To Be Ill or Not? Your choice

The year is going fast.

In this Issue: 

Wet season

Finally we had one . .


This will be your villain – and damp shows up in many forms
– not just black spot mould in the air/environment.

In NZ we have a dehumidifier on in all rooms and it pulls out the moisture – litres of it from every room daily.

This is the downside of living in a very moist place.
It is dry air inside though.

Here in Brisbane it is a case of maybe use the AC – that is why it has water and a pipe to the outside to get rid of the moisture.

Seriously – the damp gets us – of we are not in a perfect state of being able to adapt to change.

The energy of Damp starts the ‘brain fog’ and the loss of self , lethargy and genera ‘too hard’ you may feel and your body may be challenged by at this time – it will go when we dry out.

Read more . . .


  • the garden is looking lovely.


Why a garden?

  • Beside being decorative, it is needed for survival in many places.
  • Food (not in Brisbane for me) and healing.
  • Herbs grow and can help our body work better – they help us heal.

also – we know how to work with nature – and your body needs more, not less, of us.

Here is Don Elijio Ponti, the teacher of my Maya teacher, in action in his ‘garden’: the Belizean rain forest

You will also hear and then see Dr Rosita Arvigo who developed the work that I use daily, and teach.

Having just done three of the Self Care workshops in the past 3 months I will be doing more
– when some of my apprentices return from their beginners training in this and we decide how the year looks on my return from teaching in Europe.


Clinic Intentions

In the last email I said I am not seeing ‘patients’.

This was to have been followed up in a few days with a short course – but all my sites were hacked, then when arriving back to Brisbane, the internet here is too slow. When I go back to NZ for Easter I will see what I can cobble together then.


I will be using the clinic as a teaching venue – especially as the acupuncture consultant that I have been all my working life – and be having groups of healers through. In addition to seeing people who wish to use my services.


(I am still working with people who wish to improve what they have).

To heal is to change – you can’t have one without the other.

As most problems stem from habits (being ourselves) – it is not Me that needs to make the real change.

Invariably we do not want to move what is blocking us unless severely pushed.
Usually this means you either:

  • stop coming way before the root cause is addressed, or
  • you stop as finances dictate, or
  • you give up – as it is ’too hard’.

Well done to those who persevere with themselves.

It is not my lack of experience or expertise that has me appear to be stuck in your sessions

  • it is always – what can YOU/your belief system – cope with.

What I have uncovered in working with people over the past 4 decades.

After decades of watching things deteriorate I have taken steps to find out what I can do
– and have run into a snag – it is not my job to fix anyone.

I suggest changes and as it your body to move blockages – but the ultimate change is you.

Brisbane Clinic

I am still in the clinic – still seeing those who wish to work with me.

Contact me now

Hours of business:

  • totally variable – please ring and find out week to week.
  • Usually Saturday all day and some evenings
  • – usually not first thing in the morning (unless urgent) as I am busy writing then.

I am in clinic still seeing those who wish to be part of their own healing journey till 23rd March.
Back after a trip to NZ on 2nd April for 3 weeks

Then gone possibly 6 weeks (Teaching in Europe).

NZ – Me

Gardening/resting up/writing courses in NZ from 24th March – 1st April

The ideal seeker of change – You (ex ‘patient’)

Someone who knows that their body is designed to heal itself.

Who knows that a warning ache/pain etc is a signal to alert you to do something about it.

Who also realizes that the human equivalent of the RACQ team (crisis medicine in the form of ‘wait till a test shows a problem, then do more tests, ‘diagnose’ and the match up a drug – to then manage whatever for life) is not for them..

This medical business (keep them coming back in and drug them up) model was not about when I started working with sufferers (and refugees from the medical perspective) as patients 40 years ago.

We all knew then that what we did, and ate, had enormous bearing on the lives we lived.

Regular life/body maintenance and a healthy respect for body boundaries is needed.

Great food for great health.

What does this mean for you?

At least a 3 monthly check up to allow all that might be ’cooking’ to settle.
I will be here for some of each month.
You can catch me in Brisbane till 23rd March, then after 2nd April I am here for 3 weeks before I am away again, teaching in Europe.

Staying well/getting sick.

Basically to get sick, you were not well to start with.

Making yourself more unwell (HOW)– and often forever – is no the way to live sustainably.

It will ensure that you are a ‘patient’ (of others) forever after.

Please watch the 15 minute show

(NOTE – I actually forgot to talk about ‘bugs’ as the rest of it is so much more important).


(Yes I know this could be seen as professional suicide – BUT my job is to educate.)
I care. No one told me about this – and I have a massively brain injured adult daughter to show for it.

Bear with me – this is the most important message for any of us.

Do you know how a vaccine works? What it is supposed to do?
Research this – it will horrify you – it did me.
Proof? No benign ‘placebos’ even used– that would not pass muster with something that is NOT actually harmful – as the time tested ways of acupuncture.

What is willful blindness – when we could have easily found out and chose to not as it would ‘hurt’ our beliefs
– segue to what is so hard about change – above.

Cognitive dissonance is when we stay blinded as it is comfy there.

BUT – you may well have become a great deal more compromised since that jab.

Now what?

Well thinking is definitely needed.
It seems to be out of the scope of practice of the medical mob.

Why is this so ‘horrible’ to think through?
Medicine not here to help?

People are waking up slowly – but usually it is a betrayal that we have to go through/have first.

See below for what to do to help yourself help yourself.

Are vaccines safe?

(Remember willful blindness- engage your brain please)
Watching this will leads into what you need to do to help yourself.

Dr Susan Humphries

Dr Susan Humphries investigated and she found that nature does a better job

(Where did investigative journalism go??)
Maybe watch – Swine flu and Vitamin C . .

Vitamin C


HPV and your teen? Baby? Self?

Not asked – but it is YOUR CHOICE
Does anyone actually NEED Gardasil?
There are no ingredients in a vaccine that are health enhancing ..

They rely on your body coping – can it?
Whose does not?
Anyone know?
(HINT – If you have been told that you have the MTHFR gene mutation – stay well clear – this is why people were asked a few short decades ago if anyone in their famlies had had a vaccine reaction – and if so – all i that family were not vaccinated – and no one died – just far less chronically disabled onw all are being bullied into something that is not proven to be safe . . (or effective) and not for everyone.

Why is this now supposed also to be going into babies (read the insert in the package – it spells out the dangers likely and death possible. There are no testing done – what harm in one or two generations directly attributable? Did we all forget about the DES or the Denbondox or Thalidomide? How many women die of heart attacks? Where is their magnesium?

Gone possibly to try to detoxify the adjuvants in the vaccines etc.

Cognitive dissonance alert – people are dying with these injections – including not even born babies as the whooping cough vaccine is decreed as being crucial – the car air bag recall is over just 23 deaths world wide – far more people already this year have died from being vaccinated – in this country and yes you have not heard of it – late miscarriages – around 7 months of pregnancy – when mum is being ‘good and complaint and getting poisoned.

Midwives ON TOP OF ALL ELSE THAT THEY DO – have to do a ‘bed count’ hourly for the newborn nursery – as babies are dying.


Injected with poisons that are neurotoxic and stop breathing, Not SIDS
– killed by inner forces unleashed through ignorance and its driver – fear.

Please research – as it is your life.

If it is so safe – why is it that the mainly well educated and conscious parents are not?

If you have a teen who is not as well as you remember being or is having health issues (how could they not with the heavy metal loadings that the MMR/Hep B and flu injections etc that you are supposed to be filling them with?

Where is the informed consent?
– why is there bullying and penalties when not done
– what is actual science?

– all good questions.

Did you know of this?
Sacrificial Virgins – a movie that won an award in Brisbane last week – who knows the truth? Not too easy in this Brave New World.


We need to look at ‘flu’ and what is likely ahead.


Because what is in the media or in the ‘newspaper’ is not news but terror inspiring – at least subliminally.

a) – What are your chances?


As with any ‘disease’ – this is not random.

Flu is unlikely to hit you if you are well and well rested.

A healthy immune system is one that is able to navigate its way through anything.

IF you listen and take heed of warnings.
Not use your body as a robot – but actually live in your life – not just show up.

If you have ingredients that are actually available – please look to all on this site

I wrote it for your information – as few know what to do to help themselves.

Some pages are not yet populated as it is a work in progress.

If there is something you want me right now to fill in – please let me know.

Perhaps go through all the pages on ‘ingredients’?

If you have not been compromised by chemical poisoning – but have a body that can still work as intended by life.

A well educated immune system was systematically given what it could cope with by being brought in to the world as a mammal and raised as one – in the arms of mother until independent. .

How do we set a strong immune system up?

Good question.
When AIDS was without drugs, those afflicted sought me out as I was the Brisbane expert on helping the body to repair itself and had at least of my practice with AIDS – and all got better under the care of a body being re educated.

I still see those who have given up on orthodox cancer treatment.

It is easy – help the body to help itself.

Maybe we need to turn off listening to what the ‘we don’t know but will freak you out ‘ brigade have to say.

What drives them?
Not trained to help the body, but make money – seriously – please look at least at this – 8 minutes.

The Flexner report set up the system that is now NOT about health care.

I am suggesting that you Wake Up

This allows the media (where is investigative journalism??) to sow seeds of terror about life.

We should be laughing off this ridiculous beat-up.

What to do instead? Listen to someone whose scope of practice is actually health and wellbeing – not death avoidance.
Aim for an orderly life, and plenty of nutrients needed to ensure all systems work well.

b) – What causes health?

Living according to the ways that work – and this is the information that the elders tried to tell us when little.

The misinformation process has been working well (see the Flexner Report above),
Your family may have been more compliant than others, and thus you are at odds with what I say, or are questioning this

– if you have been thinking this over – you will be grateful that you are getting some direction.

Really – after 40 years – this is all I have been saying – and teaching healers.

All of what you are told by the “authorities” is ‘bad’ for you.

Following their advice is the killer
– who is NOT on painkillers once over 50 (or even 20 for some)?
then there is the anti depressant loading . . .

Remember last newsletter?

c) – What to do?

Have your Glutathione pathways clear – or take this Glutathione accelerator.

It does not work – there is a reason I say ‘buy this one’ and not some other brand
. . . instant difference across all of you when you need it and you take the one as directed .

What is Glutathione?

I did not know till a few years ago either – of the cover up.

Glutathione is something that all of us have to make to keep us well and young and unburdened by toxins.

Taking care of the inner self – in the mitochondria – read more and listen to Dr Robert Keller:

Of course you can

Maybe start here?


Take extra mineral and herbs to strengthen (including anti cancer)

Follow up with sun. . .

The Amena sea minerals – taken now as a half tsp nightly in a little water – these also double as anti cancer and do fight all that is viral/bacterial and also cancer.

Soak up sunlight.
Vitamin D3 is your insurance against problems.

Oil of Thieves and being well

Take on extra healthful interests:

Get into your life – out of the house and have fun.
Get your minerals up with broths and possibly seeing me to get the requisite medicinals that do make a difference.

Too late – getting ill

The AV/AT as the first line of defense when starting to go downhill.

The Fluex is next.
If you do get a bacterial secondary – the ABB (Antibiobotanicals) are the thing.

Also keep taking the Amena sea minerals – taken now hourly and stay home and sleep – let your body heal itself – the way it does.

Whilst NOT taking anti fever medication – you will be growing a stronger immune system to fight off all else next time

  • BUT not if you suppress the process.
  • Take a half tsp nightly in a little water – these also double as anti cancer and do fight all that is viral/bacterial and also cancer.

The oil of Thieves spray as I direct you when you come in – sprayed onto the cotton bud tip then up the nose and only the back of the throat and along the sides of the neck and into the ears .
Hourly if necessary.

There is no need for anyone to fear the flu – we are all survivors of many ‘outbreaks’.

The only way you can get affected is to not have a strong immune reaction.

Also to have hoped that the injection of nothing that strengthen but weakens your body will somehow as magical thinking ‘protect’ you
– much like baking a cake with now all of the ingredients listed on the recipe.
Good luck!!!

The medical profession has missed health and wellbeing as this is outside their scope of practice.

This means – health is your choice.
Your body is easily helped.

Maybe it is time for you to come in and be educated and take away a First Aid kit for the family?

All that is needed is in the clinic waiting for you.

Maybe also the Cough medicine that works – Bronchex – plus the Vitamin C powder and the zinc to boost your body . .

All is easy when your immune system (and gut) are happy.

Making Better Babies/Human Sustainability

My life’s work.
Along the way I am rolling out special interest projects.

As I have been working with pregnancy and maternal concerns for the past 40 years and as there seems to be a huge increase in nausea and vomiting in pregnancy – much worse than mere morning sickness
– this is something else and can be life threatening
– especially worrying as there were no drugs and women are just told to basically wait the pregnancy out.

Who seems to care about the baby?
I do.

I have an entire set of resources being produced to start this off.
If you know anyone affected – I have posted a series of free videos and downloadable posters:

Enter a name and email and I will send them to you:

Please send this on to anyone who you know is questioning and who wants to know how to Help Themselves.

Why does my doctor not know this?

Good question
Why do they spruik vaccines?
Another good question – they are doing as told ‘or else . . ‘

To become more well is not about injecting poisons in the hope that the body has still some ‘fight’ in it.

Flu vaccine – that at best is 17% effective and is full of what weakens, not strengthens you.

Maybe this will help you – beware of your cognitive dissonance alert.

Helping Yourself Programmes

Hence I have started the new system:

Programmes of wellness.

Students of life.
Not a mechanic’s spot to get me to ‘fix’ a problem – but learn to help make your body able to sort itself out.

This means you come in and make wellness a priority
– not wait til there is an illness and hope that it goes away by itself and eventually see me and then wonder why it is taking too long to undo.

Health, not stress, and hope are what you need in the coming years.

40 years of natural health problem solving awaits you.

Here is a sample of what to expect when I have the Helping Yourself programme up – you get to ponder.

If you want to know in brief what this email is about.

Think of signing up for a course?

A small amount monthly (or a discounted annual fee) and every week you will see a new something to do ..
Beats being ill and not knowing!

There will be a “closed” FB page (!!!) and you can ask questions. .

We have been ‘colonized’ – and especially by the media and now the legislation to believe that common bugs will kill us and our children.

After filling your body with toxic and carcinogenic substances, (at least those which create auto immune tsunamis within you),
it is very difficult to help your body recover without you paying attention to the basic principles:

  1. Bodies heal themselves when in the right environment

Given the right ingredients and having these circulate and the wastes removed.

  1. We do not require any of the ingredients of a vaccine.

Contact me and I will send updates on these

Warmest wishes on your journey through life,



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