The Pause . . Topping up

Welcome . .

In this issue:

The new phase of life is allowing us in NZ to stop and ponder.

We are shut down.
Great gift (except for the obvious).

Here we have little else to do but cook/bake/exercise and eat – and clean up: clear our desks, gardens, and . .our lives of what no longer serves us,

We all need to be having a think about what next.
What sort of life do we want for us – and our great grandchildren?

Some ask me – when will you be back?

I have no idea
I do not like winter in NZ.

Rest assured when I can . . as soon as I can be SAFELY.

Health comes from what we were told to do by our elders – early to bed early to rise . .etc.
We are all in self care mode now – as What Next?

In the meantime.  .


Actually means something when you are me stuck in what feels like winter already . . And the snow starts being the backdrop on the Alps  .

You too will be now hopefully thinking of the coming winter.

Wellness is about storing away for hard times – and this is the vitamins – D3 from sun


Vitamin C – need all day – we have more on Vit C  below . .


Helping yourself is as simple as..

Living simpler

Follow the Life Recipe.

Terrain is all ..

(If you are living on borrowed time,and full of ‘co morbidities’ and cobbled together with medications .  . .

You may need more than I suggest here.
Get well – not medicated . . . Bodies heal themselves.

Sunlight – and soap and water – plenty of rest, something to do, someone to love, something to look forwards to ..

How to be well – a month ago my friend in Albi, south of France, where I was invited back to teach this Easter – had me on a podcast – you can listen here – about what you can do to help yourself stay/become well.

Heather Bruce

Will I get sick?

Maybe instead ask – will I be resilient?

(Your immune system’s job is to have you never know).

Maybe investigate cause of disease – your wrecking yourself . .
(Bodies heal themselves).

I did this up in 2015 (causes of disease) (15 minutes).


What do you need?



I have some of most things or can get them to you.
Please contact me – possibly a Skype for 30 minutes (or longer – as we can do so much when we are on Zoom especially . .- as I can record this then and send to you) and then I can tailor for you?

If the Panaxea products – and if you have been following my past newsletters.

You will see what is for what – this is YOUR life – please take the time to review. . .

Sick ‘leave’ – or wellness living?

Clinic closed – self help needed

Corona – What next?


Go direct . . . Ring Panaxea and say you are my patient

You can get a special order done up and ring them on 1300 133 807


Say you usually see me.

They will make up an order and ship out the next day for $14 express post. AV/AT now comes in a 150 caps bottle – for $120.
Went up in price as the manufacture got too expensive – so 3 small – 60’s bottles are way more expensive at $55 each . .

Winter special pack – $300

  • 1 large AV/AT – 150 – 50 doses – take 3 as a dose – at first sign of illness – take 3 hourly and go to bed – take HOURLY till you are better – and Vit C often etc . .

AND/OR take 2 x 2 daily as preventative

  1. Resist – if immuno compromised (all who have had chemo /radio etc)
    take 1x 2 daily . .. all through . .
  2. Fluex – if illness hits you/goes in further
    – take 3 as a dose – and hit it hard  every 1-2 hours till you start getting the upper hand, then
    – take 3 x3 (3 in 3 lots a day) as the ending .
  3. ABB – antibiobotanical.- If you get a bacterial input  thicker mucous, you know what it looks like going there – again – hit on head- always 3 in a dose
    – GO TO BED (let your body fight it – not pretend it is magic)
    – should be also on Vit C and Geri Amena’s nasty tasting fix it mix.

Amena’s – I have the last available Ultraboost (see other newsletters above)  – sorts out most nasties.  .and keeps you well..

This is about getting in BEFORE you need it – so you don’t.

LIPOSOMAL Vit C- is available – from my fridge to your fridge – the liposomal that is so amazing 1 tsp daily and swish around your teeth – once it has warned up in your mouth- not do straight on teeth – will also sort out all gum/tooth decaying issues if you do all else on this missive).
1 tsp x 3 if you need more – connective tissue issues or fighting something off – or again – immuno compromised as chemo/radio.

You will need to come in when there is someone dispensing (next 2 Saturday afternoons is all).

Or possibly – I can organise my son living locally to leave out for you – after paying online??


Especially the green liners – far more than drip catchers –  they are invaluable for everyone for anything – including getting better oxygen saturation if needed . . see the demos here

Can order them yourself from here – or drop in and get a care package organised from the clinic – in the next 2 weeks there will be Melissa at some stage each weekend – prior to leaving to move back home to Cairns.


Helpful support?

I am online – Zoom or Skype  .
See contact info here please.
I can do so much with my decades of natural health problem solving and all the courses I have been working on for years – PLUS – we can get what you likely need from there and start a healing . .


What are you feeding it with?

A novel question? See more here . .

What is it?
Cells gone rouge . .

Worry – and fear . ..and grief. . .

did you know that cancer is there as the body temp is too low – and that is the thyroid and all else I say – cupping out the cold – taking the Vit D3 and painting on iodine etc etc .. ?

Maybe time for an online consult?


My usual phone is not available. I can be reached on 0452434773 or usually +643 732 3030

I can direct the ship from here to a point  then there are all the online courses that you can be going on with

I can also get the cup and moxa sent to you . .
Your life – your efforts – as with running and/or winning a marathon  will make the difference.

What am I doing?

Besides being in the great outdoors . .

NOTE the gear – 3 layers of wool underneath windproof.

I am training more therapists – taking them through the online and Zoom components ahead of taking in all women’s health and cleaning that up – and the birthing revolution that MUST happen – give birth back to mums. .

Planning for all my online courses and next projects is happening.
As are jigsaws, painting my bridges and gardening
Home renovation – and I have undertaken a writer’s pilgrimage – in the midst of it all – after 30 years of going to . .
I am writing my daughter’s story.


If you are a hard core kitchen bread making addict – here is your recipe.

Amazing bread (from scratch) from a natural living fellow acupuncture/East Asian medicine tragic.


Reach out for help . .
Paused – not gone!!


Blessings to all . .
From my garden . .

Heather Bruce