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In this issue:
• Sacred Union Seminar – this weekend in Byron.
• Practitioners at the Life Alignment Centre in Coorparoo.
• Heather’s availability this month.
• Join Heather’s 6-visit wellness programme.
• Self Care.
• Scared of the flu? Had the flu? How to help yourself back to health.
• Heather’s free Pregnancy Report.


Sacred Union Seminar – this weekend in Byron

Highly recommended – these wonderful people will transform your life. From the woman who has brought through the vibrational bottles of Light I often send you home with, a workshop to facilitate you creating your future. Come home to yourself with your partner this weekend.

BYRON BAY – SATURDAY 7TH OCTOBER – 9.30am – 6pmKaliana and Rama


We invite you to share with us the energy of this deep and enriching journey that supports and celebrates sacred union. Experience our unique approach to Sacred Union . . . a combination of guided meditations, transmissions from the Family of Light AND dynamic processes involving movement and sound to liberate the emotions, body, soul and spirit. These processes pave the way for deep, intimate and loving relationships with yourself and others, activating you to manifest and create loving, life affirming energy in your relationships.

Practitioners at the Life Alignment Centre.

The gorgeous Life Alignment Centre is now open at 10 Kitchener Street, Coorparoo. The serenity of my new space increases daily as the garden flourishes, and the treatment rooms, perineal steaming room and dedicated moxa shed are all ready for you.

The Life Alignment Centre has currently two practitioners available to you. Me, of course, providing personalised treatments that get to the core of your issues on many levels, and Ivana, realigning you with Ka Huna massage.

Ka Huna Massage

Ivana’s Ka Huna bodywork is gentle and powerful. She first experienced Ka Huna while recovering from depression and adrenal fatigue, while mothering four children, the youngest only 2. The massage was an incredible session of emotional release, generating a feeling of relaxation like never before.

She chose to become a Ka Huna practitioner to help others reconnect to their bodies, and to find authenticity and more love in their lives by revitalising body and spirit. Over the two years of undergoing training, she gained more and more awareness of the connections between mental, emotional and physical well being.

“What I love about Ka Huna is that while it helps release muscular tension, it also takes the receiver on a journey of energetic realignment. Each session is held in the spirit of unconditional love, creating space for introspection, relaxation, but also for release of tears, or anger or anything else moving through at the time.”

Ka Huna helps you honour your commitment to your own growth, healing and “wholing”
“Far more than just a massage” So nurturing – Heather. 

Please make time to see Ivana today.
Ring her directly on 0401 619 088 – she is at the Life Alignment Centre on Fridays.

Multi Disciplinary Health Consultant

Heather Bruce will listen to you.I have been an acupuncture consultant, naturopath, herbalist and lifestyle counsellor since 1979, when I opened my first practice in Brisbane city.  Having pushed all boundaries in my quest for excellence in practice, I can usually find something too apparently simple as your natural solution.

Start by not causing more of a problem. Live well and within your body’s means.

I remind you of the production I put up years ago – tthis site is an amazing resource!! 

The vaccination wars started in their current format up nearly 3 years ago. Understanding the causes of disease – not being well and happy – emotional and climatic being the most important – hence you see me seemingly forever taking the cold out of you and adding in more Yang ..

The combination of my 40 years’ research, developing different ways of doing everything, amalgamating the Maya/Arvigo and the Mercier belly and back care has meant that even more often, most apparently hopeless cases are now so simple. Come in and see how!

I am moving away from your coming in when you feel like it

That is like your illness/inner saboteur is in charge. Similarly when people want to know (reasonably) how much a session costs – and hwy so much – because you are buying an experience in change – and permanent if you let it – not just me making you ‘feel’ better temporarily – that used to work in the ’70’s and 80’s – not now I find. As one of the few who are still working from then – I have a historically important message – what we are doing is NOT working – and from there I also have been working in why and how to change this.


You feel mine. To excellence. When you feel to come in and do a bit here and there  – is a slow and often not sustaining change practice. When seeing IVF as an example – or undergoing chemo – you do not choose how often, when and what you do. Similarly I have started to give a deluxe service – and there is no one else who can do what I am offering – a multi modality/multi dimensional transformative look at everything that is going on for you. This is ahead of my probably disengaging from being under health care funds, and being called an ‘acupuncturist’ – if you have been following events – I started changing what I called myself to an transformative energy/body worker a few years ago – and the additional trainings to others I have been offering have meant that I am also transforming myself.

After 40 years and from having designed and written acupuncture course sand now teaching internationally advanced acupuncture work:

I am now an acupuncture consultant as well as a transformative energy/body worker

Take yourself on an adventure – into yourself . ..
These courses contain part of what you can do for you


Apparently work to protect the public’. (That is you). As an APHRA registered professional I am not allowed to say what I do even that it is safe and effective – and that is odd – as also not ‘allowed’ to say ‘time honoured’ or even that I treat anything – unless there is the type of research into using a few points as though they were drugs – as in NOT treat you as an individual – and then only if ‘high quality’ research done within the past 5 years.

So we look at what is working over and over – who funds that – and at the ridiculous way they do it?
Exactly – a great way to disengage I feel – and will be.
We are all so very different and there really is no such thing as a ‘disease’ – just your body not happy – and it is all changeable – when you alter what you are doing.
Hence the programmes and all the courses and assistance I provide off-site.


I get to do this from home and see people here one week of four. .
A programme of intentional hands-on change – and people are coming from all over the country – both of them – to see me .
Short and intensive and life changing.

Over summer I will also have the offer open to those who wish to stay with me in the hidden area I have a healing sanctuary – a week of staying at my rose garden and being treated x2 daily whilst you recover your good self.
Never mind that what I offer is what works and has done for ages. .and more so now I have opened up what I can bring through.
Obviously any master would be having conniptions.
I am no different.

Hence the centre information says little about what an be ‘fixed’ – as YOU are in charge and it is your journey to Your True Purpose.
To do this – clarity needed.
Here is the brochure that I designed when I first settled here.

Life Alignment Brochure


There will be more.
Especially about the scars and adhesions and that have formed on all levels of your being – and which are holding your structure awry.
Seeing all those body workers and weekly/monthly is not the same as being free.

That is what I can now offer – pelvic healing – that twisted pelvis is due to the malpositioing of your uterus – whether she is still there or now  and anyone having experienced a whiplash rotated through the hips, and that torsion injury will continue til someone undoes the ligaments – prostate upsets also . .is all s simple when the grids that operate te body are returned to their blueprint!

Seeing a local needler or someone NOT trained in acupuncture but using needles calling themselves a dry needler  does not have anything to do with WHY you are still looking for assistance – and these changes I call ‘upstream’ are needed for you to actually shift why you are still stuck – and usually gaining conditions  all the while not being happy and feeling STUCK. As an example – what happened after .  ..?

If you have a health or life problem that seems insurmountable, it is likely going back to nature will help. Your body has a blueprint that may have been mislaid. That Is why my new healing centre is called Life Alignment.

Backs/bellies . . .
I now do it all from  . . .
Pelvic healing . .

Online courses and kits to assist in your return to perfection are also available, allowing you take charge yourself.

Those who have are transformed and now in charge of what and how they live


Heather’s availability this month.

I am wintering over’ in Australia – and as the weather here gets more ridiculous (my NZ rose garden calls me from afar – spring there soon) to I will be back in NZ next month. In the meantime, I am at the Life Alignment Centre during the usual hours below, except for Thursday 5 Oct – Tuesday 10 Oct, when I’m teaching a course in New Zealand (Holistic Healing after C Section/ Hysterectomy). 

Usually in the centre . .. :

  • occasional evenings as needed and
  • every Saturday plus
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • and other times by special appointment. 
  • away 5 – 9 October.

Call for an appointment  (07) 3899 2274.

Leave a message – it will go straight to me wherever I am and I can usually answer almost immediately.

Heather’s Wellness Programmes

    This is your real Health insurance

    Health /body/life alignment coaching at its best.

    Book in for a block of 6 intensive 3 hours sessions visits with me.

    Make a commitment to nurturing your health and learning self-care techniques.

    Your body tells you what it needs, learn to listen to it with regular self care – and give it the right ingredients to work properly. 


    Caring for Yourself

    care for yourselfPerhaps gift yourself a weekend of deep and sacred space on the clinic – two helpers and myself – as we take you to yourself and back .

    An investment in gentling yourself – with an intimate group of new friends.

    There is only space for 6 more ..

    All about YOU

    Back also?? Even (especially) children?

    Self Care – a weekend to yourself – undoing all you have been

    Had the flu? How to help yourself back to health.

    When your immune system breaks down enough to let the flu in, you know you’ve run off course, so let’s do the things that bring us back to balance. Not always a good idea to try to improve on nature.

    Start at 6.50 minutes if you want a scientific start to this discussion – and make your own mind up – as vaccination is a theory
    (I am the mother of a massively brain injured adult daughter – hence I do have ‘an opinion’ – no one told me that vaccination was anything other than totally safe. I suggest that you realise that once vaccinated you can’t take it out – and hence I stand out to give you what is not readily available-  information – make your own mind up please.

    Vit D3 . .all the research says – go there  and why is it NOT available to us in past 1,000iu?
    Good question . .
    In the sun please.
    And of course access a lot more than what is seen to be ‘average’ amounts as as you know – when you see me I get you ‘kick started’ with this vital ingredient.

    AV/AT – where was it??? Come get it now – A dose is 3 hourly.

    Sleep is the great healer.Sleep. It’s the big one, the healer, and probably the thing you are compromising the most! Snuggle up without a draft, especially in this changeable spring weather, and get a bit more sleep than you thought you needed.

    Starting by 9pm at the latest .  yes I do mean this – as the time before midnight is the most important for your Yang Qi – i.e. your metabolism – that would be your thyroid.


    Heather Bruce encourages you to drink lots of pure waterHydration. Your body is an amazing healer but it can’t do a thing without water. Get some good quality, pure water, and drink plenty of it all day. Drink water that is free of fluoride, chlorine and other additives. These articles published in Nexus will give you plenty of information about your hydration, have a read:

    Dehydration Part 1.

    Dehydration Part 2.


    The Life Alignment Centre suggests you get some sun.Sun. Not the great danger we’ve been led to believe. You need some sun. Get it on your big muscle groups, and let it make Vitamin D.

    The happiness ‘vitamin’

    It is a blessing.

    And warming to your tired, tense muscles after illness, too.


    Salt and Soup. Put some good quality coloured salt (Himalayan pink, Celtic) into a batch of organic chicken soup and nourish yourself with good vitamins and minerals. Chicken stock. Make extra and freeze some so it’s always on hand. So delicious, and a great, energy-filled breakfast too. Add in more salt.

    Supplements. Take plenty of Vitamin D. Here’s where you get it and how much to take. Take Vitamin C to bowel tolerance and have several doses throughout the day – perhaps sip it in your water. If you haven’t been sick but you feel on edge, come and get some AV/AT from me, and take 3 every hour til better. It really works. 

    Fat. You need good quality dietary fat to process vitamins and make hormones, and a little bit of delicious butter, or duck fat, or coconut oil, will help your health while making your meals scrumptious.

    Great food for great health.Food. Eat the best quality veggies and protein you can,.

    Go very lightly on carbs.

    It will make you well and strong much faster.

    Snack on nuts, avocados and cheese, not bread!

    Give your immune system a hand with probiotics, fermented sauerkraut, plain yoghurt and lots of fibre.

    Free gift – Heather’s Pregnancy Report.

    If you are, or you know anyone who is embarking on the baby making adventure, see more here

    and here

    The key point is missed – it takes two …

    So very often in my clinic I find that SHE has been hassled on all levels unmercifully – by the media beat-up – and all the while, HE is not fertile. . Sperm health matters!

    (Not really, just what the test says is passable.

    4% looking normal (seriously) is not a pass mark of a real health baby growing easily into a well person – surely??


    Start at the beginning . .
    Healthy equals fertile

    All who are making babies (or not though trying) at present will benefit from reading this report.
    It includes practical information and videos of the 7 free therapies which will improve anyone’s health – thus their fertility.

    Sign up to get my Pregnancy Report now for FREE

    Top of the range site cheapest options do to – and it is done – correct why the blood flows are not perfect in your body.
    Relieve your gut – undo what damage your life is doing to you – and learn how to look after yourselves totally – and vastly improving your sex life – at home – through the coaching session and courses as part of this deal.
    Reawaken vital love and Light in your lives – ahead of the babies. .

    Well before you try IUI and IVF – or any specialist natural intervention – perhaps get all your life and your bits back in alignment?
    Look out for why the dreaded poor sperm issues (now in epidemic proportions) are happening.

    Everyone only sees her and the excuses his poor sperm create.

    1. Her being ‘too old’,
    2. Having low AMH.
    3. Having too high FSH,
    4. Endometriosis – all would be irrelevant were he ACTUALLY fertile.

    Investigate how the short intensive interlude into my specialty may completely shift the direction of your life.

    At what investment?

    Sort out all the issues at once – in this intensive process with the longest-working-in-the-area-of-fertility natural therapist Australia has.

    I have traveled about the world in recent years and now have the Maya /Arvigo traditions and the Mercier work to draw from.

    Not only do those improve the flow to the nether regions, these techniques have added to what I have been teaching students for years – and are now transforming others.

    See more here:

    Please send the link to someone you know who needs this.


    Please remember that health insurance is about your taking charge.

    Best wishes,

    Heather Bruce

    Transformative Energy Body Worker
    Founder of Heather’s Gentling Way

    Accredited Mercier therapist
    ® /Maya Self Care teacher,
    Certificated and Pregnancy Arvigo
    ® worker

    10 Kitchener St, Coorparoo, 4151, (Brisbane) AU