Wellness is easy . .

Support your immune health


Over the years you will have noticed that what I say is left of what is published by the ‘authorities’.
This is because my job is to work with those who are medical refugees
– who still seek help when all else has failed.

Through the decades – initially anyone in pain – and still
Anyone who had terrible menstrual battles – Still
Anyone scared of birth and pregnancy trouble – Still

Anyone who was not getting easily pregnant – Still
Anyone dying /given terminal prognosis – Still


Vitamins are NOT alternative – they are what allows wellness.
They ARE alternative to the media portrayal of life.
As they get in the way of the medical model.
Illness management

YOU may need to head down to the local health food shop and buy Vitamin C

Go online and get ‘high’ doses of Vitamin D3 and take a lot – at least 25,000iu daily – all that will happen is that you will need to wean yourself off the medical drugs that have been sold to you as rest of life needed.

NOT if you fix yourself.


Maybe come in to see me . .  .

Invest in health.

The hospitals are full of very stressed and ill staff and there will not be enough of anything to help those who may be really sick
No masks needed – a healthy immune system IS.

Vit C – studies approved’ for the use in this latest wee virus.


Unavoidably unsafe.
Viruses mutate.
Change your body resistance – your immune system is there for YOUR protection.
Not for sale . .
BUT it is an industry that keeps on telling us we need it . .

THEY need us

And they pick up the damage  forever after as they provide the drugs – not the ways out of illness. .

That is living well – Life Recipe here

(Though there are no studies ever done on the vaxxed vs unvaxxed people – except by families who stop this apparent health measure – at great cost to the,selves – when they HAVE inadvertently damaged one of their own.
As we all do – eventually – wake up.
Health comes from Living Well.

Do not corrupt yourself with the ‘flu’ injection – it likely weaken you further.
There is and will be NO ‘cure’ for common cold – as it s totally dependent on how well the ground was it landed on.
Remember the swine flu and Vit C case?


PLEASE – start thinking and acting as an adult.

Watch and see the illogicality of the medical profession who have been sold and are selling you lies.

Research? All done decades ago – and even Nobel Prizes won.

The Flexnor Report – commissioned by Mr Rockefeller in 1908 – his legacy STILL


What to do?
Look at the last clinic newsletters I have sent out.

 I will be here until I pop off home (escaping summer again)

ABSENT 19th – 26th March

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