Perineal steaming and other self care marvels

Welcome to the occasional clinic newsletter from the Life Alignment Centre

Teher are so many ways that all cultures looked after themslevs.
If you , like me, are amazined t=at teh prevalbnce of ever more medical centes, and laboratories . . mayb ewonde r- how did people live before all of this?
Answer – well.


They knew what to do to look after theselevs – adn tehy also knew that they wer erespob=nsible fo eth results.

You may have been expose dto this in my clinci – I have a secial room.
It is for perneal stemaing and is acually a safe ‘womb’ room.
I am often there filming, and many have hidden out here whikst h-jiurnalingand being more ooppen th=o tehir bodue sand the messages they give us.


How are you handling the spring weather?

Chinese medicine always speaks of wind as being a force for change.

In a state of change, we move  . .hopefully off stuck spots.
Fires, droughts, and some rain!!

The garden is blooming- and the roses!
I am a yet not sure how they will go in the humid times, but presently you will be assailed with perfume and their lively faces in the clinic.

Online courses
I have found softweare that I love.
It is evident in eth WPerineal Steaming nw=e wonline course.
It isready!
I haev many more tites that I am abliutto let loose  .