Summer hits!

Welcome to summer.

I hear it is hot . .

I am writing this from Netherlands and it is not tropical here – slurries of sleet a few nights ago – and 2C in the daytime . . In NZ (down the road from my home) the Arthurs Pass was closed due to too much snow!! Almost summer!

 Please hydrate.

More on this is in the articles found on this page

Please see my life recipe here. .


– and all period/cyclic woman events. . .
This is a large medical problem only as they do not follow nature – or the need for ingredients to run a body well. Endometriosis and all period woes all pelvic pain and almost all conditions are due to a lack of bio available ingredients and the lack of these getting in and out to where they are needed.

Circulation – why I went off to train as a Maya/Arvigo worker and have added this to the Mercier work – and now present as the fusion – as the Gentling Way. The Mercier ( and the Arvigo work ( is brilliant for undoing the adhesions and the scarring and the lack of flows – when in combination with all I have developed and perfected in my life long work on women in suffering.

All holistic and life enhancing . .
Periods are not a curse and are so easily fixed – yes – FIXED.
Why do the medicos not know this? They do not even try to return normal and optimal – but insist of =n saying ‘we don’t know’ why it happens . .
I have done considerable work on this over the past 40 years working with mainly women.

Start here . . Watch the demos – order your own box.
They can be easily sourced also from my clinic .. try the demos with what you bleed onto now – or use as a continence pad – and drop in when I am there to get a sample and see for yourself – ALWAYS dry on . .This and the general state of disrepair people find themselves in by the time they find me is why I am offering the intensives.

The ‘endo solutions’ eBook page will get you started – please send this to anyone you know who has menstrual challenges . .

Intensives . .

Why would you?

Your entire body needs by now a rescue . .

Everything  – not only the bit you think is disordered . .

The uterus is the centre of a woman’s being  -with or without it – the suspensory ligaments allow the body to be stable – and all twisted pelvises are healed through this work. That is ALL . .back problems no one s far has fixed? Why not sign up and make this a permanent fix? Not acupuncture – but a fusion of all I have learned over this life. .

If this is you and you want the entire body FIXED before Christmas – it is possible as I can see you after hours and on one of the Saturdays . .

Life always finds a path

The Gentling Way

40 years of hands on work in Brisbane and surrounds – has lead to the foundation of anew way of working with suffering – I call it The Gentling Way as we have all had enough of the forcing that has happened in all walks of life. The combination of all I have been doing in the past 40 years has culminated in this.

Follow nature – she heals when we get out of her way.

 Me training others

I am about to start another round of teaching intensives in how to perfect this in everyday practice. If you are drawn to this- or know someone at this late stage who feels to be part of the programme (not sure when I will repeat) please mention it and maybe send them to my email . . .

Adhesions are no one’s idea of a joke.  .
Scars – also – who even is aware? Your body . . and this is where the Gentling Way comes into its own – especially post C scars . .
I have discovered that the only way to sort out necks no good decades later and not fixed until – the pelvic area is undone. Hysterectomies and all pelvic surgery – the same – why?

The flows of meridians are so upset.

When can I see you Heather?


3rd December until 17th December

I will be available for consultations after hours, whilst conducting the teachings in daytime.
Please come in for a tune up . .

I will also be working Saturdays 8th and 15th December. .


I will be in NZ from 18th December for a month.

Back in Brisbane 18th Jan.

Gentling Way Self Care

2 places left

Maybe take care of yourself yourself?

You have always your hands with you.

Learn how to put your life in perspective and to calm your gut and belly and yourself.

So that life is a joy.

Treat yourself to a weekend of sharing and before this – two online courses that are so value packed – Self Care and Self Discovery online packages – form the basis of all I now do . . The weekend course has these PLUS a packed full of self journeying – especially needed of any long term health issue has worn you and your finances out – this is the answer . . heal your own Story – that one that runs you



My USA trainee teacher

Carine – a very gentle soul and a very capable healer – (she would have to be to have me entrust all I do to her) will be in from USA and will be in clinic with me then for you as a transition what with me not being here a month – She will be taking the Christmas to New Year roster.

(I am leaving Brisbane for a month teaching and being in my rose garden in NZ from 19th December . .)

More on Carine here . .

I will chat about my teaching European trip in the next newsletter on my return in a week

In the meantime – here is cold . .

(Where am I??)

YOU . . .

There is so much on offer – for you to live in your life.
You do need to take charge.

Can you move inner mountains and come to the Gentling Way Self Care weekend?


Love and warm wishes to all