I am not allowed to say I am one – or hold out to be) I care about your health and mine. And all of our safety.

I purposely stand on landmines I see – as they are holding up your growth healing.

I know that it is not comfortable – but being real – we have to move what is in the way. It is actually what you want me to do – work out why you are not healing  regardless of how much prior effort and being ‘good’ /compliant.

Please check this out yourself – cognitive dissonance (‘it can’t be that bad Heather’) is alive and well.
Maybe see what is really going on since MMR hit the population? Maybe sit down and watch?

This concerns ALL OF US. This is well worth your listening in – especially if you have any concerns and even dogma around ‘science’.  Filmed at a recent autism conference (many of us knew the meaning of that word before its epidemic now – and as one  of the initial warriors for my now 32 year old daughter I can say – almost everyone I see in clinic is  having ‘issues’ due to the apparent publicly provided ‘health ‘ measures – fluoride in the tap water – and vaccine damage (just need to know what to look for. Maybe start here?

We all express differently – but NONE of us are now resilient and robust). We all have low adrenal/thyroid/Yang) function and almost all are mercury toxic. Even if you have your amalgams OUT the residue from their being there – and your mum’s and her mum’s mercury debris passing down is what is likely messing with normal – PLUS the added aluminium – see below blocks further Glutathione metabolic detox and you come in with a body not responding to what used to – I know – I was in this business before almost anyone else still practicing . .  40 years and counting . .


‘This is all too hard Heather’

Yes I know . .I have been party to people and their suffering now for decades – from when we had common sense to now where the media is doing everyone’s thinking for them. Mob rule even.

Going to a medical person may not help you – may only to freak you out more. . possibilities. I say probabilities. By the time you seek help all sorts of inner warnings have been ignored. (Modern medical personnel seem only interested in injecting poisons (often under duress, never with actual informed consent – pretending this is a health measure) and discovering cancer – not realising that by wrecking the body by the first measure, some do end up with the latter.

How did this happen?

By stealth and ignorance of healing – perhaps look at what I put up in 2015?  (What causes wellness – is a well body and soul – not injecting toxins that block life force – all have aluminium in them

and the current idea that teenagers are safe by the HPV ignores the reality that this particular vaccine is so dangerous that many countries refuse to use it. I went off investigating – for my own self and children – and to work out how to help others.


Thinking helps – my scope of practice,

Detective for the defense  – your health – where did it go??


If you too can see the links with what you have and what I have written, maybe come in and we can seek answers further for you. This is life changing – you no longer are in pain, suffering with gut or womb woes – maybe even endometriosis), riddled with fears of cancer (or actually), crippled by fibromyalgia, now can get easily pregnant and have a healthy outcome – etc .. .

Start where the rot set is my task . . detection is not about the obvious and what others say – we explore what YOUR body has buried within blocking healing. An example is uterine/any prolapse.  . .why? What happened before? It is NOT just a matter of the body falling down . .

Let us find out why and fix THAT.


Love to see you to help you with what ails you – so you have a better life  ..