What others say about seeing Heather

You may wonder:


1 – What does Heather do?
(It totally depends on the day – usually things that you have never had happen before)
2 – Why does she work as she does?
(After 40 yrs – she has a system that undoesveost of what you are battling with/through).
3 – What will I get with her that I can’t elsewhere (and cheaper?).
A very long list – mainly – you will be heard and you will leave feeling so much better.
This has lead to where we now are – where ‘dry needling’ physios are being referred those who are in deep distress and need specialist care and attention – not more ICE and drugs and needling without understanding the flows of Qi.

You will be surprised when we see the person – not the condition.
When we undo the adhesions, the scars, the shock and trauma and cold stored within – return into the blueprint . .
Maybe it is to invest in yourself – I only see people for intensives – and these are usually at least 3 often 4 -5 hours in length as we delve deeply into what has created your body’s inability to heal itself.
Here is someone who was in a lot of trouble (though she still has her leg – which was expected to be amputated 20 years ago) after a bad car accident.
‘Heather’s work is uniquely effective, creating lasting positive change. First and foremost, Heather deals with the human being in front of her. Her methods include a huge range of traditional healing work, wise woman work, combined with with scientific research and adapted for today’s world.
Heather will dig until she identifies the underlying cause of the issue, taking into account ALL of the person, including the traumas and experiences that are mapped on their body and in their energy.  Using a variety of techniques, Heather removes shock long held in the body, and restores the flow of energy, and mobility, allowing the body to return to a healthy balance. A session with Heather is a real investment in returning your healthy to health.
Heather will take the time to prepare your body for the healing work. She will then put her decades of learning and experience to work with you to create the healing change to bring back flow. After the release, Heather will anchor the healing in your body, and finish off her work to restoring your body’s structure.
During a healing with Heather, I feel my body lengthen, and let go of tension, hurt and pain. Every single time, I leave standing taller, breathing more freely, with more mobility and with troublesome awkward pain gone. Often I feel further effects of the work later on while in meditation. I am always surprised when energy flows are improved or normalised that I hadn’t noticed how bad they were prior. The improved energy flows quickly become my new normal. And best of all, the changes stay.
Heather takes care to nurture her patients as she works, and to pass on as much information as she can that is helpful to the person. Be prepared to be heard, to have your existing beliefs challenged, and to leave with a lot to think about, follow up on, and do at home, should you be that way inclined. During the session, Heather passes on the old wise woman teachings that used to sustain health in days gone by that are remain relevant and effective today.
Having observed her teaching, it is obvious that Heather is deeply committed to the transformation and empowerment of her students. Heather exercises great care to ensure each student receives as much as they can. Nuggets of wisdom are passed on from decades of experience of healing work, that are simply unavailable else where’. Carolyn. Brisbane
          Many travel to stay locally as they undergo the undoing process. David arrive as no one seems to have a clue about why and how he was – and as he usually fixes others – this was not acceptable to him.

“Heather has the most amazing commitment to her craft. Where I truly believe others would have given up, she continues unperturbed. Even when I thought she had done all she could do there always seemed to be more.

‘Heather showed me that I had thyroid issues resulting in low core temp (BBT) between 35-36C . Reading up on the thyroid details, I can see that I have been dealing with this since at least the age of 10. I have been barking up the wrong tree for at least 20 years of thinking that I was just lazy. 20 years of fatigue, foggy mind, blocked ears, sinusitis, hay fever and on and on.
 ‘After 3 days of her combination of physical therapy and acupuncture, it rose to 36.1 on day 3 – 36.5 on day 4 and 2 days after I left the clinic it reached 36.7C  – amazing.

‘I also had a lower back issue from 20 years ago in a surfing accident. As she began there (I had no idea it was even a problem) everything in my body started to free up, it got sore – really sore. By day 5 I was giving up hope that the pain would leave completely. I was happy that mobility had returned but the pain was still present. Heather just kept working until the morning of day six when the pain had all but gone.

‘I then drove ten hours to get home over the next 2 days and even 3 weeks later – the back is still pain free.
I guess her 40+ years of experience really makes a difference: I got a lot more then I expected. She has given me additional tools to work on myself, and that I can use to assist my wife in her healing. Easy to learn and easy to apply. Best of all I can see the difference they are making”. – David – western central NSW