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Welcome cooler weather!

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NZ Break

I have had a wonderful time – in my garden – eating food I planted in January. Can’t keep up – plant greens and they just keep on giving!

Also treating people who are so grateful – I can call myself what I am – an acupuncturist in NZ.


Being with my adult children (Josh/Ty above with Oscar and Ryan this evening (Tuesday)

and friends (fellow acupuncture advocate Robin in Lyttleton) – and my life – all on hold as I traveled to find more to take my work forwards.

This Year

This year I am in consolidation mode and will only be teaching in Australia and NZ. My focus will be healing birth injuries – often from years/decades before.

Bladder Prolapse

Or very recent – here is the story of a bladder prolapse – fixed in one session – with me – holistic care – not as an acupuncture though my passion for undoing energy blocks is part of the Gentling Way I am now teaching. .  3 hours – we dive in deep and rescue the core . . recent birth injury – bladder prolapse . .

All fixed – doctor suggested cutting out uterus – why?
Was the bladder fallen down ?
Such is reactive not responsive work – and you find plenty of answers in My Gentling Way . .

Birth Trauma Prevention

– why I wrote ‘What Dads Can Do’ – and available for instant download here – or get the generations to come manual on healthy pregnancy and retrieval of pregnant good humour – and wellness.

Opening the Baby Gate

A new site will be launched in a few days and I will let you know – Opening the Baby Gate!!!

Accident Recall

https://heatherbrucehealing.com/accident-recall/ and undoing what lies underneath – https://heatherbrucehealing.com/p-a-c-e-and-undoing-fear/ is the beginning of what I do. See more here – is fascinating and anyone can . .

Please do it yourself – at least get into P.A.C.E. and start the undoing the trauma stored within.

What trauma? If you are on any mood or sleep medication – why not come in and see me as this is a deep seated distress – that is not you being depleted in the chemicals – but not able to self regulate.

Polyvagal Theory

See more on the Polyvagal Theory

 which is has been 30 years on the discovering and now all trauma people are on this band wagon – and see me about how we can move you through – drug free – or getting off the medications you are on – as health return and enhancement is my business. 

Seasonal adjustment

Come in and see me for a tune-up prior to the cold and get supplies – so you do NOT get ill – and should you start – you go to bed with the amazing AV/AT and more health as you sleep it off . . 

Medical scope of practice is NOT health.

Please start thinking through instead of reacting – I do know that this puts me in a pilloried category – especially when told that the kids are unaffordable unless vaccinated – (I hear poisoned/immune system corrupted – as the healthiest kids have not been touched by this insanity) – as this is what I also did (now as an ex vaccinating parent – see my daughters story here . .


and my children’s run ins with vaccination here

Oh that I knew now what I try to impart . . .

Their lives destroyed from this business.

Vaccination is a theory – NOT a health measure.

Before a reaction (Heather is spouting  dangerous propaganda )- maybe ask -‘why would a past vaccinating parent say this?’ Why do you ‘need’ to be coerce into a mandatory measure – whilst teh benefits are not proven – but rammed into you at every turn? Think measles. ..

Measles . . .

Being jabbed with non nutrients that block your body and lead to very bad consequences. This is what I am dealing with all and evefy day with anyone who comes in to see me – their bodies are NOT able to cope with the constant barrage f misinformation – from all orifices – ears and eyes included.

Seriously. What is health? What causes it? How can it return? Do not ask a medical person as this is outside their skill set. They are death avoiders. Surgeons . Drug dispensers.

Vaccines – When they say it is ‘stronger’ it means there is more aluminum to freak your body out further. More auto immune life long disorder awaits.




Yes . . . They ramped it up in the HPV also – right when developing puberty and neurological reorganization happens – whoops – Al is a neurotoxin – yes this is not nice to talk about – why are we trusting those who have no idea what they are doing to the rest of your life?

I say this as I am very concerned – people did think more in the years gone by – when people seeing me were seeing me so they stayed well.

Not dropping in after the doctor
– but instead of –

health is MY business.

Whatever ails you – you have to heal – even if this is pre (or post) chemo, or anything done to you in the name of ‘fixing’ – it is YOUR body that was not well enough to sort it out initially – much like getting pregnant with IVF and forgetting that the prize is actually well and happy pregnancy/birth /mum and baby bonded.
And with you?
Is fear of cancer or ‘something sinister’ driving you ?

Why spend the $$ with those who are NOT health care professionally – maybe actually show up for yourself – as you do for the car and get a tune up?

Anything – especially when in pain – see me for at least a second opinion- but really – see me first as health rescuer/problem resolver. Everyone walks out blooming and freer . . Transformed .. .

40 years at this – I am bound to have a bright idea. . .

This is what I shine at – assisting taking out what is blocking your own healing.

I see it so often in clinic – you thought you were doing ‘the right thinking’ and come on months later with weird problems you have not had before – and all was well – until that last jab . .

No thought for later – and often not even 10 % effective – and ask what ‘effective’ means – maybe 1-2 days less ill.

What to do instead?
Follow what your grandma would say . .

Life . . . .  live it. 

1 – Vit D3 – levels at the ‘upper rage needed.
Yes it is – the store of natural Vit D3 from being in the sun all summer is why flus only happened in the depths of winter – and why now all are sick.
Best way forwards – get a lot of Vit D3 into you – hard as Australia and NZ only ‘allows’ 1,000 iu capsules.

You can get 25,000iu for the health food stores in USA – as it is a life necessity (and indicated in M.S, though that is listed as a side effect of being vaccinated) – perhaps get informed?

Not fearful???
See more here. https://solutions.heatherbrucehealing.com/essential-vitamins/vit-d/

1,000iu is half what a Norwegian newborn gets supplemented with a day.

Avoid not only hormonal issues and metabolic problems, but cancer and flus . .. that is right – Vitamin D3 is a nutrient and you can’t do without it.

Cancer Concerns?

Breast cancer and general cancer concerns?

Take more Vit D3 – seriously – there are businesses dependent on your helpless and hopeless outlook – this is not one of them but often what I write upsets as it is cognitive dissonance raising its head .. .
What it would mean to you if I was correct? Unfortunately I am more often than not – hence I have been in business helping when the orthodox has not and cannot – especially as so often they are causing your imbalance/distress.

What to do?
Get at least 20, preferably 50,000 iu DAILY into you for a month and see if you really are as sick as you thought – may be only a case of MALNUTRITION.

Likely – most people coming in to see me this is so.

And dehydration – hence this Life Recipe.

Wash hands . . major way to lessen likelihood of catching a bug – and of course – have a strong immune system – which is weakened with each jab .
You can rest and regenerate – and come in for a ‘tune up’ and see what else may assist from my wee store of goodies – and look after yourself – as per the Self Care course – as this way You are In Charge.

More rest and less stress sand more fats and minerals – go into a shell and stay at home and live your simpler life. Seek help from a natural health care problem solver – and become empowered.

Health? Ability to adapt to change –  can you?
When all see me they seem to have been in  a tight rope – and falling is an ever present likelihood.

https://solutions.heatherbrucehealing.com/healthy-living/ I did this up 4 years ago as part of living well for making better babies – same still applies – what makes us ill is not the bug – but being less than optimally functional to start with – and here we go right back to what does the flu jab do to you?

And the measles explosion of fear?

AV/AT – take either 2 x 2 daily as a preventative – or 3 every hour if you feel as though something is coming on . .

How was this developed?

As a measure (not vaccination) when swine flu and SARS happened in East Asia – the Chinese government were looking after their people – and this is the result. Something that works! My then 13 year old son got glandular fever (good question  how was he the only one of my kids to ever get this? I was not on deck as an away working parent and he had been vaccinated – another hassle we did not need – perfectly well – till the jabs – see below) .

The glandular fever (and a very high titre of this as we found out a few days later with a blood test) was a 3 1/2 day wonder – as he had 3 of these every hour and slept. Some Vit C and one acupuncture session.  Mainly – 3 x AV/AT an hour (went through one and a half bottles and rest.

Is a boon – and often you only need two or three doses- key – go to bed. Body heals when you let it.


Also to have on hand – in case – what to take next – ABB (Antibiobotanial) – instead of /as well as/when antibiotics did not work – 3 every dose – and hourly for 2-3 doses then every 2 ours – and GO TO BED to cover. And Vit C . . And go to bed and sleep ..

Prevention – more sleep more sun more downtime and regular walks in nature with no gadgets getting to know yourself and sort out the ever increasing busy-ness of being you – all is simpler when we


I am back tomorrow (Wednesday 1st May) from a chilly productive time at home
Gardening and helping others whilst taking time out to move a lot of texts and papers and find a lot to write about to teach others.

Information chats

– an evening with Heather – a weekly special

 Wednesday evenings from now on I will hold conversations as an open house 6 – 8 for anyone who wants to pop on in.

Wednesday 8th – what to do when ill/instead of a flu jab?

PLUS  . . .
What to do to undo what having this jab in the past an recently has done to you?).

 Trust your own immune system
Build yourself up – gain an in inner wealth – a bank of goodness.

That inner self talk and things that you want to escape from? Maybe take this free course I offer here online?

Time to live????

Whilst thinking about – time to feel?



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