Self Help 2020

Welcome to a New Year!

We have had an extraordinary opening to the new decade.

Time to take action.

We can only ever help ourselves – let us begin.

Open heart, inquiring mind. . .  .

Courage – to heal is to change.

Enlightening – and empowering you to help you heal yourself

In this Issue:

  • Total Health 2020
  • Pelvic harmony
  • Courses Offered
  • Heather Out and About

Total Health 2020

True health comes from living as nature intended, not subjecting your body to more trauma and chemical manipulations.

The methods I have developed do not involve forcing the body into submission but gently realigning our problem areas through soft and caring touch.
Click to read more about Heather’s Gentling Way

Pelvic harmony

Bladder challenges, hernias, diastasis (muscle separation), prolapses, pelvic pain and dramas, adhesions, post operative troubles and trauma, and that old favourite  menstrual matters.
All my ‘bread and butter’ all these decades.

To upskill, from mid 2014 I immersed myself in the Maya/Arvigo ways.
I have emerged and now offer an amalgamation of what I have seen work best in clinic.

Ever changing and always improving – I am on a mission to not only and over what I have been gifted but also ensure that there is a legacy of wise womanly common sense.

I doubt I will be retiring – and thus I am restructuring so the next 20 years are easier on me.

Also – I wish to take us all back to simpler times – following nature.

Courses Offered

Practical Weekend Courses

Both the Gentling Way Self Care and Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace workshops are  (separately or together) the prerequisite hands-on component towards starting my Gentling Way – Living Ligaments career path.

Gentling Way Self Care

A delicious gift to your woman’s body, your womb (whether she is there still) and your new 2020 decade. Being self focused, we focus on undoing embodied stored stories – and being 2 of 3 days of a holiday weekend – you get to merge back into your ‘life’ gently – after we transform how we be woman.
Also as a trajectory into womb aligning as Living Ligaments – Maya healing.
Online courses instantly for you to use even before the weekend.
We begin Total Health 2020.
If you really want to undo that digestive/urinary/pelvic/gyne mess you feel is ‘your lot’ – even with named apparent ‘hopeless’ problems – why not see how you can create a safe space, and realign your belly?
If you are a hands on or other health care professional – or are learning an modality 0 what is covered in here is unique, coming from my 40+ years of compiling the best of. 

Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace 

(Offered in NZ Jan 18-19 Brisbane 8-9 Feb)

Why ?
No need for pain . .

IS just STUCK.

Stuck what?
Scars and adhesions (see above).
And of course – where is your water, magnesium and sun?
Watch me talking you through this and how to undo here.

Online Courses

Both Gentling Way Self Care and Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace include online courses which will benefit those undertaking my practical training or anyone else for their own healing.

You can start now – as I am transferring all I have done to a more us friendly system.

See what is on offer here.
If you can’t make it to the face to face courses – we have completed – and are all ready to go . .

YOU can help yourself – simply by dong any one of the many gems found in any of these courses.:

Ready to go:

  • Perineal Steaming
  • Self Soothing – Belly Moves
  • Reset Your Metabolism
  • Foundational Moves
  • Men’s Healing Practical
  • Easy Pregnancy Resources

Almost ready:

  • Love Yourself Better
  • The Healing Power of Touch
  • Gentling Trauma Relief

Coming soon

  • Endo Solutions
  • Beyond Pain
  • Beyond Cancer


Heather Out and About – Training as I go

Where is Heather?

This year I will be sometimes in Brisbane
Love to see you when I am here.

Especially to take you through some of the glorious ways of healing I offer.

Become your own healing agent.
YOU live in that body/life – YOU can fix it!

I am going home again – the green and my garden calls – 2 weeks off to write more courses, see patients in my healing retreat and teach new students. Back 22nd Jan to start the experiential healing immersion weekends.


When nothing else is working – why not come in and see me when I am about – as likely I can are back a lot of what ails you.

In the meantime – please take a look at this.
YOU are in charge of what is happening in/for your belly

And this – a gentling of yourself – for yourself.

Beautiful way to spend 10 minutes


And maybe get the courses. . . they all work

Explore yourself on a weekend . .
Take on the package of healing I offer – as a change of job/focus – anyone can
Help their own lives.

Your year to thrive?

Best wishes,