Total Health 2020

Welcome Total Health 2020

The beginning of the rest of your life


Merry Christmas
T’is the season to be jolly.
(Not only alcohol and those empty calories).
Sugar . .
Please try to minimise – as it tends to start you off on a fling  .

Summer opening hours

NZ – 25 – 30th Dec
NZ – 9 – 2nd Jan
At least a week or 2 every month throughout till autumn


Thank you to all who have been with me as I grow and change, I morphing into the older (hopefully wiser) me. .  I hope that everyone is on a roll to partake of what the next decade brings . .
Shedding more than old beliefs may be needed . .

Clarity and joy at the other end . .
(Much like the birth of a butterfly).
Likely not comfortable . .
Me in February in San Diego – at
Push – with Deb Davies and friends..
Growth involves transformation.
Clearance – of the old – all that no longer fits us.
I wish for you the best you could have to grow and to expand into what you are here to do.

Christmas . . . and rain??


I hope so as there has been my usual Christmas gift to the planet . .

more beauty (and roses)




Please stay safe.
And hydrated.
After the need to breathe well,
Hydration is so much more important than what you eat.
This is why there is so much inflammation and cancer – more on that in the next edition of Total Health 2020 – I will begin a Youtube of what to do daily) to help yourself. .
Clean non chilled.
At least 3 litres daily.
Enough pure water will undo almost any health/life challenge.

Your year in review:

A time of reflection if possible – what did you accomplish?

What would you wish for yourself next year/decade?

Maybe start a wish list?

Clear blue skies for starters.
Rain and misty mornings
Forests beaming with life. .



Total Health 2020

We are at the cusp of a more conscious life – a new outlook for all
Total health is what we all need.
Being more than a body, we need to feel needed.
In our own lives. Validated. And at peace.
Our bodies remember everything that has ever happened to them.
We do store stuff. Within . .
This is what causes the pain and the resistance to change.  .
This is when you come in for help.
40 years of helping others has netted me one large thing
I am so grateful
Sharing what  know and see happening – I an make a difference.
I do love my work . .
AND it is about – change
I suggest renovating your inner self
Otherwise . . . . .

We get to
Feeling too Stuck


We can’t flow – and neither can the Qi, the Blood and the Lymph . .
Then pain ensues . .

Beyond Pain course in the next episode. .
As I have been playing with pain for decades.
It is easy – unblock your pipes!!!
Can’t seem to get out of the path of ongoing body/mind dramas?
Maybe it’s time to see about an overhaul?

Hate being a woman or being stuck in women’s dramas?

I offer can now intensives which allow you to dive deeply into your past as you are carrying it with you . .
In the form of every cell in your body remembering – especially trauma and shock  – also cold invasion . .
Let us undo why you are NOT healing  as your body is intended to. .

Start with self care and attention – too busy?
New career direction – for self or someone you know?

A New Year dawns . . .

Gift yourself. .  .

A chance to come out of your shell – Live Well.

Gut Magic (reconnecting your heart with your pelvis)

BRISBANE Jan 25-26th 

Gentling Way Self Care workshop

A chance to get clear and to undo what the life you have lived to date has gifted you.

We travel into another culture and time.

In the past I have taught this loosely as the Arvigo Self Care course – now THE GENTLING WAY is proud to announce – we do this holistically.

Each class is different – loosely.

Periods are so easy.
So simple ..
With a womb repositioned  
Realigned with health . .
It all works again . .
Be part of the healing . .

Troubled by period pain?
Apparently terrible menstrual/fertility dilemmas?

Gut in turmoil?
Can’t get past your past?
Cancer/aftermath even?

We start the process of passing down the women’s business of the ancients – how to look after ourselves as we travel along the being woman path. Let us not forget – a few short generations ago most grew their own veggies at least – if not chickens and possibly a miking goat or cow. They had their own spring or bore and were aware of the water situation and were not wasteful. All were naturally very grateful/ respectful of the gifts this planet offers.

This is open to anyone who wishes to lead the women in their tribe into the Light.
To where the garden and the world of woman combine – perineal steaming and self soothing online courses begin your adventure. Into your self and undoing that which needs releasing.

Please – be quick . . .

Booking now – limited spaces. .
Intimate group – 8 maximum,

Deposit (talk with me) will get you started on the entry pack.

A new way of being . .

If you have already done an intensive with me – offered to you at half price.  .

NZ (Atarau, West Coast – if numbers permit)

18-19th Jan





BRISBANE Feb 8-9th


Gut Magic – Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace


(More for healing professionals)
See 2020 teaching schedule and the trajectory here

Or anyone deeply aware of their blockages and want to undo their gut and belly/gyne distress.

This is the pre-requiste for my answer to being more effective in clinic/life.  Maya healing 2020 – ever wished to do undertake the training I have – but did not get the opportunity?

I have honed all I have found to be massively useful in the past decades in clinic into

Heather’s Gentling Way.


If you would wish to become a practitioner – either adding it to whatever else you are doing – or if you are starting out – the two courses above begin this – going into where we are actively working on structure. Structure determines function . .

March 6-7-8

Living Ligaments I


The womb aligning possible – clearing all structural upsets


This is THE way to alter all gyne and all structural issues.

Pre requisite – Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai (Gut magic

Preferably also Gentling Way Self Care

Change is upon us  . . .

There are so many of us doing the Light work.

Now it is time to get serious . .

After the past 44 years on this country. and 41 of these in active service to those suffering as they do not understand their bodies pain and ill health warnings. .

My hope for all of us




I start a Total Health 2020 programme.

We will explore an aspect of life monthly . .


Stay tuned – 2020 cometh!