Services offered

1 – Holistic life care

By the time you have decided that things have to change – lots has happened.
If you were to pop in at the first sign of .  .
Then it would be simpler.
We all wait

Often then after trying what is ‘known’ and orthodox – we may test the waters – referred by someone who is trusted – and who may have absolutely nothing like what is going on for us.
Or – you could start trawling the internet.
However it is – here you are ..
On my site . .

What is on offer?

2 – Intensives

Let’s get this done . .
You provide the canvas –  plus the lived in every minute after now in this body.

This means that you show up no more than one week apart – and follow through.
Staying in Brisbane and seeing me each day is what many do.


Your effort and the intention involved in shifting what has left you stuck
In that body and life presently.
What have you still invested in this?
What will lot cost you to move away from what is (not) comfy??


In doing more than ever possible were you attending just one of the therapies below.


I will do whatever wherever to help you.

Handing then back over to you – not a co dependency model.
You pay upfront for a course (as often the saboteur within wants to back up when change happens – as it will)

and we want to slow it up – can’t – once signed up – we like the roller coaster of life – take off and let go . .
All that has bound you to being so stuck.It has been a life of getting to there.
You want to move in a different direction – back to health.

What to expect of me

100% engagement as we take you back through what has been – gentle and at a pace that your soul may be comfortable with.

There will be :

3 – Simple natural solutions

Often – ‘That’s too simple. Heather’ is what is said . .
Yes – it is

4 – Tending/mothering

Past my own babies – now onto their babes. . So too with patients – as the initial only fertility acupuncturist in Brisbane I ‘retired’ from this to make my own – and here is who would not be here having her own had I not gone back to do a locum. In 1986!


2015 – baby of mum who at her age was not getting pregnant – til I intervened – now with her grandchild

Life was so easy when we did not mess with nature

I can only help you if

you choose to change


It is you that lives with the consequences.

You already know this

You have started your journey back to yourself here.


If this sounds like your style – welcome!

Perhaps contact me to see if we are a good fit?
Love to hear from you

ph +617 3899 2274

Expect a miracle!

The Life Alignment Centre suggests you get some sun.

How much will it cost?
How do you mean?
What will you do if you continue as you are?
How can I guarantee results?
(I do not – just the opportunity for you to transform yourself).

It is your life

Ask . .

Where is it taking me  . .


Or where do I intend to go? 


Enjoy . .
And maybe also investigate doing my home based self help easy online courses?