Who is seen to be the ‘expert’? – New Role of a Doctor – the ‘patient’

The medically trained GP or medical oncologist – Is it possible to expect that any one person can possibly access and then retain all that is needed for all types of conditions?

This is where the Internet has liberated the general population.

Looking for age adjusted long term rates of survival may be problematic, but I suspect that would be a factor in all research.

  • “How will I be traveling down the track expected of me by the mainstream?”
  • Have those providers any idea what I may also do – as complementary to what they offer
    – or if their prognosis (in standard medicine) is so bad – as alternatives?

I am also not sure all have a GP.  Some people have as their primary care-giver a CAM provider. Some after seeking answers in desperation when none were forthcoming from the standard line go CAM.

It is thus possibly the CAM provider, through their own investigations (iridology, pulse, palpation and so on) that diagnosis was suspected, and maybe followed up with a definite medical test or scan.

Having a friend who had this happen to him, he was sufficiently upset to not go back to the orthodox people. he found a naturopath who put him on a holistic and very intensive healing journey (at great personal cost) and his reward followed. After 11 years, he is a changed and healed man.

Possibly this is too anecdotal for most. A vast array of supplements and life changes that all went to make himself over. Another friend did the chemotherapy and her own intensive spiritual quest – and whilst the chemo was only seen as palliative, 15 years later she is cancer free – and this is with the gene for female cancers – she is well as she dd all to the limits possible. Her argument – was they can have her body, she would heal her (beliefs/psyche) life.

I am really not sure ‘informed consent’ is what is offered – which leads me onto the next section – the oncologist and how they research their options.


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