Welcome back summer!

Hi everyone

Whilst you have been sweltering – I have been hiding out with a hot water bottle and sometimes the electric blanket in my home in West Coast NZ . . Beautiful gardening and living weather .

Last week I went traveling to see patients in far flung places (this was three days – great time to be with amazing husband and look out at the country side.

I will send out  a precis of the ridiculously life-changing work I did whilst ‘on the hop’ from one 7 hour stint to the next in the next newsletter – within a few days. .

One woman’s massive head injury from a huge broken neck accident 2 years ago and being incapable of being all of herself, to bright as a button (overnight – 2 sessions ) for one.

And from being brain injured from pesticide poisoning in utero – not being able to walk very well to doing so in another. .

Duncan and I went on a guided tour, found the fault line and stuck finger in it!

I taught a 3 week intensive – the midwives and health workers at this community
The women and the men (David was with me so we worked two rooms with men and him sometimes and needles) were transformed.

We discovered how absolutely unique what I am doing is.
Also that it is totally transferable to anyone (no acupuncture knowledge needed) who wants to make massive changes to assist others to live well.

I had 5 of their people and in the last session (reproductive Healing for easy babies) 4 of mine .
If you thought I was taking a break . .

Running them working and supervising – three couches, one room and 2 people with each patient – we had such a time!
9 days teaching/demonstrating, 2 days of full on treatments full time – This is a great work/life balance for me.
With husband, garden and seeing my adult children and grandchild).

Heather is back to Brisbane Friday morning and straight into work.
Love to see you and share all the new tools I have developed.

We can fix almost anything TOGETHER – you taking charge ad running with  it.
And my intensives to gentle away what up till now has been stuck!
Once and for all – not regular ongoing visits – but you being in charge .


Tools for you . .

A taster . .

The Self care package – all you can do your self.

Special offer this newsletter only – use this half price token: SelfCare5
(open for 1 week only)

I will be very big on this from now on – handing back your responsibility.

What happens to you is due to what you do . .
Change that – change what you have.

I saw by working this month intensively – how efficient I am with pain.

Constant and no one else structural has helped pain.

Stepping out to be an energy body worker – structural/visceral and emotional – perhaps see the one who is the ‘too hard basket’? I have always been . .

Know someone in strife?
That is where I shine . .

And on from there – the Life Rescue package – free at present to run through yourself . .

Major cause of disease ?

Emotional residue – essentially your inner climates not expressing themselves.
Then all else follows.

I had such a great time distilling what I have learned with students, patients and in my own life in this last month.

Rested and enthused!

Catch me whilst I am about!

  • I am back in Brisbane Friday 18th Jan
  • Off again 31st Jan for two weeks.
  • Back in Brisbane clinic 15th Feb.

I intend to be bouncing from my home in NZ (to escape summer) to home in Bne till it gets too cold to do this.
Having been centred in Brisbane for the past 41 years . .NZ is my escape winter when it comes.

Come in and see me

Expect a miracle!


See you soon . .