Surviving summer

The traveling teacher returns.

Hello everyone

I arrived back in Brisbane yesterday.

Back to Brisbane summer after my having another short ‘winter’ break .

Heat and Damp
The weather is a surprise as I was in winter garb in San Diego and in LA as it rained and was very pleasant.

Back here is also a surprise – as my body works so much better in the cool.

You may also find that you are compromised – damp and heat cause bodies to work oddly.

Combined they are dynamite – for an imbalanced body and of course – if pregnant.

Last thing you need is to be eating ANYTHING that tastes sweet – and cold will only wreck your body.

That cool belly business (and the cool butt that is usually there regardless of belly feelings) – shows me you have low thyroid/metabolism) and need to get this addressed well before we worry about the small stuff – and and aches and body not following what you desire – especially in weight and brain clarity.

It all comes back to: where are the nutrients to run the show?

Thus I get you to put the iodine on the skin.
But maybe your body can’t see it – in diet or even when you do paint diligently? Why not? See more here

IODINE topically – this is in less than a minute – the belly shots of one pregnant woman – in vast need of better nutrients.

The light yellow/brown WAS black almost  – less than a minute before the picture was taken.

Her first application – and in front of us it just kept disappearing.

Your replicating this will enable the body to actually work – not limp along .see more here.

All cells in your body need to be accessing iodine – and the mercury stored within and the aluminium we all are always exposed to is gradually shutting us (and life with health repercussions all along the way to warn us).
Chronic Mercury Poisoning. Shows up as all problems HERE.

Dental – past disasters and they are still adding in the amalgam – even though banned in many European countries since the 70’s. We seem to be asleep – follow easy – and what we are told – it seems. .
We all have mercury and the rest.

We are full of the results of fat cells storing what they can’t deal with – and mum passing it on.

That simple.
How to remove safely?
And actually – the NCD drops

I have been in them for the past 15 years as has Duncan – so that we are aging less and living more.

You being then able to process food/ fluids and information is easy. (‘Baby brain’ is actually not a problem of pregnancy – but malnutrition). .


Try the simplest way out of what ails you . .

Please, drink more non-chilled non tap . .

Have you .  . .

  • Inflammation?
  • Pain?
  • Insufficient milk to feed bub?
  • Can’t think?
  • Want to gain health and lose the flab?
  • Cancer – and other self inflicted woes coming home to roost?
  • Auto immune issues that have been fostered by following medical advice  . .


Real food not sugar.
It has so much more nutrients in it – starting with magnesium:
(Calm you, strengthen the good gut bacteria – sort out your heart and so much more . .No pain??)

Please get off all that tastes sweet and turn to sugar in your body that is ALL grains/pretend foods (I have just come back from the USA and their ‘meals’ – and of course – all fruit – at this time of year  is a sugar hit disaster.

Heather Connects – Mums’ group

Let me know if you would like to do this – not on FB necessarily – but thoughtful fellow young mums ..

 Sometimes this just happens in clinic – a red tent event. – usually 2 women – this time 3 . .

On my arrival, first session – we had a lovely spontaneous mum’s meeting.
I asked one to-be-mum where she intended to birth and as I had one mum to be arriving and one already here – it went from there . . .

If you are interested in getting in touch with other like-minded young mums who are pro life/pro nature – as in supporting and enhancing normal – and need to find others who are more conscious to talk things over – please contact me and we will start a group where you can all get connected.

Why is what is happening, happening?

To You?
Now and There?

Unusual questions – yet totally obvious when you change focus.
Very useful – yet provoking – yes and healing – to do for anything.
Rest and ponder . .
Before the body MAKES you do this.

Invariably the structure is not happy – and when I undo this tangle and the energy that has held it in stuck mode – you may well feel – and letting go is the way to change what is then possible.

It is so clearing! 

You may wonder . . . what has Heather been doing in the past 2 years?
Consolidating what I have traveled about learning to add to what I already was a pioneer in – pain and hopeless case resolution.

What ever the ‘hopeless’ is – I am your advocate – for clearing out what has led you to there.

Heather in clinic

         My usual helpers. .


Normal hours are Saturdays and during the week – as needed.

Often at night also – usually Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – but please ask if this is possible.

As an example – I am not working this Tuesday. (My 64th birthday).

I try to be here for those who are coming in from all over NZ and Australia to see me on the intensives (at least 3 consecutive days).
That way we really break through what is holding their body hostage.

(What I do best . . fix permanently as we move why things happen . .).

Life Problems . . .

Are you ready to work through why you are still stuck?

This will be not only something you know you have – and that you are focusing on – maybe even obsessing over – but all else that is coming along for the ride . .

Serious about change? (You need this to heal)


Are we a good fit?

After 40 years of providing service and care and tending to my depths – I know you need to answer this.

So I have added in this.

  • R – Responsibility – whose?
  • I – Intentions – I know mine – what are yours?
  • C – Commitment – mine is total – often I do not see this in those coming in.
  • E – Expectation – Mine is that Nature heals – why is she not able to? You?

Your own work at home
Everyone used to know what to do/eat and if they fell out of sorts – knew then what to do – or at least visit the local wise elder – and then go back to allowing body to heal. Here is where I come in. .

My decades of NATURAL health care provision.

Not in death avoidance (the scope of practice of a doctor)

but in LIFE and its return. Easier when we grow our own food – hence we know about the seasons and what assists/destroys order.

Recipe for Life

I have done up this page to allow those how may have forgotten –

Heather’s Life Recipe

As so many say – ‘but I eat well’ . .
It is not that so much now – but what can your body do with the food?

This leads into the Self Care course – which answers why you are still not well.
And how to fix this yourself.

The Life Rescue is next . .

Short, free online reminder – you are the boss’ of what you do in this time you have here – each little decision has consequences (usually not instant) but there all the same.
– this will assist you to undo the angst/deep upset you may have).


Nothing is random.
All is set it motion from what may have happened before.

Maybe this is ‘too deep’ for some – and others will be rapt – as it fits into what is happening for them right now.The Life Alignment Centre suggests you get some sun.

The work I now do is not skimming the surface,
Not checking in first with the medical profession in any form
Not about patching you up.

Actually (as you except with your car) FIXING what is happening.




  Elizabeth will be here in a month.
More soon.

In the meantime – I am here.
Gentling the hurts away.

Recent travels 

LA to be live streamed and then recorded for all I have on eLotus – see more here.
San  Diego – I spent 9 days with Deb at Push San Diego and – did we get about!!! The pregnant body and how to help women easily resolve what has been messing with them – and their own life expressions.

Amazing sessions – I just keep surprising myself more as I age.

I do get around –  even briefly went into Mexico this time around!
The majority of the time I was inside – teaching acupuncturists either online live or as a small group. I was inspiring the interested to use their hands more and follow really simple processes.

NOW . . .

I will settle in to consolidating now I have been discovering how to teach the amazing fusion I now work with – last 40 years of R&D!

Come in and see what I can do with you.

Let go all the pain and visits to all others as we can easily undo why what you are doing may not be actually getting to the heart of what is needed – as intensives, long sessions – and there you are – undone!

No – being stuck is.

Flow is where the fun and life lives. .


Best wishes,