New clinic!
Heather is staying!

Good morning,

In this newsletter:

New Clinic!!!!

Heather’s first since 2004 – brand new professional office opens on Kitchener St Coorparoo beginning of June!

The oscillation is over!
I am back to set a new standard of care for all who seek functionality in their bodies.

After years of wondering what to do as the difficulty factor increases in helping anyone – as the word becomes ever more toxic – I have made the decision – teach what I have brought through!!

I was writing and teaching acupuncture innovatively in 1981.
Now I teach how to holistically help all levels concurrently in a body
– as so many are SO BROKEN – you may know what I mean.

After several years of hiding in the suburbs as I totally redesign what I do and each, I will let loose my apprentices to the world – after their final residential training in Maleny – and I go teaching internationally what no one else does . .

Broadly – the Too Hard Basket:

– those whose women’s healing has been left to chance, including:

  • maternal rescue
  • all body realignment from trauma of all kinds

Ahead of this – there may be a time when I am less easy to catch – take the chance now.

Come in and see me Soon!

The weather is a little damp at the moment . .
If you have a ‘day off’ work – come in and see me.

I have some spots vacant today – due to the distance people travel to see me and their currently wet locations – this means locals can pop on in – let me know if you wish to have a tune-up or a continuation as the year has settled down again

I am in clinic, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Extra International Teaching

Thursday 6th I fly off to LA to be teaching advanced acupuncture and problem solving.
This is a continuation of the holistic collation of the multiple skills I have been honing – and text books I am writing.

I will be back in Hecklemann St – returning for just a few days from Easter Saturday (14th) till the following Wednesday (18th).

Then I will be back at home in NZ for 10 days to finish off the writing and creating courses and membership sites -all the self help products and the practitioner training packages.

New services on offer

Samples of the new work about to be released.
If you or someone you know are interested – let me know – email me for the beginning info their ease of pregnancy or the confidence to do it again – any women were too ill the first tie t contemplate another child . .

Hyperemesis (massive nausea in pregnancy) – often after the first pregnancy was not THAT bad – the difference?
The use of ice as a ‘help’ after any body trauma stops normal circulation and after being pregnant that is the last thing a body can handle – invasion of cold and at such a vulnerable time – breaks it forever.

Endometriosis solutions – if you know ANYONE burdened with period pain – regardless of whether they have been down the ‘diagnosis’ road or not – my work is brilliant for this (been servicing women in Brisbane for nearly 40 years now) and you may want to send this newsletter on as the online programme (and the women’s healing its that can be purchased) will help dramatically.

The two membership programmes – online – and self paced and full of what even the acupuncturists are not being taught regarding easy reproduction – can be sampled here.

Natural Fertility Detective
Sample here


Natural Pregnancy Coach

Sample here


Both are multi media membership sites and will be up in a few weeks – as we start the online training for all levels of interested parties.

Breast cancer hypervigilence?
Come in and see me – easily returned to better health than you have ever enjoyed . .




Again – please send this to anyone who is having issues.

Very different – too simple Heather people say to me . .
I am explaining HOW and Why – the mechanisms as to what is happening – and this again is ahead of the workshops I will create so all can at home work through what people used to know – their body heals itself – IF you let it!!

The new clinic will be a place where the hands on heartful healing will be grounded – no one else is using the Mercier work in the Southern Hemisphere.

No one has combined that with the Arvigo®/Maya work

No one has been working with ‘hard’/complicated and ‘hopeless’ as long as I have – and no one was been researching how to make Better Babies Naturally.

We do need a Sustainable Future.

Stay tuned!
And come in and see me as the new work I do means – no need to go off to all the other structural people as it is all easy – as with an electronic gadget –

Declutter – take out what is NOT supposed to be there.


Reset – Tun it all off and start again (much like your electronic gadgets)
Restore – Your natural blueprint through looking after yourself as your great grand parents knew to . .

Perhaps investigate all I am doing and learn how to sort all out at home yourself!

That is what the elders knew – hence the ‘old wives’ tales’ were denigrated – retail business not health  . .

Change it yourself . .
Ask me how.
General health mentoring online courses will be available soon.

Very best wishes


Heather Bruce - simple natural health solutions