Spring cleaning ..


As I write this the state and world seems to be burning.
I sincerely hope your loved ones are not involved.

Please remember . . .

In This issue:

What is Heather doing?

Brisbane is my current base.
I live above the clinic. I can and do work whenever I am needed – and usually people now come in for other states – or far away and do the intensives as this is the most cost effective and most likely way to help anyone.
By the time you get to me – you have been often decades on a self help quest.

Christmas I will be home. . (NZ) and likely for a few weeks.
Come in and get your new body and thus life soon.

Elisabeth? Back in the USA .

I am here to help . .
It is all so easy (for me) to make radical changes – see yourself much like an electrical gadget.

Declutter – take out what no longer serves (spring cleaning again)
Reset – turn off all unnecessary
Restore – back to the owners manual – how all are to live – see more here.

Declutter -Take out what is not needed (so often what you think is possible gets a severe nudge as magically what you thought was your lot – leaves you.
Reset – hopefully you were made well . . so the ‘factory settings’ appear .

Restore – an easier life – as you were designed to live in.


What I managed to do here . . .

Till June 2017 10 Kitchener St looked like this.



The beginning of change . . a year on . .  .





      2 years . . . .




Now . .                


How did I do this?
With intention – and respect for nature.
And having an awareness of perserverance.

Life will return to all that has been cleared . .

As you can regardless of what has happened to your inner being –

Life needs.


Regeneration . .

This is what spring can do.
If we have looked after ourselves in winter.
NOT contaminate ourselves with more distress and pollutants of all forms.


People want to heal . .

Maybe start with what footprint we leave . . .

We have to put the work in . .
And also prepare to change . .

As does the world . .

Reverence . . .

What can you do?
Start with yourself – and really look at what is happening to your body . .
Your life Your world, OUR world and our grandchildren’s futures. .


What to do?

Look at my version of your life recipe again . .

Breathing – fresh, clean, unadulterated (except by nature )
Reason for being – in service to start with
Nurture self – soul, heart and body (food being last on list)

Balance – water and wind and fire . .


We could all use some decluttering – spring cleaning  ..
What we do not use/love in our lives – maybe ask ourselves – why is it there still?
As others may be left with nothing – what can you do without?



Support life. .  .

This is so true when faced with calamity.

Whether the cancer diagnosis we feared (we have to change what we call ‘life’ and how we live it then – not to get chemo and more messed about with  – but to actually undo why the body did that)  -OR another IVF failure – or the loss of our beloved nature retreats (Binna Burra).


Life is about CHANGE –  healing is also . .


We can all review what we are up to as the world shows us – transitioning . . 

Possessions . . A great start.

Reminder . .this was 2009 – we are 2019 nearly 2020 now ..
The story of STUFF – wonder .  .


1 – Why is it in my life?
2 – Could someone else make better use of this?



In our body also
My specialty is when nothing else works.
When you are past desperate.
I attempt to declutter this for you.


Maybe do what we all need to?

Take out at a cellular level – the toxics that are within your cells. 

This is where I start all if  can.

The supplements and so on – even often the herbs – are along the track – not to start with has so much is stuck in our bodies – and time is needed – to let the entire body calm down. .

Simplify – go back to basics


Here is a great example . .


Scars . . . Stuck . . . 

Not only C section – any surgery – how ever small – maybe even only the navel ring scar ..


Allow the meridians and channels to flow again . .
That is what I do . .

>C-Section Recovery

Whilst it is about C section and repairing after this – anyone with adhesions – may be finding over time – it harder to stand up straight – here is why. What to do about it? See me and use castor oil as an adhesion breaker – messy – but with application it really works well – especially after the clearing I can achieve in a session.


What happens over time – we get bound up.
Result .  . tissues glued together .


How can I help?
As the only Mercier trained therapist in the southern hemisphere

This – and much more.


The Gentling Way .  . .

Designed with undoing the past and the trauma stored – gently – and at your pace . .

Is also why I only do this in intensives – as packages – as we need time and a lot of it per session – to unpack what is holding  you hostage – it is NOT a ONLY matter of moves/or techniques in sequence

This is the only answer – after decades of seeing others.


To what?
Often after  years of visiting structural people – who may have given immediate relief – but still – until we undo what is blocking healing – and that is my ‘super power’ – we are still stuck.

How is this possible?
The body works as  a whole – and you may need someone who understands this.


October 2016 – I winged off to Chicago to become the only Mercier trained therapist in the Southern Hemisphere.

What is Mercier therapy?

A system of gyne-visceral manipulation – couples with bio identical hormones and anti inflammatory enzymes that corrects easily endometriosis and all matters reproductive. For women she uses it for. I work only with couple as and this works for any one – any age – to undo what is essentially being bound up.  Read more here.
Flows no longer flowing . .

I extended this work to anyone. Structural integrity is breached when there are adhesions.
Though we do not need surgery – any fall or incident may create these.
What next?
We gradually get bound up, pain ensues and there in is a tale. .


What can it do for you?

Surprisingly a lot

ME When we were training, I had my womb feel like she sheared off my sacrum. It did not hurt – but I could stand up differently (everyone says that they leave taller and lighter and freer in their pelvis) .

OTHERS – When I returned from training I did these moves on everyone. Although many had had the extreme workups with all the Maya work I also do – this was the vast change.
It does not happen as a one off.  We need to be doing multiple sessions and close together – and each one may be 3+ hours. This is a commitment. ‘Spring’ cleaning again . . MUST leave behind what no longer serves you  .


Decluttering is a gentle process.

Intentional  (Not catastrophic forced upon you)


I have designed a process. .  . Heather’s Gentling Ways.  .

When you feel that there is no hope – nowhere to go?
Start undoing what no longer serves you. Decluttering may need to start within. Your head.
Believing a medical diagnosis may be the beginning.

Working intensively with me – everything may shift. Especially how you feel in that body.
If you are wishing to make babies and nothing else has worked or you know someone who is.

This movie is worth sharing – and is so easily fixed – spring clean the bodies concerned.

Making babies – well or freaked out???

Who is most affected – the baby that is ‘tried to be made . .
Forever after. . male fertility? Oh dear!!!


Especially HIM (miscarriages/false starts – maybe be stillbirth and no idea why? Any farmer would have.
Need the best stud possible – again – spring clean time!!!


Realign you

Hence the clinic name – and what is possible.  .
When we do intensives  not a bit here and see how it goes – but dive right in.
A spring clean of your body and your life afterwards – free of pain and tension as you have spent time cleaning your inner house – body.

May need a review of the inner workings. .
And these programmes are what bind us stuck.



I created this site – for anyone who is pregnant or who wishes to be assisting those who are.
Especially to have an easy pregnancy and easy birth and to enjoy all that early babyhood brings. 

The resources online –  to instantly download –  and also the magic Welcome Baby Kit – if you have a loved one about o birth – or need a very different baby gift – that keeps on giving – practical and full of what is needed after bub (and in pregnancy).



Online Resources

Would you like to learn –

how to live better/help others?

Do not have to be an acupuncturist.
Ideally you would have a yearning to heal through touch – to help and maybe already be on this path.
Maybe have asked me before – what  do to start on a trajectory similar to the one I chose 42+ years ago . .
I had forgotten just how many masters went into my tool box of tricks – and why I can do so much more than most others – across so many different modalities.

1 – 14/15 September

Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace       

2 – 14/5th September


Gentling Trauma Relief



You do not need to be a therapist – but just someone who wants to set themselves free . .
Online package  – a start now care included  – a weekend of undoing The Mother Within – we all hold on to maternal line trauma – time to Set Ourselves  Free .. .
We move within ourselves – it is a deep self care programme.
Not what you have covered if you have been to any of my workshops before this is well PAST what I taught within  Arvigo. Not what any acupuncturist (or anyone else is) is taught in college – though a lot of it I was 42 years ago . .

Both in are to be in my Brisbane clinic – The Life Alignment Centre



Do reach out and see what we can do together.
Maybe share this with someone who you know is struggling .

Best wishes,