Sick ‘leave’ – or wellness living?

Another newsletter?

Good morning


Life is in constant change. .
I am moving with it.



In this issue

Where’s Heather?

I am modeling looking after self.. .

Past plans all thrown aside. .

I am off home to NZ again . .

What with all the panic and uncertainty, I figure I can do so much more so – for everyone at home than here. I will hibernate.

  • NZ
    13th – 25th March
  • Brisbane
    26th March back in Coorparoo clinic
    I can see you Thursday 26, Friday 27

I will be teaching my advanced work Sat 28/Sun 29 and Mon 30 – then hop on a plane to go and see my wonderful student Maja in Cairns for a 2 day break for me – we will treat each other – then back 2 days working in people here (Thursday) and do the 3 day advanced Part II training Fri/Sat and Sun – and be here over Easter to leave again – on 15th April.

In this next time away,

I will recalibrate/reset myself.
We all often need to get out of our lives.

Having become a Reiki Master last week, I need to go back to the green, and quiet and chill out.
Last ‘break’ there – I had 3 days to myself. This time more..=

See you if you can squeeze me in.

To ‘tune you up’.

Online courses

Having spent a considerable amount of time and effort on these – they are now the focus – great for anyone who is quarantined.

Endo solutions

Prostate Solutions will be out in a few days.
It will lead you – and your friends into how you can help yourself – when all else fails – you can

Do It Yourself!

In the meantime – ask yourself some searching questions . .

What is health?
What causes it?

Being happy and free within is a huge start.

If you can – gift yourself a day with Kaliana (creator of the essences I offer her) and her very grounded partner Rama.

See more here


Why does that come along?

Not paying attention to . . .

Life Recipe
Life Rescue

Why your medical personnel have no idea about food and its role in everything connected with living.

Ability to adapt to change

Listening to body messages . .



We may need to pay attention: or suffer the consequences – as we can’t keep running on empty.

When the body says NO

A novel thought?
Live for yourself also???

3 – What causes wellness – being in alignment

Paying attention – the laws of nature – are immutable.

Daily, yearly and life rhythms – work with these and all is well.
Shifts? Always changing? Not being happy?
These will all have consequences.

4 – What are you doing – and what does your BODY need?

Life recipe again.

How to live well – become aligned quickly – get into P.A.C.E.

And out of the fight/fight/freeze hell.

 5  – How to stay well

Lemons garlic and Vit C . .
Get more.

Flexnor Report again – see above.

Health is NOT about taking retail opportunities for others.
Mothers knew.

Inflammation – water must be clean
No fluoride
Not chilled

Great Water  Filters

Will help with the inflammation . .

Hot Blood?


Oil of Thieves 

Something ‘sinister’?
Nothing like fear – what about being well so there is no need?
Does not make the wheels of business go around.

Too simple – oil of Thieves


What Else? Chinese herbs work

AV/AT from Panaxea . . 3 is a dose every hour – why does no one know this?
After my son had the 3 1/2 days – and I got him to take a blood test.

A huge titer.

Who was interested in how I fixed him?
Medical staff were not.
Why not?
Think of all the health and lives saved if others knew of this.
Plant medicine . .

What to do next?


Live well . . .
Eat less, drink more water, exercise daily, touch others’ lives gently and laugh a lot.

Cognitive dissonance – what if I am right?
And what you have been fed all along is a story?

Please go and stock up at Wing Hing – the Valley
(Shut Tuesday/Wednesday)
Strengthen yourself
Vit D – see more here and here

Vit C – see here and here and here (killing TB)

I have liposomal Vt C – new batch in clinic in the fridge – if you open this and see me today . .
Or – I have a bunch of oil of Thieves and this and Chinese patent cough etc medicines – that will be here on my return – (see me Thursday 26th or Friday 27th or following Thursday 2nd April as between self care and teaching I will be tricky to pin m down). See the new rested, happy and self healed Heather. Then.

I am also going off in between classes to spend time out. Take note all – we need to stop running ourselves like robots – engines and all mechanicals break down – and we do too if we are not allowing ‘down time. Self Care – see the weekend workshop I could do at Easter – IF you get in quick as there are always of maximum 8 spots. Or stay n fear of accumulated gatherings – OR get well, so noting is ‘caught’. The assumption that all exposed get sick is the province of the medicos- all who know about colloidal Silver, and the helpers mentioned above – look forwards and thrive.

Responsibilityis yours for you
All peoples prior to now knew this and lived sensibly.

See what courses you can take – all involve YOU doing the work . .
(and if you are home in quarantine – what better way to spend it . .).


Online Courses

Endo Solutions

Prostate Solutions

Restore your natural vigor, flows and confidence by following these clinically proven, easy simple natural steps to living pain free.

Ready soon – will be out in a few days.


MEN MATTER . . . whatever age and stage – says this mum of 3 grown into lovely men.

Workshops – Heather’s

            Brisbane – if you are interested – please let me know as I am very happy to run them – potentially the    weekend of Easter . . . .

  • Living Ligaments I – Womb Woes to Womb Wonders

    28 – 30 (Sat -Mon) March Brisbane (this is for those who have undergone the initial Heather’s Signature Moves/Gentling Way trainings).

  • 3- 5th April – the part 2 – Living Ligaments II also in The Life Alignment Centre.

Workshops – Others

For anyone . . . .

SICK LEAVE? (listen to this ABC segment)


Some of us never had the luxury of – so we Live Well Stay Well – Do Not Get Sick to  ever ‘need’ it.

The future of sick leave.


Who can afford to NOT live well?

Duncan has bought us a tandem recumbent – what will I be doing as part of my life now?


Help yourself . .

Charge yourself up

And maybe – drink so much more water . .


Sincerely – love yourself better . . .