The gift of presence

The time of year where we review and make decisions and start over

australia-christmas-carol-songs-890x395_cand give . .

But .. .

What to give . .?

  • decide-what-to-give-up-for-lent-step-6 Someone you love dearly?
  • Maybe your mum?
  • Wondering what to give your special him?
  • How about this: gifting yourself?
  • Your loving touch and presence.

Remember how leaving a session with me often you feel so much lighter?

That is the lymph massage and the Qi unburdening that you could easily do yourself. .
Not his . .
But he actual moves that make a difference – that I have been homing for the past 4 decades in clinic – those that work when nothing else seems to have.massage
A small investment – no need to buy a ‘real’ massage course

Here is what is NOT in any of them 

I have designed this with Qi flow and what I know about meridians

Anyone can . .


You know

So often you have been to see me and walked out lighter – and possibly not known how – without a massage could I have done that?
Simple – move the lymph!
And the Qi . .
You too can do it!


Perhaps trial it on your beloved?



Mums and daughters (all ages)

Elderly relations and touch depraved persons .

Best friends

Anyone you care about
Whether they have

Wonky periods, weighty issues, sore necks, bad acne, gut problems of all kinds  – what ever it is

Lymph and Qi moving will only help . .
A taster:

Stuck Liver Qi – right side from Heather Bruce on Vimeo.

Here is a course crafted so that anyone can follow.
At a tiny price until Christmas.

See Heather’s Home Massage Course

As well as the online course – there are the handy bits .

Instead of searching for the accessories you need, for a small extra fee you can even drop by and pick up the extras:

  • The special balm I use in clinic – unscented or the orange spice
  • The moxa roll
  • The cup
  • Loose moxa
  • Gua Sha spoon

I will not always be here – but what I do can be . .

doctors1Why not think seriously about all the resources spent on visiting health care professionals as a high end maintenance forever – why not attend to it all -yourself – far more bonding . . ?

We love our men.

Men’s health care is so easy

Keep their lymph flowing down there – all back/body pain gone in a hour or so . .

Men’s bodies need touch.
Prostate health needs maintenance.

Their general maintenance – even when wilting is happening – not aging – too much congestion down there – let’s fix it  – at home, safely and effectively –

Loving touch . .

(and of course the improve the sperm should there be a lack of babies)

– along with all leg and peripheral circulation work and lower back can be easily fixed .

– instead of all that professional work being done: Home rescues.

We want them always functional ‘down there’
droopyEasy – preventative measures.

Know anyone who is undergoing the fertility dance?

I have used this in all men whose babies are waiting – not yet here.
It is so simple – clear out all blockages.
Both of them could well do with happy course work to lovingly connect their hearts back. Women’s periods and cycles – use more gentling touch. .

Men with any prostate and urogenital challenges – so easy!
A monthly work out – gentle and loving . .

The prostatic drainage my teacher taught 40 years ago I have been using with all men – do this monthly at home.

No pain – no congestion – a life of happy ease and restful sleep awaits


Get the course here:

Heather’s Home Massage Course