Pain? Distress? Answers here . .


Can I ask you a question? Or several?

  • Had enough of seeing ‘maybe they can heal me’ people?
  • Of searching the internet for answers?
  • Of hopefully going off to try the next therapist/modality/diet/supplement?

All the while knowing that you can’t keep going like this. . .

Do you find yourself accepting the limitations of your apparent age or ‘condition’?

If yes – maybe I have no message for you . . . Keep playing that ‘fix it/me’ game . .

BUT – If you (like me) know that the body heals itself – please read on.

Are you in pain?

Simple – undo why it is there.
NOT fill up with pills., get tests, take remedies and even visit whoever regularly – why not FIX it yourself?
Undo why it is there . .

Are you in distress?

Simple – undo why it is there.  . . . .

2 options on offer today:

1 – FREE course online

Instead of me pulling out the cold – do it yourself.



You know having been to see me that this is the beginning of almost all I do.

Explaining what to do and why. Learn what anyone would have done in China and still in many cultures.

Take out the cold that is blocking normal flows – and when flow is dammed up – pain results.
Simple as that (and of course adding on more magnesium oil can only help).

Cold of any form is banned. No one else will think to say this. (They maybe even tell you to add more in). That R.I.C.E. business – no evidence to prove common sense does not work better. . (All elder’s wisdoms would NOT have you cooling the body core temp).

Why are we still being told to ICE anything?
Stops the flow of blood. Blood is life.

You can make yourself so much more comfy – especially if gut and ‘hormonal’ issues abound.  .

Maybe – come in and get the physical bits and pieces – cup, moxa, oil and do it yourself.

For the next week – all instructions there FREE. Sign up . . .

Cold is NOT your friend – ever.

Cold invasion and stored in the body is THE major cause of woe – and is why the course and why I start there ..
Odd though it may be for some.  If you wish to have acupuncture  – there needs to be some Qi to move to get the changes started. .
Flows need to flow.  To the right is Niagara frozen over

You instantly feel different.
Elder’s medicine – anyone can.

Why needed?
Gets your Qi moving again
To be in pain, or somehow not in perfection – that is the trouble.

Either way of healing
For the next week – as we FINALLY have the online software running well – then is a paid up one again.

If you pop in I have the cup, moxa and massage cream to use.  .($55).


As part of the free course – you get the steaming eBook

Then there is the only perineal steaming room likely in Australia – why would you?
Find out here – a precis of  a steaming workshop I did a month ago.  Learn all about it.

FEEL the soothing nurturing and start this up as your own ‘love me’ habit.

2 – Experiential course This weekend

Exploring What Do I Do Now?  Think about long term – are you at a cross roads? Do you need to make peace with your life to date? Instead of managing pain and what that does to you – perhaps Let It Go?

When things get on top of us  instead of sitting in the body distress – we have choices – we could shift it on . .

There are some spots available if YOU want to undo what is the most likely cause of pain – emotional stagnation.

From here


to here




Shall we investigate where that free spirit got to???

We all need to pause in our lives .
What next for the following chapters?

Remind yourself of your own brilliance – what can we give back?

As part of the Arvigo work I immersed myself in 2014- 2018 I went through the Spiritual Healing components and as a multi modality healing assistant I have been working with what really matters- how you feel – all these past decades.

What to do next?
A question not asked – or answered well in this culture.

Whilst we all seem to ‘muddle through’ – perhaps you would wish to have a plan? Come in and experience deep nurturing as we uncover more self discovery to let ourselves free of The Story we carry – in our body (as it remembers everything) Till we let it go..

An online self help component is part of this – as well as a nurturing weekend of fun, laughter and tears and diving deep into self using many healing tools I have to play with – sacred women’s yarning circle work.

If you have been to one of the 9 Arvigo  Self Care courses I put on – this is similar yet very different.


8.30 for 9am start – till 5pm.

Both Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September.

Bring – yourself, a lunch plate to share, and courage as we look into the maternal line

Healing the Mother Within.
We all carry her – and all she carried back through time.

Intimate safe space – we all carry what is often now just too heavy . .
We share our ways of being and I share all that has allowed me to hold this space as I also weave my own life.



Finally . . .  maybe share this on?

Know anyone who wants an Easy Baby?


Set yourself/them up to win . 

Opening the baby gate – resources and pointing out the fact that dad on board and helping all through the pregnancy results in happier outcomes – for everyone!! Resources making any baby endeavour easier as they work towards the goal as a couple.

Opening the Baby Gate . . . . open pelvis to receive and to let go.


Blessings to all as we pop into the next part of life. .





Best wishes,