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Where is Heather?

Not on her usual (for over 2 decades) mobile number

For the past two weeks my usual 0409 893 978 has been misplaced.
I am on 0452 343 773 if you need to talk with me urgently

(and the landline is not answering).

Last week I had a great time resting briefly, back home in Greymouth – after 6 months away from NZ.

I am now in Brisbane til Christmas.

I will be working 1 to 1 with patients in the clinic most days, or at least part thereof.
Also some evenings.
Saturdays usually.

In the New Year, I intend to be here 1 week of 4, offering programmes as I wean off being a 1 to 1 practitioner, being more focused at this stage of my life on the handing over what I know – both to practitioners and other interested people.

Today I have for you a complimentary chapter from one of my eBooks ..

Why waking early is good for you.

You can greatly enhance your state of well living by allowing your body to awaken naturally, giving all systems a chance to switch on and clear out. Be mindful that your Yang Qi rises with the dawn, so the optimal time to awaken and arise is also with the sun.

This is difficult, of course, if we choose to follow a path of wilful disregard for the natural cycle, staying active into the regenerative phase of night. Being asleep by 9pm will make a huge difference to all metabolic problems, and almost guarantee a healthy body, AS LONG AS a very small meal is consumed, not a late, large one, before retiring.

Morning is the time of maximum Yang/metabolic /digestive vigour, and also when the stomach and spleen/pancreas energy is at its peak.

Before this, is the colon time; awakening, stretching (watch any baby or a cat/dog on opening their eyes), and having a good bowel clean out is what nature intended.

Eating a small, nutritious and easily digested meal early in the evening allows the sleep cycle to regenerate inner energy, so that you store Jing, thus assisting your continued good health.

Eight tips for awakening well.

1 —Stretch luxuriously;allow your consciousness to fully return here.

2 — Whilst lying in bed, perform abdominal self-massage to help heal the inner organs, ensuring they can properly support you. The time invested daily, initially for a month, will create a supple and healthy abdomen that will reward you with regular, easy bowel movements, a healthy appetite and more abundant energy

Please be gentle with yourself.

Always use warm hands . . .

Superficial and shallow to start with is best

Allow the work you are doing on your Stuck Liver Qi to really make changes within.

3 — Drink half a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it, to help the liver to wake up, and thus activate your colon – a good pooh first thing is desirable – if this is not happening it is a good indication that more belly work is needed.

Also ensure you drink more water, consume more fats, and pay more attention to fibre (9 cups of coloured veggies daily).

4 — Use a dry skin brush to assist the skin in its elimination of toxins from the inside out, and to awaken the senses.

Dry skin brushing

Your skin is a living vital organ, with many vital functions. From the acupuncture framework it is seen as an extension of the Lung energy. When our Lung Qi is healthy, our skin is soft, supple and lustrous. The Lung Qi is also in charge of our defensive energy (Wei Qi). This Wei Qi, governed by the Lung Qi, controls the normal opening and closing of skin pores, in response to body and external temperature changes. Ensuring the health of the skin layer thus assists our protective (Wei) Qi.

Skin is nourished by the Blood energy: all is interrelated.

Approximately one third of all body impurities are excreted through the skin. Daily, almost half a kilo of waste products is discharged this way. Taking a spa, creating sweating and brushing your skin will all assist in ridding yourself of toxins.

An inexpensive, natural plant fibre mitt or skin brush (often found with a long wooden handle) works best. Try to avoid nylon or synthetic bristles, which are too sharp and damage the skin. This feels utterly amazing — and is very easy to do. Quite addictive.

How do I do it?

  • Starting with the soles of your feet, brush vigorously, using circular motions and gradually work up the body, massaging all of it with the bristles.
  • On the more sensitive areas of the face, inner thighs, abdomen and breasts, apply less pressure.
  • Brush until your skin feels warm and glowing, which usually takes five to ten minutes.
  • Finish with a shower to wash away all dead skin particles.

Benefits of regular dry skin brushing

  • Removes the dead layers of skin and other impurities, keeping the pores open.
  • Stimulates and increases blood circulation and all underlying tissues.
  • Revitalises and increases the skin’s eliminative capacity.
  • Has a powerful rejuvenating influence on the nervous system by stimulating the skin’s nerve endings.
  • Contributes to healthier muscle tone and better fat distribution (especially good for cellulite).
  • Rejuvenates the complexion and strongly enhances the circulation of the Wei Qi to and on the surface of the body.

5 — Do ten ‘Salutes to the Sun’, (Yoga poses) remembering to slowly breathe in on the stretching up and expanding movements.

Watch here if you have not encountered this before, to see how it’s done.

6 Go for an enjoyable walk or perform another exercise — preferably outside.

7 Do a guided meditation, lasting twenty to thirty minutes.

Enjoy being you.

Love life.


8 – Eating a nourishing break-your-fast
Fat and protein are needed to start the day, as this is a main meal, not a filler.
When you eat according to the body clock – see the Chinese clock above – eat a small meal at night, the largest in the middle of the day, and a decent showing for breakfast – not cold, not raw, not sweet.  What about eggs and veggies with plenty of fat thrown in? I know this is on a breastfeeding site of mine – but making a baby or remaking yourself – it is all the same . .
Food is life.


Arvigo Self Care weekend

IxchelIn my first ever Self Care course as a participant I felt so much come together – about myself and how I could help my body and those of others – through simply experiencing the wonder of being with others in their sharing.

There are only 3 spaces left – it is very nurturing, very sacred and very healing. Two assistants  . . . and you.
December 1-3.

This a gentle, healing workshop experience (small, intimate – in a sacred circle – as we deeply delve into remaking you from the depths of your often-wounded self/womb).



Who is also in the Clinic?

Jana ZehrJana is offering her Bowen work, for a donation, while she trains in this discipline.
Those who met her recently in clinic all walked out in a different state as her healing, Reiki and gentle presence all took the darkness away. She is one of my apprentices and will in time be here whilst I am in my NZ garden and writing texts over summer. Jana will be here Mondays. Phone or text for an appointment: 0427 047 370
Ivana NightingaleIvana is a very skilled and caring Hawaiian /Kahuna massage therapist and her gentle yet profound ministrations are available to you every FridayIvana is always here on Fridays – and you can see her as the last lucky recipient at 7.30pm
Please contact her directly:


To find out more on what I have to offer you – and how it came about
See here Heather’s Offerings.

Ring me on 3899 22274 or email heather@heatherbruce.com.au

Leave a message or email for a hands-on session.

I also am available for short Skype consults.


Love and blessings