Online Consultations


I have been called thorough in my relentless pursuit of WHY?

Extensive investigations are conducted.

It may seem a trifle over the top – but when you sign up, I will send a form to be filled in.
Ideally you return electronically in some form  – we can go on without – but it is faster if I get a handle on what has made you you.

There are also a set of extras I have devised a health report card and another form – that marks out for me the way that you became you. This allows me (after these decades across many lineages and modalities – to instantly spot where we are likely need to start.

By getting this all done first – I can ensure we are using the time allocated wisely.
The consultation fee is not only the time spent talking with you – but also what I have done leading up to and after the session.
Online courses are also available.
See more here . ..

We will use Zoom – and I send you a copy of the conversation with the links mentioned popped onto the same page for ease of understanding – as we cover a great deal of ground..

Tongue diagnosis is important here, so the visuals are needed, and in real time.

You will be supported by my natural healing experience across many lineages in different modalities.
People are usually directed to me when they have been on the path of trying to work our why they are not healing – for often – a long time. When all else so far has failed. We do it differently. YOU are in charge and YOU are the one who gets the results. . by YOUR efforts.

Maybe also see what I have here – YOU are the one who needs commitment in all things in YOUR life.

You will learn:

  • How to manage your condition from a natural self healing approach
  • Specific dietary and lifestyle changes that will enhance your transition back towards health.
  • You will be supplied with some easy self-help measures to follow at home.

    What you do . .

    • Pay for consultation by credit card or direct bank transfer.
    • Do send me a copy of the receipt you get . .
    • I receive notification of your payment which includes your email address.
    • I will then contact you so we can start.
    • At the end of one hour I will ask if you want to continue.

    Gift Consultations

    Simply include the subject person’s email address when paying for the consultation or in a separate email to me

    Email Consultations

    Email consultations allow extra time to process information, and everything is written so it can be saved for future reference.

    How it works:

    • Email consultations are charged by the hour.
    • You send your information and questions
    • You can also send photos and short video clips.
    • You will usually get your replies within 48 hours.
    • I insert my responses into the text of the email you had sent me. This way you get back your original email but now have my responses inserted throughout to refer back to (for your own privacy, if you want me to delete what you’ve sent, I can do that and simply send my own replies).
    • If possible (I am now in the middle of the rural NZ greenery) I will reply within a day of my paid reply time and then insert a line explaining our paid time has run out at that point.
    • When you’ve used up the hour’s time you are free to book another hour if you wish. There is no obligation to do so.

    In your consultation email please explain:

    1. Your concerns and what you have done to date.
    2. The nature of the issues and what things you want help with
    3. Any relevant history to the issues you want help with
    4. What questions you have or what things you need instructions, feedback or opinion on.

    Zoom Consultations
    – I prefer Zoom as I can easily record it and send it on to you
    .. so you can watch again . .

    I do up a page for you to refer what we spoke of there.

    • Zoom using audio-video meetings or typed chat sessions.
    • Zoom enables direct visual interaction and I can visually demonstrate techniques to you.

    Or if it is easier (and usually) let us use the messenger app and chat . .

    Email me and we can set it up.

    Book here for an Online Consultation

    How it works:

    1. Payment for Zoom consultations is by credit card via the link below.
      We can also use bank transfer. Let me know and I will provide my bank details.
    2. Once this done please send me a receipt and your email address.
    3. We can then book a suitable time and date for our virtual meet up.

    How to book a session

    In just 5 simple steps:

    1. Select and pay for your your appointment below.
    2. Fill out the basic questions form that you will be emailed.
    3. I will assess your form and book an appointment time slot to have your Online face to face consultation.
    4. Maximise your time with me during your session, by taking notes and writing questions throughout the session.
    5. Implement the advice and recommendations given.

    How long does it take?

    As long as you need – typically at least an hour the first one.

    If the issue is fertility related, I must have both of you attend, as baby making is about the coupe not the ‘garden’ the seeds are planted within.

    On going consultations may be shorter.

    You will also be emailed personalised recommendations and advice.

    What about ongoing checkups and support?

    Easily done. I can take you through the many twists and turns on your healing journey.

    Actual touch therapy? Unless you are in NZ and can get to me in rural West Coat for intensives, there may be one of my graduates who I can direct you to – and we work in the handy component with what you can do yourself/ves with the herbal and lifestyle changes (and online courses) I can direct you to.

    Book here for an Online Consultation