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Winter is here and the world as we know it is changing .

Winter is here . .

Please avail yourself to more Vitamin D3 (order from – and take at least 10,00iu daily – they sell Thorne brand in 5,000iu, 10,000iu and 25,000iu caps. A great deal cheaper than the 1,000iu that we are only ‘allowed’ to buy in NZ and Australia.

Why Vitamin D3?

It is the basis for all of your hormones and immune system.
Plus your life – as with plants – all need the sun to thrive – not just to survive!

All vitamins are required for life – they are not ‘alternative’.
Or complementary
If they are not present and biologically available in your immediate life, there is body breakdown.

There is plenty of the AV/AT to be had – as taking three of these every hours a t the beginning of anything looking illness related – and of course taking at least 25,000iu of Vitamin D3 daily and sleeping more – is bound to have health advantages . .

You come in eventually after all orthodox avenues are extinguished and then may bring in also the opinions f those who are ignoring life and the obvious – what we are now doing to ourselves and the ‘new normal’ are not working for us – and the body and life problems are showing this up well.

NEW Clinic Address
(commercial lease)

It is with great pleasure I can say that I am staying – and to sweeten the deal – I am now in commercial premises so I do not have to be moving regularly!! Very few have been offering health care in Brisbane as long as I have (or with as much passion and intention for excellence). I keep changing what it is that is my passion – besides helping . .

   Dedicated healing space

Soul   –   Emotional   –   Physical

All in the one space

Life Alignment Centre
10 Kitchener St
Coorparoo 4151 Brisbane

Parking within the premises – 6 spaces  . . no need to stress – just drive in ..

Still after all these years . . . same phone number

Ph 3899 2274

Watch this space!

Garden and signage coming soon!


In to the clinic from the front door . . . . . .
Reception/waiting room/where I will run courses . . .



Inside 2 of the rooms . . .


Two other rooms, one reserved for Steaming

Help your body work as designed

Let’s start with Structure: Determines Function

and get away from the ongoing ‘work’ it seems to be to keep your body aligned.
invest in your health and future . .


It will fix what is ailing you – likely a uterus (or prostate) in misalignment – and whether or not they are removed – the ligaments are no longer doing what they are to do – and there you are – in constant pain to be adjusted constantly . .

I am not returning to NZ for months – and will be available in clinic more in the winter than when the weather warms . .

My usual work is now in the area of undoing what has created what you have . .

What this means in clinic – to you . .

The next update will have more in this – I have discovered over the years that a lot of sessions close together win over weekly or whenever you can . .

Holistic Transformative Energy Body work

  • Life Aligning
  • Holistic
    All of you – especially the Soul component that has brought me to your awareness
  • Transformative
    You will be different
  • Energy
    Before being in form we are energy – and become our thoughts – and beliefs
  • Body work
    The physical is carrying too much of the residue that has been allowed to settle in – my needing and my moxa is not going to ‘stick’ without your life and habits changing. Until they do, you revisit being stuck and how it feels to not be flowing.

The new centre is called Life Alignment as that is what I am now doing.

It has many arms – and the overarching intention is you taking n looking after yourself and returning to what got the race to here- following the elder’s traditions – usually past down through oral transfer and often at a mother’s or grandmother’s knee.

The cultural values of being respectful, and not forcing changes.
Healing requires change and can take time – and I usually permanent was we le the body find its own template/return to its blue

Heather’s Gentling Ways

No need to keep seeing all those therapists as the structure no longer has to ‘go out; or not ‘go back in’ as we attend to why it is not doing it automatically itself – bodies repair themselves if we take away why they currently can’t.

This means VERY gentle belly work to undo all that is in your structure – especially pelvic and sacral. This takes all much further on from the belly work I started with the Maya traditions 4 years ago.

Enhanced through my travels to Chicago to learn the Mercier way

To the left you see a great friend – Trish – who as a midwife was urged by her clients to seek out MORE than the Arvigo/Maya work we both practice and teach and our teacher at that class – Jennifer Mercier.

It works!!!

Mercier work – a gift for you

I will be running courses (small intimate ones) for this an the general public – who have had enough of being played with through seeing very regularly an array of helpers – we were not designed to be so ‘high maintenance’ and to keep so many people in business . . In the meantime – why not come in and get your body aligned as you do not need to be visiting all and sundry on and on – and you can take over with the self care I will be teaching – online and in the centre . . why wait???

Aura Soma

The Aura Soma bottles are now centre stage and will be on display as we go further into what you can move through to achieve a transformation in your life.

The Maternal and Menstrual Rescue will be possible as I have brought up the only Arvigo Pregnancy and Fertility trained practitioner from Melbourne to be here besides myself. She is also being trained in Heather’s Gentling Ways so we will soon start into the Maternal Rescues that are needed -often decades after the damage is done.

We will gradually let you know of the course that can alleviate so much of the suffering women get into in pregnancy and because heir reproductive system is just not being flushed through with quality blood circulation or waste disposal – resulting in what the IVF people tinker with at great cost . . and what then is left as adhesions and scarring – forever.

The combination Maya/Mercier /Heather Bruce Gentling Ways relieves this over several sessions and leaves you in a state of ease . . I will write more of this in the next clinical update. Also when the signage and new brochures and websites are polished – presently it is still a matter of moving in as after 2 days back from Rothenburg I moved, three days later I held the retreat for practitioners and still to write up their annual – and hence all is in a period of transition ..

In the meantime of course I am working and would live to assist the annual depletion as the weather chills and the Vitamin D3 levels plummet and apparently illness takes hold.

What is on offer in the Life Alignment Centre:


– as with the wheel balancing in the car . .
I have discovered that after I work with people and realign their pelvis very often their upper back now knows normal and has no idea how to do it . .
Here we have  . . .the answer

(From Amanda whose belly and body I released a few days go:

“Lying down on the table when asked to do a perineal pull up internally I am aware that there is tightness – and yes I could call it a Kegel that is OK-ish. I could not hold it for very long!

‘Heather then does her thing – the foundation – she proceeds to pull out the cold from my stomach which is extremely important as, as she says you can not bake a cake with the oven door ajar – so guess what – if you want to affect a permanent and a profound change in your body – you may have to change things. Heat pads do not pull it out I learned!!! Touch is good however pulling out the cold allows healing.”

What did I do to here??
Used this work . . . anyone can . .
(Elder medicine from so many traditions. .)

‘As my navel was cupped my body knew something good was happening and I relaxed and felt the cold being pulled from up as high as my collarbone and of course from the areas that surround my belly locally. Gradually the heat -the precious heat came into my stomach area and I could feel the trigeminal pain (in my face . . .) begin to lighten up

‘Another pull up after the cup is released and I am able to clench with an internal tighten for longer

‘I can feel everything start to loosen – my blood pressure is more normalised – good news and the pain in my body /especially the jaw is reduced. The massage of my belly of in and around my abdominal cavity begins with Heather’s warm hands and I am beginning to feel a sense of bliss and release as my sacrum begins to feel smoother flatter making better contact with the massage table and my jaw beginning to completely relax – when I breathe in I have a more full and free in breath and out. I have more ease and access to a full rounded experience of my body and the pain that normally racks my body is reduced greatly. My jaw is so relaxed I believe i must be drooling!

‘My internal pull ups are so strong I feel like a footballer! This was simple yet highly effective touch performed by Heather and her intense attention to detail. The warmth has returned to my body and I pain free. My back and hips still feel amazing, my neck turns from side to side easily.

‘My blood pressure has reduced, my jaw is so relaxed and my sacrum feels wonderful.

I feel as though I have been fully taken care of and guess what all this came from pulling out the cold in the front of my body and massage – the back of my body was not touched!Yet I am feeling the healing release in my back – yes the Living Ligaments are very happy. All this good feeling, all this pain free all this tinnitus greatly reduced from simple yet effective steps on the front part of my body”.
A 53 year old  Lymes’ disease recoverer – and afflicted with so much . .

I have videos of women being amazed at their previous locked up sacrums and inflamed sitting bones now being easy to live in . . come in and experience what you can take home and also do for yourself!

Please stop damaging yourself:

(Elder medicine from so many traditions. .)

Past pulling out the stored cold – and resetting your metabolism .
That low body function that all are ‘managing’ for you and telling you that your thyroid is ‘OK’/on the low side . . .

Reset Your Metabolism [Taster]

Definitely everyone is less well – and I cant ‘fix’ this.

Where did ‘Do No Harm’ go? The infiltration into all aspects of life – of the nutrient blinding/hormonal altering chemicals continues to harass my efforts to help you when you arrive – see more below of my historical perspective.

What I do know makes more difference than using the herbs and the supplements – that are now – so 90’s.  .

Glutathione Accelerator
This is essential if you have flagging energy/fluid where It is not supposed to be – see more on iodine . . bromide dominance theory  is why I get everyone to paint themselves daily – our tap water is killing us slowly – as is the toothpaste get the real story by looking through any of the research that I have collated over the years.

Glutathione accelerator (take 6 in the morning – as long as you are not allergic to mushrooms or seafood – you will be amazed at how you can function again. Your mitochondria will work well again.

The liquid activated zeolites from this site do what they say they do and are life changing – especially when you can say – as I can and as has happened to my children – vaccines altered the way my body could function – and not in a life sustaining way ..

See more here as this is an issue that is being forced upon all of us when we were still in utero . .. Chronic mercury poisoning seems to be at the root of everything that is ailing us now. .if someone wanted to look. Anyone with an auto immune condition – especially’ Hashimoto’s disease’- perhaps see what I also have here on fibromyalgia as you have this tendency – as does almost all of us as the sun, fat and salt are not ‘permitted’ and the easy ways of a few decades ago are gone.

Even if you have not been ‘diagnosed’ (the bone pointed at you) with this – it is just another low thyroid/toxin load issue some carry – and you no doubt have all the other things that also are created – be it endometriosis/depression/low stomach acid – or ‘just’ no energy – please see more in this segment.


Few seem to be asking this  . .

Q – What started this off?
A – Our inability process common nutrients all the while being poisoned by what was ‘therapeutically’ added in – iatrogenesis and all are under the illusion that making everyone sicker – by messing with their immune systems – and the gut is where it all starts – hands up all who have bought the idea that their skin needed their gut and immune system to be ‘taken out’ – by daily antibiotics for years – or even start a baby’s life with them – as a C section (and not allowing the gut microbiome its intended beginning to support life – or allow breastfeeding as it is seen as ‘too hard; or may get in the way of the immune – we are not thinking as good custodian’s of the future . .and stewardship of the children’s children’s children’s lives is in our hands right now.

See more in breastfeeding ease here – by a very senior midwife/lactation expert.
This unfinished programme of breast information is a wealth of at least normal information – what different nutrients do – I will get to the thriving after breast issues (use the iodine and get rid of all the fluoride and allow the body to chuck out the heavy metals (do not add anymore in – flu shots are highly health dangerous – and Vitamin D 3 will work far better – in cohoots with some well timed regular acupuncture sessions and taking herbs to help your body – at least the oil of Thieves (in clinic) at the first sign of problems .


Historically . .

Few are still working who were working at the interface of ‘hopeless’ 30-40 years ago. I was and here is my summation.

I have been suggesting all the while that we must go back to nature.
In the 70’s – those who came to see me were usually desperate – as they had had their hands literally shaken and told to ‘put their affairs in order’ – wait for the end.
Some do not agree with the bone pointing and sought what their pastor, fellow bus passenger, sister suggested – and saw me or someone like me how ere in a shop front somewhere working alone and creating apparent miracle in our own mall ways. . often with clouds of moxa smoke.

In the 80’s – the new diagnoses were possible as the laser and the laproscopic and the arthroscopic advances as well as the scanning and the pharmaceutical progresses were made.

The 90’sVioxx – you may not remember . .
A drug used on so many and caused so many deaths. .
Now of course it is the slow poison that is calling ’auto immune’ issues.
(And is being forced on all . ..)

I wonder if you have even thought of the change in focus – from your health and well being to – apparently you are in charge of everyone around you (not their life habits and choices) to keep the vulnerable ‘safe’ – through injecting poisons – and of course their teeth in better shape through inflicting n industrial waste product that is highly toxic to life (fluoride) in the water supply.

Please watch this 20 minute presentation – teeth are strengthened through magnesium availability – and zinc – both of which assist your gut to work – BUT – and it is a large one – you need to be on the liquid activated zeolites. (Not the cheaper apparently ‘organic’ zeolites).

Fluoride – Unregulated dosage at that. Think of all the babies NOT being breast fed whose formula is made up with that which is shutting down their bodies as the iodine needed to run life and gut health and all metabolism – is silenced.

Where the onus was in the sufferer to somehow prove that they had been damaged.

This was not the previous focus. Health was to be left alone and/or improved. .
Now we have an explosion of the walking wounded – and the deeply chronically ill – from pre birth.

The turn of this century has brought the world to your door step.

Fear sells.

Now ‘Is it safe?’ is the catch cry.
No thought to what is not safe about ignoring your template or the ways that got us all to here.

This may sound as though I am opinionated and somehow ‘off base’.

Always here to allow healing – and to do this something must change.

In the last 10 years I have found in my healing practice that it has become increasingly more difficult to help.

People see me are so scared of their own life/possibilities as they are fed from fear every angle.

Disempowerment being the key.

The media have bought into the massive profit making pharmaceutical businesses. The medical profession is now behaving as bullies. (As organized crime really). By demanding compliance to that which has no real research, or basis in life or in safety. Much like the Vioxx situation BUT the drug companies are immune from prosecution since they said that they would STOP making vaccines if they could not get this. . . (after Vioxx). No ‘Do No Harm’ now . . not even Buyer Beware as so many people are now too scared to say – ‘No’ to the enforced medicine campaign. As it was and is with chemo and kids – now is with vaccines – some of you may think that this is alarmist. Research – I did and now I am also not accepting the lack of informed consent as I can no fix what you broke on doctor’s orders’ as it is not so fixable . .

Hence I speak of what has helped others – including my own family.

Modern times and ancient wisdoms

My answer to this is to step back and stop offering sessions to you only when you feel you need them. Programmes of self help instead – after an intensive health retrieval . . this may not suit everyone but I, in all authenticity, can not stand back and watch what is happening .

Ask yourself – What is health? What causes disease?

After my 40 years of study, clinical practice, (practitioner course development at all levels and teaching since 1981) and my own practical research – I can offer a way out of your fear . . Take cancer as a prime example – having more damaging drugs, radiation and fear running you ‘ship’ is one way . . and fixing ‘Why You’, ‘Why There’ and ‘Why Then’ is another . .

Cancer Solutions

Someone has to take charge


Let’s start with getting you all aligned in . .

I will keep you posted as the new and exciting stage of the Life Alignment Centre emerges ..

Until then – drop in and see us – and tune yourself up – as you do the car – so it does not age too fast – or break down!!

Come in soon and stock up on healthful tips and a tuneup!


Like with a car. . regular maintenance and careful stewardship ensures a perfect ride