October – back from Mercier training!



Hello everyone

Welcome me back Brisbane!!

I am back and as yet only just arrived – so this short note is to let you know I am here and will be working for the next few months.

After that I will shuffle my life about to take in my new status as the only Mercier/Maya trained person in this part of the world – and seeing how I can apply this to my already full bag of tricks.

What I have been doing:

There and back . .

Chicago area – Saint Charles – and Geneva that is all . .
Graduation picture of a great new friend Trish – a fellow Arvigo® practitioner(also midwife – adding to her her tool box) and Jennifer and myself.

Being a tourist

I ran into someone – literally – a new friend

So with all the bells and whistles and the excitement of going out with new people – and being totally jet lagged – I ran straight into the back of her car!!!

The cop was so nice it was silly!

We all went out to a beautiful Italian dinner and SHE PAID FOR THE MEAL!!
(I ran to her whilst she was massaging someone).


Aire (new dear friend – in the left of the picture on the bottom right) and I went to a Hindu mantir on the Saturday and had a very beautiful enriching experience.

Marble carving everywhere you look!baps-columns-inside

I am also going to quote what I found in a book I bought.

(In these times we do need a bit of soulful direction).

Clinic hours

I will attempt to only be working in clinic:

Tuesday, Thursday (and evenings) and Saturday – and other days by appointment only.

This will happen as people are arriving from interstate to have a concentrated set of sessions – which is the best way, now I will be incorporating the Mercier moves. I have yet to write up this work – on her own site she only speaks to the infertility journey women have.

Steps to healing

I can help you IF you have:

  • a wish to change and
  • a commitment to actually follow through.

What we will do:

1 – Get all the rubbish out, (here we have the water/salt/liquid activated zeolites /Glutathione mix) water_pouring_into_glass

2 – Life flows moving again (Mercier/Maya and my Moving Blockages work)

Watch . . . feel . . . be

3 – Your new (sense of) self emerging . .

Mercier work

Who is this for?
Everyone . . the missing link – visceral manipulation along with lymphatic drainage and the nutrients being made available to run a well body again.
Arvigo® – twisted pelvis/sacral breaks (the ones you don’t know you have)

All uro-genital and reproductive/male and female.

This will change everything.

Structure determines function.

Function then determines whether you are comfortable and actually making the ingredients from the nutrition you choose to eat – to work well within you.

By itself this is world shattering – if you know anyone who has been told that they have low egg reserve/low AMH or high FSH – they need to step up this way – and of course all uterine/pelvic and urinary troubles – men included as their ‘uterus’ is the prostate . .

 Gut disorders – especially GERD/IBS

(And here we go back to where is the salt and where is the magnesium beg able to be included in your cells – this is the case for signing up for those drops I have possibly mentioned to you several time – see what happened to me when I followed my own advice . .

Mercier/Maya combo

If you have had the Maya/Arvigo ® work done – please contact me as there is now more – and it is a course – 3 ties weekly would be optimal to get the best results – or daily. It will be incorporated into whatever else I am doing.

The fertility programme Dr Mercier runs is women only.

I am designing my own which will come out in probably a week – so stay tuned and pass this information on as I am the only one world wide with this breadth of multidisciplinary wisdom at my fingertips.

Urgency as I may soon may be only available in my NZ healing sanctuary.

I will be in the garden and making juices, salads and vey thankful that I have these options from now on . .

Food as fuel

In USA I was in a food desert and not in a ghetto – in very well heeled cities. Regardless of what you choose to pop in your mouth – you need a strong gut to break it down well – otherwise it was a total waste of time.


Needed for life.

To find out more of why you need Chloride (beyond making stomach acid so you have a pH of 1 or 2 to digest protein (needed for rebuilding all tissue and also to make the thyroid hormone so you can actually digest food and move fluids about and live – a circle of life.

Here we go back to the fluoride that does not help your teeth (magnesium does) and why we are all not questioning – as it is dumbing us all down to be so accepting . .

We need the right quality and amount of nutrients – otherwise our bodies just do not work well.

To get a potted very useful quick ready reckoner on this – get my natural health solutions problems solving apps – even if you are male – it is NOT a tracking calendar but entry into my thinking process when anyone comes in and needs help.

Period App – as it has ‘raw ingredients; section – unless you know someone who wants to make a baby – then get the Fertility app or is pregnant/ has a new baby – Pregnancy app.

All there is to know – the process I go through when someone comes in and says that they have a problem – is in it
This is not a tracking device, but a natural health care solution navigation aid through all my sites (extensive research as that is all I do when not in clinic or in NZ with my garden) as it is a ‘What is it?’/‘Why it is’ and ‘What to do about it’ (solutions) tool.


Iodine for fluid metabolism and as an anti cancer agent.
Those of you who are following the painting on of iodine on their skin will have noticed (some are immensely impressed with cyclic weight fluctuations ceasing) that using nutrients – much as a farmer would – or me as a gardener does – we can radically change what is otherwise mysterious. What wrecks this?
Start with fluoride in water – dumbing everyone down, assuring the low thyroid/ low energy/adrenal fatigue/exhaustion/ can’t think/depressed and bad gut /excessive weight leading to cancers and children with ‘learning difficulties’ – I often wonder who cares . .besides me, Kathryn’s mother.

My historical perspective

In the 1970’s when I started working as an acupuncturist, people were thinking for themselves. They also had less distractions on their time.. They took stock of what they were told – and often as not decided to look after themselves not follow ‘wait and see’/’get all affairs in order’ (code for your number is up – wait for death) and they found me – these days everyone is told to medicate – as the young guy below.

A typical ‘patient’ these days

(Doing ‘everything right’ – but what about the fuel?
Imagine putting half strength petrol in your car – or diesel when it needs petrol).

Ryan – a young guy I met at the Chicago airport whilst held up in alighting a plane back home two days ago. 26, and being medically discharged.
What for? Pain in neck, shin splints . . .
(I didn’t get the whole list – I stopped him there).
He looked a bit flabby – reckons he keeps himself ‘within limits’.


I used some topical magnesium on him (no needles being carried otherwise I would have sorted out his neck for him – but I did have my trusty roll on magnesium gel). – and much instant relief.

What is the military to do with him?
The army medics have tried PT and chiro, next shock therapy into the muscle and ‘acupuncture’ – by whom? What he needs is Gua Sha and back cupping and no doubt initially at least taking out the cold to pull out all the iced water (imagine baking with the oven door open.)

I suggested that all the adjuvants – especially the neurologically toxic aluminium and mercury – regardless of how little there is – blocks the magnesium absorbed into a body.

Why is an adjuvant needed, you may ask?

They are needed to actually have the body react (auto immunity cause right there) – that it has noticed the vaccines and so on.

All that he has been exposed to will have blinded his body to nutrients with the adjuvants in board, making what little magnesium in is there ineffective.

Few seem to pursue the basic chemistry that most of us were made to take at school.

Hallides – they are all above Iodine on the periodic table – meaning all of them are easier to absorb than the life-giving iodine.

Do not reach for the ‘iodised’ salt – it is not enough and needs all the other trace minerals that the pink (Himalayan) or grey (celtic) has in it.
Use these all the time – double the amount of salt you normally have.
Your gut will work better – as will all of you.

BUT listening to the ‘experts’ who have gotten all into this unhealthy mess:

Scared of high blood pressure?

(Look to inner wind)
Water and salt are crucial for life.
No sugar or carbs (convert to sugar within) ‘but what would I eat instead?’

Cycle back to the USA diet above.

Healing Kits

Please watch what is in these kits: (Welcome Baby) and (Women’s Healing).

kits2Committment to healing comes not from simply showing up – but doing the work yourself.

Hence I have designed the healing kits (great gift ideas) – for baby showers and also for any woman who is having a time of making peace with her body and /or her life.


Men may find this is the missing link in their own back/belly/prostate issues – and of course the fertility problem being firmly in their camp – I will be designing a way through to making naturally better babies for all.

As mentioned in my last newsletter – I am attempting to get people self motivated as they would have had to have been in times past – no running off to a doctor to have more chemicals added in back in those days when all were well – or dead!


I have a combination of all that I do that is safe and effective here – please sign up and start your own home help – you can get a cup and the moxa from me at the next session we have together.

The massage components alone will stagger you – how simple – ad how you no longer need to see yourself as being high maintenance – as you have the tools yourself.

A taster is here.

Do come in and see what else I can now do . .
Till then – enjoy the seasonal shifts . .
Book a tune-up with me to be a well person?
And do watch what you pop in your mouth – vigilance pays off.

See you soon