What to do to help yourself. .


Reset normal: maybe you have yet to experience this.

Restore wellness: as simple as revert to nature.

Declutter, reset and restore wellness


I am in Carina working magic till – and including Saturday 20th May

46 Hecklemann Street, Carina Heights

Perhaps it may feel like/become a life changing idea to see how many times you can see me in the next 2 weeks – together we may transform what you have been told (up til now as being permanent/due to aging/immutable.
Maybe not.

Almost anything can shift.

The body heals itself – when we let it.

Upon my return from the international conference (21st – 30th May), I will move my home and clinic. Immediately after this (7-14th June), I will run the Witta retreat (for healers who want to take what I am doing forwards). Presently they are working (online) through the various courses that I have had filmed of me teaching in the past 3 decades.

We will start work in the new Coorparoo centre. (Opening 15th June)


Elizabeth will only be in Heather’s Hecklemann Street clinic until 19th May.

She graduated from Heather ‘s ‘Healing the Wounded Healer‘ class at the Atarau (NZ) healing sanctuary in January.

As a fellow certified Arvigo Therapy® practitioner and a teacher of Level 1 Self Care Arvigo® training, Elizabeth is also an advanced remedial/corrective massage practitioner. She has trained with Tami Lynn Kent and offers Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC) for specific female pelvic floor issues, such as cystocele, rectocele and general pelvic floor pain.This may be a great help to anyone who has lower body issues – especially sexual/continence challenges.

Elizabeth has over a decade of experience working with physical issues and is a fellow Arvigo® Therapist and teacher. Her two specialties (the Arvigo work  Arvigo Therapy and Holistic Pelvic Care) compliment each other well as one works the external and the other the internal. She is also very skilled at remedial massage working neck, shoulder, and sciatica issues.

Elizabeth will be offering pelvic steams either together with treatments or separately.

Please specify upon booking your preference to have a steam with treatment.

Elizabeth is in Brisbane until May 10th and back again for one or two days of treatment from  May 19th .

To book an appointment, please call or text 0481793595.

You can find out more about Elizabeth at www.BodyCarePlace.com or www.ElizabethsTherapeuticMassage.com

To have an easy life . .

Avoid damp

Additional damp expose

The weather is a little less humid now.
However – is your house safe?
Often long-term can’t-fix problems are ‘just’ damp ones 
(Including cancer).

What is deemed as being difficult in TEAM (Traditional East Asian Medicine) is dampness.
First we need gut health . .

This takes us back to not icing our bellies
– no cold to feel (‘room temp water is too cold now)
– or putting any on the body – as all the elder wisdoms of every culture
– they were all being life affirming/sensible. .

The energy of dampness leads to phlegm – major congestion . .
Western medicine just manages it with drugs/worries you further – and keeps you dependent through fear – here I am sharing with you the how of body healing. . .

What does damp do in the body?

It obstructs normal flows.

Whenever something is too hard to treat – expect dampness.

We do everything right – and you still have whatever it is – assuming that my advice has been taken – dampness.

How do we spot it?
S&S (Signs and symptoms)
When we suspect – my quick way is to get you to pop an Oil of Thieves soaked cotton bud up your nose, and moved about then onto the back of your throat –and then under your ears, on your neck and finally IN your ears . .

Head instantly cleared?
Was damp residing . .

In its physical form – mould, fungi, also all bacteria and viruses are not going to be able to cope with the ingredients (oil of clove, cinnamon etc).

Oil of Thieves

Where did it come from (Oil of Thieves)?
What does it do?

When to use?

  • Large household applications –
  • Diffuser most obvious
  • Also as a tooth paste.
  • Household cleaner.
  • Oil dropped in the water to go down the drains, onto anything – diluted . 

Maternal Rescue – NEW CENTRE – mid June opening

So many women come out of pregnancy with less than they wanted (a happy easy birth after a well pregnancy) and also a lot more than they intended – a damaged body/psyche. It is all easily prevented.

1 – An example from clinic – no needles either!!!

“It was so wonderful to meet you yesterday and thanks so much for your great work. I am so happy, I feel great today and there is also 90% improvement with sex now – which is just so amazing when I was convinced we would never be able to do that ever again. Can’t thank you enough”.”

What had happened to her?

  • A C-section.
    15 months ago – then painful impossible sex – and belly generally no good. . .
  • 3 different specialists all giving conflicting advice (including one telling her that her various belly issues were ‘all in your head’).

What did I do to change this?

  1. Cupped her navel to pull out the cold stored.
  2. Used moxa on salt on a tissue in her navel
  3. Sat her over a perineal steam
  4. Did the Mercier and Arvigo moves
  5. Sent her home with some organic castor oil and other remedies to assist her healing . .

2 – From my teaching experiences

Often we carry this injury for decades.

Last weekend I was teaching acupuncturists in Melbourne.
In a practical – one acupuncturist (carrying this injury for 30 years) had had her broken coccyx fixed (forceps injury to mum)

So easy to alter what you thought that you had to live with.
As she found out.
One session – and she was transformed.
(3 needles was all I did)

  • Head felt different
  • Felt taller.
  • Looser in her pelvis.
  • Warmth immediately spread all through her belly and back.
  • AND she could sit more than 10 minutes in one spot.
  • (Imagine that when breastfeeding!
  • 30 years of not feeling right!!!

Why is no one else working like this?(I am addressing this slowly).

(How did a practitioner not be fixed whilst learning – so she could hand on what to do?)
Teachers are not now practitioners.
Life experience needed.

Thus I am teaching world wide – as I have been undoing life trauma for decades in Brisbane . .
Come in and see me and my students as anything is fixable.

Women’s health


Flows . . .

(Move your body and get the congestion – damp/lymph flowing)
Life force and what blocks this is my business . 

I have access to the home remedies that everyone knew to use first before the male medical model took over.
I have been very interested in how distress in bodies can be reversed.
Older parents will know – we just had our babies and went home – they slept life continued, we had fun ..

No pediatric cancers or chronic health issues forever . .

I am handing what I know over to students . .

I do so much with this.

Easy to change a painful to a painless story .

Mercier work – a gift for you


Easy life?

Much as with baking a cake . .

You need access to good ingredients and perfect, optimal flows.


Are being blocked.

There is wilful blindness in relation to what is happening to everyone’s loss of healthy resilience.

Immune Systems

Perhaps wonder how did nature set us up to win?
How do we get ill?
Lose our resilience.

Maybe ask yourself –

Do I NEED a flu vaccine?

This so very often is not helpful – and invariably gives one the flu.
Why not just stock the AV/AT after dosing up on the sun?
And rest?
And chicken broths?
And sensible living?

We all need sunshine (like plants we wilt without the basics) and no dampness – as mentioned last newsletter – and get the oil of Thieves – now I have plenty in stock – and lots of rest and of course good ingredients . .

Please watch this . .


Here is the likely modern worsening of all that is ailing everyone – especially the epidemic of sickening teenagers – all those vaccinations at the time their brains are rewiring – why are they all on medications?

Live well . . .

Remember me using iodine – and me and pulling cold out?
Me also telling you about your thyroid?

It is all linked – when we are well, we do not get sick


Follow the recipe – AND you need the best ingredients (nutrients) possible – and the body to work well . . (Your gut equals the oven)

Our nutrients/ingredients need to be easily accessible – and may not now be due to many reasons, – one of which is man made – iatrogenesis – caused by the medical interventions.).

Where do they come from?

We send the heavy metals down through the ages (‘running in the family’) through the fat cells in the breast milk and also when making our babies – the more we make the cleaner mum becomes. . . sad but true – so you may NOT have vaccinated – allowed all those poisons in – look into it yourself – the fear campaign has ramped up and it is all about profit – not health – the vested interests of all the doctors to get paid off to make sure all in their clinics are vaccinated – as the profit is in keeping us all ill.

We were asked in the past – ‘has anyone on your family had a vaccine reaction? And if so – no vaccines for you) with no regard for what an adjuvant does – FOREVER in your body?


Look up why bodies and children are no longer the healthy, robust, self healers that they once were .


Designed to be.
Can’t be with the neurotoxins inside us disrupting life forever after.

No one wants to know – this is willful blindness.

I have all my children vaccine damaged (and myself) as I was a vaccinating parent – and my supposedly informed (I never vaccinated with whooping cough as back then it gave 1 in 147 vaccinated with it neurological problems) compliance lead me into where I am here suggesting informed consent is not what you are getting – and polio is not the issue – lifelong disability and destruction is what we all are facing and – no I am not being silly.

Look to/at the Vaxxed bus parents’ stories – like #hearthiswell – they are all heartbreakingly the same – and they were all vaccinating parents with healthy children –till they vaccinated – it is information is on the package insert – just cause the ‘authorities’ may to do this – you live with this – and then come in to see me and expect to get better with a few needles – sorry – is an iatrogenic (medically caused) problem.

It is what I have to try to undo with everyone – and here we have that flu vaccination again – instead of looking after yourself


You could easily do as we all did back when illness was unusual ..

Up your VitD3/ sleep/ good food/ clean water/ happiness levels. .

How to really help yourself

Get your mitochondria working.

This product (http://simple-natural-solutions.com/glutathione/) is NOT glutathione – it is the accelerator that allows your body to make it instantly – and will help pull out the heavy metals that are blocking normal for you.
Where did they come from?
Often we mined them from our mums. .

How to get rid of?


I speak often of the liquid activated zeolites (they are apparently expensive).

Please do not get the Aussie powdered ones. They do not work as the micronised liquid activated zeolites do . . You can always find detractors. . . (you can go online and read all about others’ opinions – yet these work almost instantly in clinic, and in everyone’s life – pulling effectively what is not supposed to be there).

In the past, if we were ill – or our kids were teething – absolutely no vaccines were given then, as the body was already compromised. Seems very surprising to me that now we are steam rolling and starting to add in poisons and aborted human fetal listening to our own bodies and that of our babies that what is on the vaccine package insert happens?

Often 10-20 years later – so all think it is normal to get cancer – or whatever auto immune disease?
This is why I am saying – clean yourself up BEFORE you get so ill .

How to undo this?

Who do you listen to?
The liquid activated zeolites and the Glutathione accelerator are what I will send you off to get and invariably you think due diligence is going online and finding out all the naysayers (paid trollers?) – as these will revolutionise your heath 0 IF you also follow the Vit D3 and topical iodine and magnesium that I have worked out – 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago I did noted to have anyone for any of this – as we were all not exposed to what is killing us all off now

If not, dampness eventually also becomes –


Here is part of the answer


If you have had cancer treatment – what about ‘after sales service’?
How to care of yourself to avoid disease/prevent disruptions and otherwise take charge of yourself yourself. .

Remember this presentation?

As we all did. All traditional cultures – and ‘old wives’s tales’ said . .

Look after yourself.

In cancer, your body is just giving out a warning (Aptoptosis (need iodine) is not happening – there are too many toxins). See what is written all through this newsy newsletter) – you do not need to go through cancer – heed your body well.

Listening to the orthodox medical people – and following their advice – what WILL kill you – damaging your health (and wellbeing and sense of self and happiness) further – is not necessarily the best or the only way forwards. .


Anything that is holding on . .

Add oil of Thieves

Why do we need it or now – all sacred of the sun (VitD3) – and with so many on statins (instead of sorting out the sugar conversion in their diets). Statins are so dangerous – and block your fat cells from accessing not just the Vit D3 but Vit E and A and K . . What are you making your life messengers – hormones – with?

Information at your fingertips

Look to my apps for more on this the raw ingredients area lets you know.

(Best $20 you can invest).

It is then always (and instantly updated when I get to this job) on your smart phone forever and you have access to that I would tell you if you asked the question – as I have downloaded what to do.

Although I have not edited it for past 4 years (Some sites /links may no longer work) – the information is not going to date – as is what works. It is a navigation aid through all my informative research and pragmatically driven sites and also where else I feel to show you more. .).

Come in and see me – as across many modalities – especially for hard cases – I so often have easy answers.
They will just be very different to what everyone else may tell you.


What to do to help yourself. . .

Declutter – take out the cold, get the scars not stopping life force as they have, take out the shock and trauma you have had all your life, and take out the chemicals that should not be in your body.

Reset normal – maybe you have yet to experience this.

Restore wellness – as simple as revert to nature.

Declutter, reset and restore wellness.

Till next time,