New Year New Directions!!!

What is happening at The Life Alignment Centre?

(Set up to be a self-empowerment hub).

My Australian base is established.

Other workers will also use the space to bring forth more Light to all. (I have had an apprenticeship programme of me mentoring/training others intensively all last year).

This is not a clinic place to wander in and out of, for me to patch you up, more a place to come to learn how to look after yourself.
Align with your true purpose.

There will soon be many opportunities for you to come in and learn more about how you can help yourself.

The garden is blooming

Nicole, P.A. extraordinaire is assisting in the creation of the online projects.

A new staff member (upstairs is a working environment) is starting to assist with all admin and publishing details.

Heather’s Healing Academy

This is my legacy. A life of researching and life questing to now pour out of me.
This about to be launched.
Duncan is heading out to USA for further automation training in early February, by the time I am in Europe in Late April teaching all will be ready.

Those of you who have been waiting for the online membership programmes – it is taking so much longer than anticipated. We are almost there.
To this end I am also attending an internet training programme in Melbourne in early March.

When I am in clinic below . . (My own version of FIFO)

January 16th – February 10th(3 weeks)

(NZ – available at Healing Sanctuary in West Coast, S.I.)

February 24th – 28th

I will have completed my Reiki Mastership training then and will offer classes.

March 4th – 24th (3 weeks)

(NZ – available at Healing Sanctuary in West Coast, S.I.)

April – 10th – 30th (3 weeks)

Teaching in Europe (France, Germany, Finland etc) through May

Mid June onwards is yet to be decided.

Take a week out of your life and land in my space in NZ?

The last one of these courses this year

(unless you take a quick trip to my NZ healing sanctuary).
What do you get?
A rest.
Time to chill and to learn how to be all of who you can be . .


Magic Wise Women’s Ways

 Take yourself to where you feel at home – within yourself . .

Journey over the Alps.  . .

It is an experiential retreat from life as you immerse yourself – all expenses included get yourself to Chch airport by Thursday 15th Feb – 3pm(ish) – or make your own way over our gorgeous Wild West. Join your new tribe . . .

Discover all of who you can/are to be. .

If you are in the healing profession – or even if not and this resonates

Jump in as there are only ever 6 (4 left) in the class and you will have such a deep opening to the you are ..

There are still a few spots left in the only Arvigo® Self Care Level 1 training this weekend.


There is also a day (Friday 26th Jan – that public holiday) that anyone can attend.
If you feel drawn to go deeply into ‘Healing the Inner Mother’

(We were all birthed and all have our stories that have grown since we were mothered). It could be that the birth of your children needs reframing – your own birth early life – your apparent inability to carry children, your relationship now as an adult with an aged – or even no longer here mum – whatever – let’s get to where the story is a life enhancer not a drain on your life flows . .

Now is a time to undo and remodel the inner self-talk programmes that may be holding you back. Maybe see here . .

If you look to what I have shared before – Causes of Disease :

I filmed this in 2015 in response to the vaccination wars that have emerged.
We can see that a basic understanding of what happens to upset the body is missing with in the paradigm that all are running presently that the world is a bug full place and we need to defend ourselves by poisoning the air/water/food and of course our blood.

We get left with residue that then messes with nutrient pathways. We do not find what we are not looking for . .
Perhaps think about it – however did people get to here without the chemicals that modern medicine throws at us?

I mention how to undo what is blocking your energy . . Glutathione accelerator – start there.

 At $US 200 every three months (autoship as it will change your life).

Those diagnosed with fibromyalgiaplease take note.

Taking 6 in the morning – why would you not?
Glutathione accelerator is NOT the actual product offered anywhere else by various health shops and naturopaths – you have to get this version – and it works to the extent that you probably would notice as I did – that within an hour of taking it – and when allergic and bitten by a NZ sand fly – it stops the systemic allergic reaction instantly – it works . .and when we have less than optimal – we age faster. .(
There is a thought . .)

Take out what is not supposed to be there:
(Not just in your head – beliefs . ..

also the minute contaminants that have shut off actually being able to function and going back and forth to any health care professional who does not get his is a waste of your resources – whilst you let them fritter your life away with tests and worries . .

Survival of the fittest – meant taking charge and being responsible.
No need for bariatric surgeries and all those pills and operations – people tended themselves as they did their stock and gardens that fed them – or they died badly. We live badly . . .WAKE UP!! They work . . Liquid Activated Zeolites . ..

We have moved so far away from what works

(Says she the gardener and past Siamese cat breeder, mother of 4 and a long term natural health proponent).

Time has come – to take a stand. Fix yourself yourself.

Here it is: Presently a set of free courses.

Love Your Body Better

Self Massage

Heather’s Belly Moves

And remember those Causes of Disease?
(Body unable to adapt to change . .. )


What Lies Beneath (Acup 101)

I am completing my teaching manuals and textbooks for my invited guest 2 day clinical practical engagement at Rothenburg 8-12 May  ahead my spots in southern France and Sweden.

Later in the year I will be returning to allow further trainings in my Gentling Ways work, to allow more acupuncturists to start my Heartful Hands discoveries.

When can you see me?
When can you prioritise yourself?

Due to my creating manuals/courses and then teaching engagements elsewhere,

I will be in Brisbane sometimes seeing patients:

Reminder of when . .

 January 16th – February 10th

February 24th – 28th

March 4th – 24th

April – 10th – 30th

You think – Oh dear – what to do??

I am when not here still online a lot and can help . . .

Maybe you have questions and need a second opinion – based on life affirming principles – allowing your body to heal itself?


Online consultations:

Online Consultations

If you have seen me before and need to ask questions, followed by advice on what to do next – there is this opportunity:  If you have friends/relations who need to have a second opinion and wish to see me but I am not available when they are or who wish to have an initial experience – the option is also there.

I have set this facility up as many only see me this way and are coached through what do next as a healthful option that is multi modality and based on decades of my working through life crises with others

Online courses for all

This work has been designed in response to the continuing barrage of anti nature/anti life medical sentiments and seemingly inadequate interventions through general displacing of the body’s innate healing and repair abilities.

The first question all seem to ask me these days is

‘What do I eat?’

(A good start)


When I was researching another project years ago I put up this site and it is a great resource –you could well use it as a TV station – as the medical seminars – train the interested folk in medicine into how the non patentable ingredients of life – otherwise known as why we eat is to be found there – not dated that much but a wealth of where to start on your own journey.

Look here and learn especially all that Dr Daphne Miller has . .

Your basic question is to be answered differently –
what can your body DO with what you eat?

Before that even – what happens when you eat?

As the wellness model of life lived before men and modern medicine is the work of those who whisper – all old fashioned was dangerous – all that the early precursors to modern medicine we and are still) not life affirming.

It took centuries for the English orientated to learn what the other cultures (who knew that in Indian continent had found out about surgery and sepsis and anesthetics millennia ago? There is such a chasm in thinking that is culturally based.
The hand washing only came in a few short generations ago. The push to vaccinate is a retail opportunity driven by fear.

Even the Chinese when confronted with SARS and Bird Flu did not seek to hide behind the theory of vaccinate – they put together what I have in the clinic – and suggest all have in the cupboard – AV/AT – by then teenage son had a severe bout of glandular fever – back to perfect health in 3 ½ days – by taking nearly two bottles of this – 3 every hour he was awake.

And water and sleep and one acupuncture sessions and some Vit C and Zinc and mostly 3 AV/AT and rest . . .

No reoccurrence. Yes he had a good dose of glandular fever. . .
The titre in his blood 4 days later was extraordinarily high.
Who wanted to take the solution and run with it?
Not the medical centre where we got the blood tests.

Who is looking after your health? (In his case – it was his mum knew ‘knew stuff’.

How many people do you know whose lives essentially have been wrecked through the ongoing complication of glandular fever – and then chronic fatigue?
All easily fixed – by resting – allowing his body to turn off. I had to tell him about two people I had seen over the decades who had gone form this in teenage years to not getting out of bed and being wrecked – for decades later.

In retrospect of course (hindsight I just got a glimpse of right now – that son was never ill – and said through child care and all school –no days off- as he was not vaccinated – but were grown well according to natures principles – plenty of water, live, sleep, boundaries, wholesome food –ever sugar – no Easter – or ‘soft’ drink or what others did and ate . . and they thrived.

 Here is the issue – those who do not have their immune system corrupted do better than those who are messed with – hence this fear base now – the unvaccinated apparently will give disease to those (who are now expected to be chronically ill) who have been .. where did logic go??

Ryan was vaccinated first time (tetanus and diphtheria) never whopping cough –none of my children were – the vaccine gave the disease to me when 3 months old and was the cause of so much neurological damage in its earlier version I figured that as a natural health care provider I would work it out – none of them ever got it and were this much more well a result – immune systems did not turn into auto immune problems and they got briefly ill and recovered instantly . .

Unlike the children of today . . .

He was jabbed once when 12 ½ and 13 ½ years old – I doubt glandular fever would have happened had these two injections not that changed the course of his entire life.  We may all have to have a conversation with ourselves about what we think health is. The ones who do not know who a well body works seem so scared of what all mums did – and knew a few generations ago. No one went to doctors.

All used common sense – and home remedies and ‘old wives tales’.

Not medical myths. If you want to know more – especially if ‘women’s troubles’ are your trouble – invest in yourself this weekend – I had one woman come in yesterday who had crippling period pain for her first bleed at 13 years old- and could not imagine that life would be easy- she had a few Maya sessions with a visiting woman who doe s the Maya work – and she steams and does the self care work – that I teach in the coming weekend workshop.

If you or someone you know is in a mess as the medical teams are not helping – this is the digestive and reproductive answer – a weekend health spa – gently undo what life has done to you .

The elders tended their loved ones with home remedies – AHA!!

“Old fashioned” – who says?
People now are totally disempowered – not knowing what to do and when.

You must have noticed that children were not so unwell a few decades ago as they are now. Not sleeping and needing special education services – 1 in 6 apparently. Horrendous teeth destruction – and there is all that fluoride

(is actually leaching out the minerals for the bones. Body and causing low thyroid function and low intelligence and a lack of (past natural) resilience as being a highly poisonous wastes of industrial processes – it should never EVER have been added to the drinking water – and no evidence to say it even works – look at what we are doing. Making ourselves sicker by degree.

Like the Roman empire – crumbled – lead in the water pipes.. .
We have aluminum and mercury added in directly into our blood stream . .
(And all the while we are told/expected to believe (some of us swallowed the red pill ) – blue pill – told there is no correlation . . stay in Wonderland . .).

 What IS happening?
Anyone else wonder why – we have a new version (in the history of the world) reactive medicine not working? Look about at your own family.
My own grandson is in a state none of his uncles or father or aunt were – I grew them up according to common sense. His father is not listening to what worked for him and his siblings, but to his peers and the Google version of life. Which medical specialists is also a life specialist?

That was the role of the wise elders . .

It is an alarming change. We cannot argue genetics.

Where was there tongue and lip ties in our family?
Zero. . .
All that is now befalling his son?
Not so.

But then – my kids were breastfed and looked after according to what their bodies needed – with an at-home mum who was a natural health care provider and who was well aware that the first few years were the foundation for the rest of their lives.

What to do?

Remember the wisdoms of the elders.


No doctors (the RACQ equivalent) can provide basic life skills to a body – that is the mammalian mum’s job.

Providing what it needed and rest .

I am constantly amazed at how people go off to who I call the ‘don’t know brigade’ – the medical profession – and more money is spent , more worry happen and no one seems to ask – what are you doing to break yourself?

This is the question that needs answering.

Here is so many of the answers . .
What causes health?
A body that works automatically as designed to.

No need to be micromanaged.

Simple – Natural – Solutions

Look through that site and learn.

Answered here:

Almost every one of us is now heavily contaminated and seemingly unaware.
The medical profession seems to not be asking question – and my colleagues, having been trained to think within the reactive medical paradigm are also seeing what they want to see, ignoring all obvious trends towards unhealth in all.

Nowhere more than the epidemic of opioid addiction

Dr Gabor Mate is an extraordinary help in this.

If you are not yourself addicted – you will know others who are.
The sweet and the inflammation/auto immune diseases/body responses to the loss of life affirming habits, foods (nutrients missing and no longer able to be processes- the gut bacteria is depleted and removed due to the use of anti life pesticides and farming processes) /ending in cancer is sweeping the nation.
Pain? Inflammation?


1 – Drink (only) what your body needs to undo what is happening and to allow the chemical processes of life to assert themselves: more pure, non chilled water.

2 – Remove all foods/fluids/any vestige of sweet from your diet/life – sugar in every form is not only addictive but also inflammatory. 

3 – Add in what allows the brain/nervous system to regenerate and the minerals needed for life (and to allow the body to heal thus no pain – a warning that there are problems, not something to be shut down) and the essential nutrients/ crucial to life (hence they are called VIT amines) vitamins are given a ’bad name’ by those who exist to sell-on artificial not nutritive chemicals that are not life affirming or even needed to run a body well. They actually instead require more of what you do not have – nutrients to process the away. Those very nutrients that are being ignored as being ‘alternative’ – they are – to what is on retail offer – but which are needed to run your body.

Imagine trying to keep a car going without petrol?
We have a mismatch in what was and now what is making the wheels of industry tick over (“people will lose jobs” if all got well and did not ‘need’ to be scanned ad worried about how badly their body was handling no sensible living.

Perhaps take a step back – as most of what is upsetting every person who walks in for a healing session with me – is reducible to a few very simple problems.

  1. Dehydration
  2. Malnutrition
  3. Inadequate breathing, sleep and
  4. A lack of connection – to self, and to special others, a place in the world, and a reason to even be here.

This is partially answered by looking back to the lives I saw people living in when I started work in the late 70’s in Brisbane city (being the only woman in acupuncture practice then). Compared with the mid 1990s’ – looking the the rise of ’fertility issues as a thought. Now we are awash with ADD/autism and ill children – plus all that obesity/diabetes/cancer . . .”what happened?” is not being asked.

Thought – whatever causes this is also causing bodies to fall down – and here is the answer

  1. Drink more water
  2. Abandon all that tastes even vaguely sweet (you can do it is an addiction)
  4. Eat so much more FAT (is what you make hormones with)
  5. Get out in the sun – it will not kill you – but heal you
  6. Eat so much more salt
  7. Avoid all that feels cool/cold


You have of course been told to hide away for what heals.

(Look to the free course here).



Eat so much more coloured salt – you want your gut to work. .


Add in so much fat – animal – not oils.

NOT just for breastfeeding – but for all of us ..
(Milk is blood and we need better quality Blood energy – all of us – need the ingredients – nutrients to make our hormones also.

It was simple – give out what was missing nutrients and herbs in addition to making inner adjustments to the instructions (energy corrections as an acupuncturists) and the body did the repair.

Not likely now.
In my international teaching I have had to hone/pare down what I have developed in my practical clinical researching, so I can teach my Heather’s Signature System to others. Simple. Natural. Easy. Effective. Anyone can . .

In the next email I will have the men’s (including Male Fertility Enhancement) and women’s self help courses ready – plus Reset Your Metabolism – so you can do what I do at home – not the needles and other specialized work – but the gems I have discovered that really work – and make the lymph flow so life can!!!

If you wish to know more, perhaps be alerted that within a month I will have the entry level into Heather’s Healthy Life Hints to start your own empowered journey back to what the elders all knew – How to Live Well.

Too many who have apparent authority in health matters have forgetting that the habits that get all to here were sustainable. What is retail opportunities for all now is not life affirming and all need to be robust, vital and happy.

Find out more when next I send out a missive . .
Or come in and see me whilst I am here to see what we can achieve as an intensive programme to get you back on your feet and living/loving life!

Reminder – this weekend’s Self Care weekend

This may be the simple route out – as has been for so many others the way out of your own morass.

 This includes a general idea (now mandated and belligerently adhered regardless of the lack of actual evidence and obvious trial of harm) that injecting poisons, carcinogens and heavy metals that blind inner cellular nutrient pathways is the way to health.

Are you suddenlty free this weekend and want to change?
Want to feel connected? Have fun?
Invest in yourself.


Or an duck over the ‘ditch’ as I do and come join us in my Healing Sanctuary in the wild West Coast, NZ?


More on removing heavy metals and why it is the FIRST STEP – here




Enjoy that body you live in!