What to expect in working with Heather

Great question

I aim to undo all that has happened to you on all levels.
Always at a pace that you can cope – by clearing out what is blocking your body healing itself.
Two most important words – circulation (thus no pain) and nutrients (ingredients – why we have to eat).

What is your gut doing? making great Blood and Qi – or not?
That leads us always into making friends with your gut frts – as when you are in pain, distress, or not being supported b y your belly and its magi – there is little others can do to assist you to be better – in any way.

The shock  of  a diagnosis – the trauma of unresolved emotional hurts – these may all weigh on you – sometimes since before birth – as what happened within yo whilst mum was growing you – impacted upon you far more than anyone can realise.


Shock and trauma first.
This is followed by returning your metabolism (Yang Qi)  normal so your circulation and thus life is possible

Heather’s Gentling Way* has grown from my 40+ years of working with the most tricky cases when they feel lost/hopeless. Working on a premise that the body heals itself – when we let it, we work ever inwards to undo what may be blocking your joy, your energy and your creativity and love of even being here. .


Untangling what may be quite a story tied up into your structure, your energy bodies and indeed your soul. The unraveling may take a little time. Your becoming aligned again will lighten your life.