Staying well and happy 2020

I hope you have made it through the first month of 2020 in good health.

This is an exciting year for me and I am looking forward to a rewarding time.

In this issue:

  • Heather’s Movements
  • Things to worry about
  • Common Sense Natural Health
  • Endometriosis webinar
  • Courses – for anyone

Heather’s Movements

Now till 13th Feb in Brisbane clinic
14th   – 16th Feb

Puberty – Smooth Transitions
+ Gentling Way Self Care

17th – 24th Feb West Coast, NZ
From 26th Feb in Brisbane clinic

Love to see you when in your area.

Things to worry about

If that is what you do,
Or take charge.

Off the news is fires.

On the news is human stupidity of a different sort.

Coronavirus – supposedly come from – bats to wild animals (to eat) and then to humans..

Why worry?

You have the strong immune system that is very very possible.

Living well is easy ..

Fear over knowing what to do . .

Instead  .  . .do you know what creates wellness?

Common Sense Natural Health

I did this 5 years ago – as ’causes of disease ‘ seems to have been misinterpreted.
Be well and your immune system does the rest.
Not a level playing ground – YOU are in charge.

Maybe you need to investigate a site that I put up in 2012.
As a filing cabinet online.
Here you may find answers – and links that possibly be outdated but SOOOO many amazing videos.

Being well

Your body works well – when you let it.

The Ability to Adapt to Change – my definition of health found there.
As an acupuncture course designer, writer and teacher . .

I know we have – 3 causes of disease – internal (emotional), external – and miscellaneous

I have the ways and means – for you to be very well.

We do need to know what to do.
And here is how. .

Be Well.
How to do this?
Look to the Life Recipe.
Be happy.
Sleep a lot

Drink so much clean water.

Simple .  . .Wash your hands.
A lot.

Find oregano oil. .
If you can find it . . and add it into a diffuser.

I have in the clinic . . .

Improve your immune system.

Oil of Thieves (the up the nose, down the throat trick I so often show all to use).

Vitamin D3 (the sun – it is the right time to start sun bathing. 10 minutes front and back when almost naked every day – at the noon time when you are told to stay away – who gets ill ? Those with a lack of sunshine in their lives!

Vitamin C – so much you can do – I have the powder, the tablets and ideally – the liposomal one – why? It I made with fat – so it allows you to only take 1 – 3 times daily.

AV/AT – There is no vaccine needed.

This is the anti viral Chinese herbal that was designed for SARS and Bird Flu 20 years ago . . And it works!

Improve your immune system.


And look at the life recipe here
And of course – eat real food

Endometriosis Webinar

If you or someone you know is struggling with endometriosis you are not alone.
I have put together a webinar on how you can help yourself to overcome this debilitating condition.

Contrary to what you may hear in other places, I am here to tell you that you can heal yourself, without invasive medical intervention, and recover your good health.

Register for this FREE webinar here

Coursesfor anyone

I have been a little quiet as I am redeveloping my ways of passing in what I have discovered over my lifetime

From beginners – want to know how to help yourself – to for advanced practitioners

(Anyone who wishes to learn from me).

 Keep an eye on the Course schedule – updated regularly

Remember – YOU are in charge of YOUR health.