Kerosene as a remedy

Turpentine and petroleum distillates similar to kerosene have been used medicinally since ancient times and are still in use as folk remedies. They have been used to treat stomach problems, inflammations and ulcers. Read more about kerosene as a remedy

Researching the Gerson Therapy

”Garrett is a 15-year old boy living in the Alaskan wilderness with a menagerie of orphaned animals. Growing up close with nature has given him a deep understanding of nutritional needs required by diet sensitive animals on the reserve. Unfortunately, the untimely and tragic death of his mother propelled him into a downward spiral and he risked flunking out of school. …

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Sustainable medicine?

We seem to be branching out and saving the world well here. Thanks for pointing me to Having worked on the idea of sustainable medicine for a few days now, I found that Dr Robert Verkerk’s article at says the same things; but with figures.  To find that western medicine is the third leading cause of …

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What ‘works’ against cancer – itself a reaction to a toxic life?

It is all about change – and maybe not necessarily paying someone to do something or administer something. In relation to the health funds in Australia; for most of the past 35 years I have worked there as an acupuncturist. Initially no ‘health’ funds gave refunds and CAM workers were quite happy doing what we did, and …

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Is oncology as we know it sustainable?

In the first part of my assignment, looking at oncology as a patient, I discovered a very inconvenient truth: the  increased survival rate after 5 years from the very expensive and toxic to life conventional cancer therapies is only 2.3%. In this series of posts I last looked from a frustrated oncologists’ viewpoint.