Vaccination – what you may not know

1 – What are adjuvants?

There is no nice way to break it to you  – they are in a vaccine to stir up trouble.


One partner – may be convinced ‘it works’

What is an effective vaccine?
Does it mean you are ‘protected’?
What is heath made from?
Perhaps stop and ponder this ..

What causes health?

Perhaps see what causes illness from a traditional healing (oral wisdoms of all different cultures got us to here – before the past 100 or so years when the retail business took over and everyone was indoctrinated into thinking only those who had studied certain ways of thinking knew information worth following  that their family wisdoms and what the mother all did to keep us fed, protected and well – was wrong  .

Also the role of VtD – and we now told to be scared of the sun


It is NOT tested for children/babies.fetus . .

Why is everyone believe this is a health measure?
Nutrient pathways ..
IS there a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children?
Not that is ‘acceptable’ as there is no one paying attention to the reports of the parents who choose health over fear.

The Vaccine Safety Manual – Neil Z Miller

Heather Frazer – The Peanut Allergy Handbook

Research – up live with the consequences – and if you start looking at the periscope series – from the Vaxxed bus and al the medical staff who are showing up to give their observations and the myriad parents with their stores of their damaged children – you may wish that you had not outsourced your thinking quiet so easily.

Do own research!

 2 – We all want to have the best babies possible, the best health possible – but do we know what causes health?
What is it ?
A retail business is what is happening . .
Where is consequences?
My own example?
Anaphyaxis . .
Peanut butter used to be the major sandwich filler.

My sister – egg white nearly killed her when she was fed it – how/why? Vaccinating on vaccines grown on chicken embryos – why is no one upset? The stray DNA is an irritant for the body to react to – and it does – in my sister’s case – it set up her body seeing a common and highly nutritious food source as what she needed protection against  and thus she nearly died – and this stared a lifelong reactivity to foods – not just egg white  resulting in her older years  with a hunk of dead colon(Bowel) being removed – and her whole life determined by stress’ and what she could eat/do.

What ‘price’ not getting whopping cough?
Which I incidentally got from being vaccinated when I was 23 months old – so I am still here – it is NOT that terrible – we all get varying levels of problems – based upon ?? Our foundational health and resilience – I had been being breastfed fully till then so no doubt my infant body was in a better shape than if not – and of course back in 1955 although the vaccines were loaded with mercury – I would have not been jabbed till I was 3 months old – nothing at the start of life – as there is no immune system to ‘boost’ /be educated. .
Please do your own research – perhaps start here?

Vegans/ vegetarians/ and now with the aborted human fetal tissue being used for many vaccines – why not all reasonable people – let alone the Catholics of the group?

When did I vaccinate my children?
Child born

1977 – first vaccination at 5 1/2 years old – his health fell off he – and so many behavioural issues (and asthma tendencies)

1994 – at 12 years old got his first vaccination – and all the thyroid and asthma problems started then (at the beginning of puberty).
We do not want the immune system attacking itself – and this is what the adjuvants job is  to stir up a storm . .


 3 –

4 – Covers – research yourself!
Whooping Cough

Chicken pox

What is herd immunity?
How long does vaccination cover someone for?
Does it at all?
What does being vaccinated mean?
DOES it confer heath; and resilience?
Dr Suzanne Humphries – The 1st 3 years of pregnancy.

Breastfeeding? – Instantly makes the exact proportion of nutrients an antibodies as baby leaks information back up through the nipple when feeding – and mum’s body when well instantly adjusts what is needed next.
Ill/preemie/weather changes and the baby needs something different?
All adjusted on the spot
What is Ethics?
What is health made from?
How do you get health?
Mum and baby are a unit – and interfering with this only causes problems – Nature knows best!!




Ask this question . . the gift of a question – WHY?
Guard your heart  how did perpereal fever get gone?
We did not vaccinate – but cleaned up the medical act.

Before hand washing . ..women died from medical interventions
We do have good sanitation habits, food supplies.
Unavailable ingredients that SHOULD be there and structure not working properly.
Everyone so far – who comes to me when really ill in pregnancy and supposedly ‘high risk’ – so far has been turned around to normal vaginal (often home water birth) – why are we ignoring what we are made from?

Willful blindness. .
Vaxxed bus commentary – see here
The movie
Why watch?
Why is this covered up?
Make your own opinion – juts open the ears.eyes. mind and wonder – why are parents doing this?
(Especially me – as it is professional suicide – and why?)
Where dd science go?
Why is this hig called ‘science is settled’?
Correlation does not equal causation’?
(Fall out of a tree/get hit by a bus and then say this – is foolish – why is this a way to silence concerned parents and people who have discovered that there is more to the story than what is beings told to us..
Why turn off the immune system we are supposed to have?
Have your own immune system work against you . .