Thank you Brisbane – Letting Go


Coming . .. look to all I have written in the last several months on being well . .
That is the trick – Terrain – not the bugs


End of an era

It has become ever more obvious. .

This has been a long time coming . .

The Life Alignment Centre is shutting –

Above the door it says – release yourself.
Covid has .  I am off!

Life –  in the form of Covid has given me a pass out . .
Over the decades as I tried (and failed) – to leave the Big Smoke .
I have lived in places that connected me to nature – whilst many days weekly I commuted to my inner Brisbane (usually Hawthorne/Bulimba/Balmoral) clinics. I have always been a gardener and need the space to allow me to be the one I am . . – on the days I am not working with distressed people . .balance.

I bounced from my gardens to clinic  a day on and a day to rec0ver . .

1997-98 Mt Tamborine

1998-99 – Daisy Hill

1999 – 2001  Mt Pleasant (past Dayborough)

2002-4 – Witta (past Maleny).

RETURN to rescue son

Mid 2006 – present – upstairs from an inner residential address

Back in NZ

How it all came about that I skipped home to NZ in mid March . .

Thought I was back before the beginning of my teaching year – clinic as the base.

Seeing what was afoot – I added in a week forwards of what I was to do . .
I couldn’t get locked out of my life – NZ – husband, 2 sons, 2 grandchildren and my daughter – plus two houses and gardens.
I do have a massively brain injured, and vaccine damaged adult daughter. Some of her mother’s story is here. She at 33 will always need me as her guardian. I am totally committed to bringing forth clarity in behalf of those who are voiceless. It may be me one day. We age.  If mandatory poisoning through injectibles takes place – all bets are off . Is unavoidably unsafe. All my children are vaxx damaged. Me also as is almost all who walk in my door.  This is a subject for another time. Do be warned.

I thought going in my own schedule I would stop what happened – informed consent not coercion and blackmail is needed. That will predicate as to how and when I return as easy passage to be coming home to NZ must be an option for me to leave.

Historically . . (how did a kiwi end up in Australia for 44 years??)

The 20 year old Heather – not knowing – 3 days prior to leaving – NOT RETURNING.

After thinking that I was visiting for 2 weeks – my grandmother in Australia – Christmas 1975 – I had a one way ticket to Sydney to then bus up to Nambour to visit with my dad’s mum – I stayed.  Met my first husband, had a child, knew I had to become an acupuncturist to allay the health problems his dad had and were so amazingly helped with with acupuncture
And here we are.

End of that year 2004 I sold my Witta house (and one acre garden – the love of my life).

Duncan and I (we met in Easter 2004) took off – went off to NZ .. supposedly forever.
Me never to be an acupuncturist or be in Australia again.
(Burn out will do that to a person).

That did not work so well.

I spent 2005 writing What Dads Can Do (in the house we are still in – it has been my healing retreat that I teach and do workshops in when here).  In Oct 2005  I returned briefly for 5 weeks to get that manual printed and the DVDs recorded in Brisbane. I returned in July 2006 to rescue one of my boys. (now 25).
Then the other (now 36).

All the while – me hankering for quiet and green.

NOW . . .

The NZ real lockdown has had me at home with Duncan for longer than we have been together in the same country since then – mid 2006!! We have been visiting each other. Him wintering over with me and going on international expeditions as I globe hopped teaching what I had found and learning – especially more recently – the components that are now being offered in my work – online and practical hands-on teaching,

This will be the focus – handing over to my students who will take this on.

Plus anyone who wants more – you – the ones who need a glimpse of what I know
Celebration – h0w we can live in our own lives.



As the years went on – I moved the clinic – as I was NOT intending to stay long enough to set up. Was always in residential leases – which was unstable. Starting all over with nothing –  I had taken my entire life to NZ in a container at the end of 2004.

I started from zero. I amassed more things. .

Venues . .

86 Riding Road
196 Hawthorne Road
386 Riding Road
46 Hecklemann St Carina
10 Kitchener St Coorparoo,.

I kept saying – “I am not here for ever”.
And as a group ‘you’ would say – “oh but I need you”.
And I would say – “this is also about MY life” (now 65)  –

“You need to stand up and live well”.

No – a slow boil more – been shut in for 3 months (7 weeks in NZ house bound) . .


3 days ago I heard that Qld to be shut down .

Here is the process. .
The clinic will be over within a week – yes this is short notice – I came to this conclusion 2 mornings ago.

When I heard that Qld as to be shut STILL till mid August – when there will be the westerly winds, and no VitD3 (why the cold and flu is seasonal – and then what?
No natural immunity – all too scared to live as designed – and then what?

Please take the advice found in my previous email . .
All still what is needed – strengthen yourself and live well.


I have stock left – I had bought in to help as I assumed I was coming over in mid March for 2 weeks, and returning to start the teaching calendar. Had bought up to include what was needed as the health of the one catching anything is TERRAIN – as with a garden – and you are fertile for ‘bugs’ when not vibrantly well.

All dying of COVID are underlying very sick already – and it tips them over.

Don’t be one of them – await my Live Well programme – let me get out of the clinic and Brisbane first.

Jana (phone 0427 047 370) will be available 9-11 and 4-6 pm today and Monday). She will return again for the garage sale Friday and all weekend next. If you contact me (email). Some stock is left – but I can guide the process. .  get the chat function on yours if you are a friend on FB – or maybe use her’s.

In future – maybe online consult

You can organise a session on line with me and we can have a conversation not what to do – as a naturally inclined health problem solver, who has specialised in anything hopeless all my working life – that will always be there.

Courses – online

So many courses that I have spent the past decades perfecting.

As I always said I would   .

After things have settled in the next 2 weeks for me I will be setting up online courses and some with me leading them – on the Zoom likely.
This is working stunningly for me with my friend Stephanie and her Writer’s Pilgrimage.
Being on this has allowed me to be midwived as I do for others.

Get out of my own way.  .
And Step Up as I ask always my students (and all) to do.
Now is the time . .
The self help cupping cold from navels and moxa use as Reset Your Metabolism – is the beginning of all health adventures.

Garage sale online. . .

You may have hankered after something in the clinic.
Now is the time to speak up – may have already gone . .

It may be there waiting for you. .

If you want – please get in quickly.


I already have 2 (TWO) houses of stuff in NZ and am downsizing in both countries
Your opportunity . . if you are a fan of Ai Shah

Her rendition of our 2005 Tassie river steamer adventure picture is there.
You have likely not notice d it as it is best in the light – as it was outside to take this photo.
She is a vastly talented artist.

Also on sale . .my favourite things . .
May they also be yours?

    This is Vietnamese lacquer art   


From the steaming room – this $2,000 embroidery . .
Apparently it took about 7 months to make.

This is exquisite.            


Again – lighting is all – it is ALIVE in the right light.

(I can’t hang onto everything . .)

Everything goes



A couple of from a West Coast ( NZ ) photographs





Need to set up your home office?

I have desks and a printer and so much filing cabinets and storage units . .

There are a lot of white storage and bookcases from Ikea . .

Can’t give pictures of these as the stock is still on presently  I have spent $1,000’s on these . . over the years . .

Various and everything goes. .


I have a couple of bits and pieces – and old steamers.

4 available . . NEW – $240 each
They will last you forever. So handy . .especially when working on someone -you sit there and it is perfect height for it.

Reminder .  .

Vit D3 – is the cornerstone of your wellness.
Whilst you may have been seduced that the medicos are right – is it fun to be ill?
Worried about cancer?
Or – when you go OUTSIDE and get the happiness vitamin into you . .
When do all get ill? When they lose hope  .
Lights go out.



Who knows when this will settle into life again?

I will be then free of Brisbane and will end up in North Queensland where I do not like heat (or the extreme protracted cold here) and we will be close to Duncan’s son and two granddaughters and will winter over there and summer over here.


The Foundational Moves – has this in also in passing – all you would ever need to do as the gems from my hands-on energy work – not seen anywhere else – as I have merged all I could and have now sat with – watching others replicate – it all works!

This explains why I was always so incredibly successful at dealing with ‘hopeless’ as I asked different questions – and was not afraid to go where others did not.

YOU need to take back YOUR own reins

Life Recipe

– more here

Upset about the world in apparent chaos and do not know if you can carry on?
Or – possibly you know the time is now – and you want to make changes in your own self?
Start here maybe? (Free)

Getting real . . . ‘stress’.

Otherwise we do not have enough fingers for the dyke.

I did up these pages to help you – and others
WE are Qi – and when it flows – we are well and happy. STUCK?

Meanwhile – get outside and LIVE!!!

Very best wishes,