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Welcome to the changeable weather!

Spring into action at The Life Alignment Centre

  1. Heather is in the clinic until . .
  2. Cause’ of disease
  3. Self Help
  4. Who is there when you are not Heather?
  5. Not been the same since? (Including C section repair).
  6. Weekend workshop – 30/1st October – Tools towards Self Discovery 

1 – Heather is in the clinic until . .

 11th October

Tomorrow (Saturday) is totally a possibility . .

I will be back in USA/Europe training others in my new therapy – the Gentling Way.

  • Cairns 13 Sept
  • LA 15-2nd Sept
  • NYC 23rd –

Maybe before then come in for a ‘top up’?

Got a problem no one seems to have worked out?
Regardless of what you do – it is still there?
Help is at hand . .

2 – ‘Cause’ of disease

Not bugs. .
But your body is not happy.

All Asian medicine knows that the main trigger/cause of dis ease as emotional upsets – deeply held onto.

We call it ‘stress’ – is really Stuck Liver Qi – and I am sure that I have said this to you once or twice . .
plus to use magnesium on your skin works best . .and
if it prickles – use the detox the mercury stuck within your tissues – safely – liquid activated zeolite drops.

Since the body holds the residue of living your life close (as you are holding unto it – ‘for dear life’/’for later’ – to leaks into your structure and all that you do.

Sometimes this is scary

Often it is all you have left.
When you have tried all else and with diligence and you STILL have what is happening. .

That is when you reach for . . .

My Gentling Way (developed by four decades of working as a natural health care solutions finder to undo what ails you).
If you can let it go.

Someone else to ‘fix t’?

Actually within yourself. .


3 – Self Help

PLEASE . . .

See my self help page again.

A life recipe . .

Start with:

Yourself . . .

An idea that will not go away – WHAT AM I HERE FOR?



  1. Breathe.
  2. Better hydration
  3. Whatever you need to do to feel safe . .




Calm things down – and anything may happen . .

Emotional Healing after trauma

What Lies Beneath
So many people are carrying a large load.

All very well – but . . .

4 –Heather, Who is there when you are not?

Good question – I have been working in this for a few years .

May I introduce
Sylvia, who may be able to assist you on your journey.
She and her husband David (a second year acupuncture student and one of my Gentling Way practitioners) will be here a few days weekly whilst I am off teaching in USA and France.

Sylvia  will be working in the centre Wednesday/Thursdays for the rest of the year.
She is the only Reichian therapist in the country.

This is a very gentle and profoundly moving way to undo the life residue that may well cause you the grief that no one so far has been able to help you shift.

5 – Not the same since?
Including C section repair

Maybe that fall/that belly operation/that incident?

We may not notice that we can start to actually bend over – as we are being slowly bound up as though by inner ropes – the sense of freedom (I had my last batch of trainees work on me). It was so liberating! No more need to visit structural people – as the ropes and ties that bind are released.

Have you had or do you know someone who has had abdominal surgery or a C section – however long ago? Having had my own C section nearly 24 years ago I am passionate about this – see more here.



Possibly the adhesions https://heatherbrucehealing.com/pelvic-flows-adhesions/ and scarring that you are used to.

BUT it can cause ever more troubled times as we age.

Always has been a feature in my work.

Undoing scars and the blockages that these create on your life force (meridians become unable to flow as designed).

This gives us – as with dammed up water – problems above, below and within the scar area. Often all we need to do to undo a different problem is release the scar so the energy can flow again.

This is YOU if you have had any surgery for whatever reason – and of course any other operation, incident or trauma has its own set of challenges that you may feel as though afterwards you are a completely different person.

Maybe your body is all stuck?
Adhesions . . .

Come in and see us . .
A check over for spring – or maybe – have an intensive programme to undo what is binding you STUCK

How this can help?
By undoing what seems to be stuck to you . .

Intensive sessions – for you

At least 3 hours x 6 and we go deep and you emerge . .

After spending the past few years working mainly with those who commit to coming as often as needed for a short period,

ESPECIALLY WITH – C section recovery 

No matter how long ago . .

It wrecks your neck and pelvis – see more here.

6 – Weekend workshop – 30th-1st October

Find yourself through – letting go??

do you wish to be healed of what ails you as someone who wants to let go? ?

Maybe this is your time

Only 6 spots left – very small circle of seekers.
Please contact me if you are interested.


Offering tools and  the nurturing safety

to meet yourself



I am so grateful to have this centre

and the garden

and the space that surrounds me.

A healing sanctuary . .
Come in and join us!!