Welcome to winter – and Heather’s return

Welcome all.

I have been off studying/teaching/being me – a quick sabbatical really.

Surrey Hills (UK) roads . ..


I had a wonderful time away – learning and resting.

Clinic reopens1st June and I would love to see you!
There is so much to share.

In this newsletter:

What Heather is up to:

My being more than an acupuncture consultant.

CLINIC – Back Friday 1st June

I do love hands-on and of seeing people blossom over the care they start heaping on themselves  .

AND – it is time to hand over

Thus I am working mainly with those who wish not to be seen as ‘bits’ but as whole units that need a life overhaul.

Tuesday and working Thursdays Afternoon/evenings – and most Saturdays

Unless you are on a programme when anytime will be made to get you past where you need to be.

(Stuck in pain or in things not as you would like them to be).

I wonder – what your body is telling you? Masking the stagnation will probably not end well . . .
I usually use my hands on – to allow your flows to flow to repair you and lose all pain. You may be being worn out by the labels given – diseases supposedly that you are visiting. You may feel desperate – good – that is the easiest way to change.

If you wish to learn more on what I can do – please reach out!

TEACHING SCHEDULE over winter:(picture is me teaching in Rothenberg Germany – 2 day clinical workshop)

2/3 June – I will be using the clinic space as I intended to be – a teaching/school for healers to learn more.

I will be possibly off again to Europe to teach again – sharing with acupuncturists to become more hands-on.

This will continue til I take off a few times all through the winter – so grab me and let’s get started.

Email is best till Friday next as the phone is letting most (not all) voicemail through.

Chronic pain

Something is wrong – come and see how simple relief can be.

Often so easily overlooked.

We are not here to just make money/buy things.
Or robots.

We need to actually pay attention!
Body warnings matter.

Not by using masking addictive medications – real answers.

Adhesions? (In last newsletter) – easily undone gently.

Persistent Pelvic Pain – as mentioned in the papers today . .

The Maya/Arvigo/Mercier combination is your best choice – and of course all my Gentling Ways . .

Men Matter!

See more here

Over the recent years I have noticed that the hands-on work is more appropriate for most. So many of us are sitting about/being less active. The influences of modern life are wrecking our flows. This means that the men especially are being ignored. Yet what is messing with women’s bodies is also with their’s. Seeing a medical person (crisis management) for a ‘diagnosis’ may be useful when you have our life settled down – before this – your body is just warning you and the idea that you can put a band aid over the red light would not work for your car!

The day I went to to the UK (Surrey Hills) to attend had an Arvigo/Maya worker speaking to what happened to him – see more here

It seems that so many suffer unnecessarily.
I spoke with Karl – he is doing only a few moves of the Maya work – and ‘support’.
There is so much more.
This is also why the Self Care course is here.

This covers the ‘why’ you need to take charge yourself. And how to do this. – Hands-on yourself and your partner/friends
I know – we don’t. When we do – magic happens! We are primates – touch is the most healing of all.

So please – if you know ANY men who are silently being stoic – that is not necessary. Up to and including what seems to be the end stage of all cancer – the person still can be in so much better shape. Again – see more here

The Mercier work that is solely focused on female bodies has been updated with my own 40 years of working in this field (pre IVF and now it is NOT making babies so easily – with many excuses – all of them ignoring health and well-being first.

This brings us to pelvic pain – as so many are living on pain killers .
Instead of fixing what is happening.
Seriously – your  car gets more attention!

Before winter bites – let’s get you in alignment and ready for the change.

Come in and see what sort of programme that suits your life best.
Love to at least give you the tune up that stops the illnesses.

Remember – for the price of a session or 2 – you can have access so much that will enable you to take charge – see more here.

No need to do more than slow down, smell the flowers and enjoy each breath!!


Be kind to yourself!