Spring and the wet are here!

Change – Is life

In this issue:

Welcome to spring – always interesting weather.

If you are feeling a bit ill with all these changes -– it is always good to search for the Oil of Thieves http://simple-natural-solutions.com/oil-of-thieves/ and start using the cotton bud with it up your nose, down your throat as few bugs live through that experience. At least on awakening and before bed – and many times daily if ill.

The AV/AT capsules are the next reach for 3 an hour is the dose – you are very unlikely to get more unwell with these on hand.
The next and most obvious thing is to go to bed and rest – stop all outside activity and heal.
Most seem to miss this step – and it is likely the most important.

My unfolding career . .

Baby SeanI started on this journey as I became a new mother

Of my first born 41 years ago.

23 years ago – the boys’ lineup

Heather + boysSean was not to become asthmatic and allergic and finding life hard as his dad did.

I paid attention to all things health/food related and became a natural medicine student solely to assist in my mothering.

Always inquisitive, I found places to discover where few had and as such have always been seen as being somewhat unorthodox and in fact an outlier.
This is no doubt why so many apparently ‘hopeless’ cases have been easily resolved with my ministrations over the years.

Initially my focus was on infertility before there was any attention paid to this – and no IVF – I moved into AIDS and was happily altering lives until the toxic drug cocktails appeared.

In the past few decades those whose medical interface has failed them find me.

After setting up a clinic in the centre of Brisbane in early 1979, with my classmate and friend Jana Zehr, I branched out to involve myself in all pursuits I could find in all levels of being to assist in answering basic life questions.

Life unfolding professionally

(Patients reflecting life over the decades)

Full circle – I now welcome Jana back into this healing fold.

*Jana will be joining the Life Alignment Centre line-up – initially as a student of my ways and also practising the Bowen therapy she has been studying. Jana is also a Reiki channel, a pranic healer, a Buddhist yoga teacher and is a very quiet healing presence.

Jana Zehr“I have always been interested in the health of people and the planet and originally studied acupuncture when it was still a new field in Brisbane.  At the same time I completed courses in Remedial massage and Bach Flower remedies.

Having children arrive quite close together and moving with my partner’s work meant that continuing to run a practice was not possible, but I continued massaging over the years and added Reiki and lymphatic drainage to my skill set.

With my 4 children grown up, I returned to study, completing 2 years of a nursing degree. More recently I have started pranic healing and combine this with Reiki in a very nurturing treatment.

‘I have commenced training into Heather’s Gentling Ways to augment what I already have within my therapeutic ‘toolbox’. I live in Eumundi at an intentional permaculture community and Jana Zehrwill travel down weekly to be at The Life Alignment centre on Monday/maybe Tuesdays.

‘Concurrently I am working on my diploma in the Bowen technique, a soft tissue therapy which utilises small but measured inputs to the body stimulating the body to heal itself.
It’s a practical, hands on therapy which I love, and usually results in the relief of specific injuries and other health issues, both acute and chronic, by stimulating the body to begin healing itself. 

‘As a Bowen student with 100 hours of practical hours to complete, I am requesting your help.  If you need to relax or have physical issues that you think may respond to a Bowen treatment, please call me for an appointment.  To cover my costs a donation would be greatly appreciated. I trust that you consider an amount of $20-$50”.  Thank you, Jana.

Appointments – leave a message (often out of range) – 0427 047 370

More on Jana here

What is happening in the life Alignment Centre

Jana ZehrJana (as above) will be here Mondays.

Phone or text for an appointment:  0427 047 370

Ivana NightingaleIvana is a very skilled and caring Hawaiian /Kahuna massage therapist and her gentle yet profound ministrations are available to you every Friday.Ivana is always here on Fridays – and you can see her as the last lucky recipient at 7.30pm
Please contact her directly:

Being ‘busy’

This year I have moved clinic and residence in the midst of the activities below.
I suggest you also write down what you have done with this year as I had no idea just what was happening as I was so busy doing it .. .
Some of us (I will put my hand up) are good at seeing what is NOT being done – not what has been. Please allow yourself the time to also do this exercise.

My year in review – It may appear that I have not always been here . .

Practitioner Retreats/teaching 

  • Heather at workFebruary Healing the Wounded Healer’ my healing sanctuary, NZ
  • March, Brisbane ‘Effective Healing After C Section’
  • April Moving Blockages 3 &4’, ‘Easy Babies 3 & 4’, Los Angeles
  • April Mammalian Maternity’, Melbourne
  • June ‘Living Ligaments’, Witta
    September ‘Living Ligaments’, Nobby’s Creek
  • October Holistic Healing After C Section’, Matakana, north Auckland, NZ

The clinic move happened immediately after my unplanned and highly successful week in my 3rd visit to Rothenburg, Germany acupuncture conference, just before the Living Ligaments first residential course.

Setting up the Life Alignment Centre has meant now there is a commercial establishment.

These last few months I have been training others in the Gentling Ways http://thegentlingmethod.com/ – and putting together an entirely new therapy that undoes the lymph and ligament congestion – adhesions/and all levels of scarring in the bodies that present here.

Jana and Teri have been to most/all of these and along with Maja from Cairns may be the new faces of the clinic whilst I summer over and come and go through the year.
(At least one week out of four here for your continuity once a programme has been completed
– and the online and membership sites are up).

In addition, I have been writing the manual for my new modality, mentoring the apprentices and allowing the changes to filter through as I ‘hang up my needles’ in favour of my courses and teaching and writing. Illness – stagnation . . Change will happen . .


I will be in NZ writing and gardening from Thursday 19th (being here all winter is one thing – spring and the 300 bulbs I planted as I left 6 months ago). The warming up and growing season starting without me is my concern. (And the roses need attention).

I am back Saturday 28th. I am likely in and out (as usual) all over summer – hence the start-up of the new students of my work.


Teri Stout

Teri (an acupuncturist who has been intensively studying with me for the past 2 years) whose interests have been moulded by her own life – will be visiting the clinic for the first 10 days of December. She brings with her a wealth of practical and lived wisdom around healing after sexual and pregnancy loss trauma.

Whilst these are not usually spoken of – they lie beneath so much of what is latent and though buried, make up the understory that permeate through all that happens next for all of their lives. We will be working more closely together and will be expecting to see Teri here maybe at least every 2 months, hopefully for a week a month from now on.

Maternal and Menstrual Healing

is the subtitle of this centre . .

I have gone as far as I can in the Arvigo/Maya http://mayahealing.com.au/

and then the Mercier work. http://heatherbrucehealing.com/mercier-faq/

Why did I embark on this journey?
Always at the forefront, I noticed that there is not the expected outcomes in anything these days – IVF being a huge concern.  http://mayahealing.com.au/about-heather/what-i-have-learned/
If you wish to know more – please think of attending the weekend retreat in clinic – see below.

After C sections – a very common experience now – there are massive life changes wrought – and often not noticed till decades later. http://heatherbrucehealing.com/healing-after-c-section-2/

A package is offered as this work is transformative and ideally done in a block very close together.
The Women’s Healing kit and the courses offered as part of this before your Godsend as the layers of what lead you to this intervention and what happened next are peeled back.

Please alert anyone you know who also has had any other abdominal surgery – however small as so often the inner scar tissue stops up all normal life functions and needs this work done (my specialty now) as opposed to your going through ay more structural and lifelong therapeutic not helpful and time consuming interventions.

As an acupuncturist, (currently a registered health care professional) I am ‘not allowed’ to give out testimonials – this will change – please see the end of this newsletter. The adhesions and inner and outer scars – not just physical – need healing. This is what this new (being developed as I go) work profoundly influences.

Self Help

There are now a bunch of my courses now available for you to get ‘stuck in’ and be a change for yourself and for others in your circle.

Touch is such a primal and a mammalian thing –  start this up again.
It is easily followed and contains most of the moves that I have added into all my levels of practitioner teaching plus what you feel in clinic – to great advantage.

Moving lymph is THE way to reshape your body. A taster for yourself


Arvigo Self Care weekend.

IxchelI will be putting on my only Arvigo Self Care course for the year.

There are only 6 spaces possible as it is very nurturing, very sacred and very healing. Two assistants  . . .and you. December 1-3.

You may remember that I have run 6 of the Self Care weekend workshops the first year I was trained up as a Self Care teacher.  I am one of the 3 in this country. This a gentle healing workshop experiential (small intimate – in a sacred circle – as we deeply delve into remaking you from the depths of your often wounded self/womb).


I will also run a prelude day.

There will also be at least one workshop for practitioners PLUS the Living Ligaments (Opening the Baby Gate) advanced course.
(This is why Teri is out of her clinic for 2 weeks learning more for the master).

Two other projects – both forced onto my life.

Often with terminal and most unhelpful prognoses – and often with surprising results – when they take charge of their own lives . . It has been very helpful (though personally traumatic) to find myself with my own in-house one 31 years ago . . http://my-mothers-heart.com/

KathrynKathryn’s appearance began a shift in my career of my being ever more different. My major observation is that so very often the answer is dependent to the question asked. Few seem to start at the beginning – and this marks the very difference in seeing me for anything as there are no limitations when we look into the other levels of being Self.

It may look as though I am being odd – and controversial . .
I will now not “shut up”. You may have noticed this.
Research yourself is my suggestion.

You cannot undo a lot of what is now being forced upon you.
I was ‘burned’ severely by trying to be complaint – so never again will I accept what is given at face value. You be doing this may still.

Being blissfully ignorant is no excuse as there is ample opportunity to discover What Lies Beneath.
Who warned me?    No one.

The experience of discovering just how outrageous and life toxic injections of anything to the body are has cured me of this. Also of making any decision in fear. Look about – the manipulation of the mass consciousness is tightening.

1 – Vaccination – ask a question – and look for the answer – not the emotions that follow the possibility of asking this question – what comes up for you? I wonder – is it life affirming? How do we know? Where is the data (past the accompanying pseudo religious fervor?).

I am an ex-vaxxer.

The media is not reporting what is happening and this is thus seen as being an ANTI standpoint – all of us were happily minding our own business being good – till – it was a disaster we could no longer ignore – and the coincidences mounted up so even we so blind could see. .
There are quite a few of us about.

We were compliant and thought to a smaller or larger degree that it was the thing to do – till it bit us.
In my case on reflection all through my life.
Even when I had my massively brain injured daughter.

My then apparently soon-to-die newborn baby daughter is 31 years old next month.

I was so busy just dealing with what life dealt me, I had no time to ponder – or discover what was going on – past reacting so she stayed alive. .

Recently I have seen what happened in the true light – and from here may have been seen to be a little too strident for some.

It is NOT your life, and your family/future child that has been permanently altered.
(Or maybe it is, but you are just not aware).

“We don’t know’ is the standard medical response to most hard questions.
This is not helpful.

It is why people seek alternatives to mainstream.
Also why I have been able to work successfully for decades.
I think things through and always from a different spot – and through a different trajectory.
In all of this life, I have left no stone unturned.

I bring this attitude of curiosity and intelligent inquiry into everything, accepting no limitation.

Segue to now.

2 – We all as registered health care professionals are expected to basically shut up and play by external rules – allowing one model/paradigm to give the conditions under which a more adaptable an time honoured system has always worked.

What do I mean?
All under the APHRA umbrella (as a registered health care professional),

We are not allowed to say .

  • That we can ‘treat’ anything.
  • That what we do is safe
  • That acupuncture is effective
  • That acupuncture is time honoured.
  • that acupuncture  has research (unless done within the last 5 years and as only what was used
    – not the individualised care that you come to all us for) and
  • that we are under a basic cone of silence to keep ourselves under the authorities’ radar.

Welcome to the Brave New World folks.
(or back to PRC – People’s Republic of China – or Stalin’s Russia. . )

Can you see any committed to excellence outlier engaged in this? (No).

I will be choosing to not renew my ‘membership’ of AACMA – as a fellow and as a foundation member and someone who has been exceptionally loyal to my profession I have discovered it eroded to such an extent it is now a personal liability.

This has been a huge burden over the past year.
I find myself in a dangerous spot – all the while – it is apparently YOUR safety this is in aid of.

My profession has been taken over by a bunch of civil servants and as such – your continued excellent servicing is at risk.

I cannot be worrying about “what next”.

The one (so far) anonymous (vexatious) compliant  complaint against me is one too many.
I will write more on this from NZ as I get clear in my garden.

As of 30th November you get to choose –

  • someone who is essentially a ‘yes’ person,
  • who follows dictates – and
  • who ‘keeps their head under the parapet’.

Or me.

What this will mean for you

  1.  I will be expecting anyone who sees me to step up and take their own lives back.
    That they show up – here and in their own healing.
    Their responsibility – there will be forms to fill in.
    Expectations of competence of you – and excellence (as always) from me.
  2. The health fund rebates that are negotiable will be not available,
    I will not have the insurance coverage I did have and life will continue.

If you wish to still see me for the occasional acupuncture session and get ‘something back’ (and I have noticed so many more are NOT covered – or not for extras) then see me in the next month.

In the next newsletter I will have a set of forms that I will get all to fill out – including in that is where you acknowledge that YOU are responsible for what happens in your own life – and when there is homework.

  • Extras to do and you choose not to . .
  • When you choose not to do as suggested. . .
  • when you decide that you know best . . .
  • Etc – (I imagine you get the drift).

For too long the disease people have been playing me and, in fact, you, off against the possibilities of brilliant health turn arounds.

Programmes to see me – will also be up soon.
How am I different?

A lot
As you know – I work holistically and use my hands and heart.
You have only ever seen me for acupuncture – you may not be aware that acupuncturists have been taught to follow what the medicos do and say as being their paradigm – so few now are energy workers. Fewer still are problem solvers a they have been taught be compliant.

What I do offer.

Extreme vigilance in all matters to ensure the best outcome for all concerned.

I was in north Auckland last weekend – and here is what a few acupuncturists said –

“After having my first baby, I came across your work online seeking a women’s and children’s health mentor in acupuncture.   Finding your website began to answer some of the questionsIi was having, served to keep me connected to acupuncture as an energy medicine and inspired me to want to study with you as soon as I had the chance in person.

‘After last weekend, my expectations were way met – I loved being in your vibrant presence, feel inspired to look more into your work,  connected again to the reason I  feel in love with acupuncture as a soul energy medicine and journey of self-discovery and, more faithful with following my own intuition and approach .it was so nice to meet other like minds who are feeling their way through what they are doing!  Thank you for providing and leading the space for my “acu wonder” to rebirth! 

‘It was just so refreshing to be exposed to your soul level way of connecting, treating and teaching – which is what I believe acupuncture is all about.  Thank you for honouring that truth.  Practically I feel motivated to really look into tongue diagnosis (changing through a treatment instantly, I usually use pulse this way), use the cold out cupping on, well most women really!  That treatment is so straightforward, so needed!    And, confident to simply follow Qi through the body as I feel to do as opposed to the often ingrained “prescription” way of treating.  It was wonderful to see your bring all to life in the clients who came in on the weekend.   I really love the integrated approach you use to treat (flower essences, oils, minerals and so on) and really want to integrate that more in the future.

‘You have a wonderful light way of conveying what you teach.    Your work is relatable, relevant and accessible – you online work is truly a gift to ALL…practitioners and well health seekers can really have their lives changed from contacting what you are offering.   I found time with you to be nurturing and empowering and your way to communicate acupuncture to be clear, practical and relatable.   I love that not only acupuncturists can make sense of what you share.  That is truly sharing on the wisdom to benefit all”.  Ange

“I am really grateful to have been introduced to you and your work. There really was a ‘hole’ in this stuff and I was losing my mojo. Now it is back. So happy”. Ana

Self help . .

I will now call myself a Health Coach.

Life education are my ongoing focus.

For you – Expect a miracle!

As I am ‘not allowed’ to use testimonials or have reviews, unless you have experienced what I have been up to with the work I have been developing this may not make so much sense.

More later.

In the absence of me – Jana will be here to give ‘for donation’ for her Bowen work.

More on Jana and what she is able to do here.

Those who met her last week in clinic all walked out in a different state as the practice healing, Reiki and gentle presence all took the darkness away.

She is one of my apprentices and will in time be here whilst I am in my NZ garden and writing texts over summer.

I intend to be here 1 week of 4 and have others doing the programmes for those who sign up for daily work to clear their scars/ adhesions and that which is blocking their self expression.

Teri my senior apprentice and soon to be teacher of this work – she will be here from Kaitaia and will be co running a day workshop leading into this Friday 1st December.

The following weekend I will also run a course – I am not sure the subject yet – if you wish to know something and have a burning need – do let me know.


Jana ZehrJana (as above) will be here Mondays.Phone or text for an appointment:0427 047 370
Ivana NightingaleIvana is a very skilled and caring Hawaiian /Kahuna massage therapist and her gentle yet profound ministrations are available to you every Friday.Ivana is always here on Fridays – and you can see her as the last lucky recipient at 7.30pm
Please contact her directly:

Have a great wet season . .

Love and blessings