Modern times and ancient wisdoms

I am ‘outing’ myself.
I have a vaccine damaged adult daughter.


Really stuffs a life up . ..
Whooping cough/measles/mumps and rubella – let alone chicken pox – all of which I had as  kid did not.
Want to talk with me about immuno-compromised kids and how they need ‘protecting’?
I had one.
She was not.
She got vaccinated.  .
All sorts of diseases I had never heard of then befell her.
See #hearthiswell – or watch Vaxxed and go to the site to watch the parents – we are NOT alone ether.
What  do?
Ask me.

Look here


Unfortunately I got very good at rescuing when all say ‘can’t’.

A skill – and one you may well need for ll sorts of problems – I keep looking till I find the answers . .

(Us 26+ years ago. . )

So I have been chasing back through my life –  why . .
The mechanism – why her and not her elder brothers?

I do not take ‘no’ and ‘we don’t know’ well . .
That is my gift to you . .

With any complaint as all are now linked back to the chronic heavy metal poisoning  made wore by that fluoride that is stopping YOUR thyroid from working and hence all issues happen as a result.
Life just got immeasurably harder as WHO is going to rescue you?
Especially as the mantra is ‘we don’t know why – but it is not vaccination’ – as they enforce this on your kids too . .
And all health car workers and soon no doubt all of us.
Perhaps we need to have a bit of a think?

You may choose to pop your head back in the sand.
Your choice

Cognitive dissonance – what will you have to lose in order to hear this?
For some  it costs too much – I know this.
Cost me my daughter . .
I thought that I was being considered by weighing it all up . .
Not enough information – heaps of misinformation – and now of course – bullying galore. .

Wilfull blindness abounds also.

(I am Kathryn’s mother)

When you are told that there is nothing ‘we can do – so what?
As with Jonathon Livingstone Seagull . .

Argue for your limitations – and they are yours

How have I helped from afar?

The drops and the Glutathione accelerator as they BOTH pull out the heavy metals that she was awash with – and why?
Vaccination . . .and her mining it from me in pregnancy and whilst she was being breastfed . .for 2 1/4 years!!!
Not only from giving her MMR when she was the most well that she had ever been (I was rescuing her from the MMR poisoning that I inflicted upon myself whether titre was apparently absent between my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies) – and also the dental insult I subjected her to when she was growing within me – we are being ignorant at our own peril.

What happened to the past medical mantra – Do No Harm?

The organized business – criminal – of white washing and telling us essentially that black was white is happening – and I will no longer say nothing. Please research yourself – you owe it to yourself and your future.
At least ask yourself – what will happen if I do not? (Do what they say and also do what they say). Who wins? Is it healthful to disrespect your own resources so much? Over what time span is what they propose to work – does it need doing again? Who wins? I hear that vaccination does not ‘cause’ autism – something is. .Can we afford to be so willfully blind?

I have been researching for decades as I try to undo what has been visited to my own family and now I find my own body – and now I see how yours are also failing. What you can do . . take liquid activated zeolites – they work to pull out at least the adjuvants and these are what is messing with your ability to get the magnesium and other nutrients in – hence the illnesses that needles alone will now no longer work as they did (see historical below). Aluminium was added when they supposedly stopped using mercury to upset our tissues.

When you come in to see me – you may have no idea what started you and your entire family line into what is now a big issue for everyone – and w all show up our body distress differently. This is why I send all into at least taking the liquid activated zeolite drops. Chronic mercury poisoning – we inherited it from our mum’s and their mum’s – and also from what is being added into us – a tiny amount is too much – as with the aluminum that just gets more prolific – it is neurotoxic – and all are getting more unable to think for themselves – is THIS the agenda??

The Vaccination Business

(Are you ignoring the obvious here?)
Outsourced your own thinking??

First – Do No Harm

A very useful pdf to print out and to ponder
Watch this very sensible doctor who paid attention to the fact that he had created at least 4 autistic children through following what he was told to do – well children permanently damaged – and why?
Listen also to his medically trained co author – a great investigative piece . .
Please research why I see this being THE most dangerous thing that is happening – and forever . .

Almost all are afflicted by the consequences of this theory and without recourse to being able to sue the manufacturers – let alone have anyone ‘in authority own up to the lies – we are all in trouble.

The time has passed to be willfully blind (could have and should have known – the evidence is out here – BUT the cognitive dissonance of what it would mean to you to have this boat rocked is too great – and I can not give you a $20 pill to fix this) – presentation (on TedX)

I seek out the truth please as coming into see me and pretending that ’heath’ measures being foistered on all of us are for ’the Greater Good’ (I can protect you by weakening myself) are over.

I am a parent who wishes fervently she had NOT followed medical advice . .

You can’t unvaccinate
I have rescued so many patients from the side effects . .They do exist and are getting far more prevalent.
now pregnant women are expected to vaccinate themselves – as as a pregnancy health care issure – WHAT NEXT??
How much mercury do YOU want to risk into your child?
At least I am warning you – there is NO WAY I would have had I known what I know now. 

YOU live with the consequences . .
Oh – you think it is safe to vaccinate and to not – is a sin against the rest of the population?
Perhaps listen to this presentation – I did it a few years ago – do YOU know what causes health?

All traditional cultures did and took evasive action.
To assist wellness – and its return – much like avoid all cold – as all elder wisdoms (also ‘old wive’s tales) decreed..

Not to make $$ for someone – this vested interest has resulted in the cognitive dissonance (you maybe think that I must be a quack . . Yet – what about that vaccine package insert and the vaccine court that has so far handed over how many billion $$ in USA? Even though so many – as my daughter – will never be compensated . .
How can you afford to NOT pay attention?
Sacred you will miss out on child care payments?
Well – perhaps wonder – as I now do – how much heartbreak do you want to risk?

What to do?

Many issues.

Take out what is not supposed to be there and hope that your immune system and body may recover.
A long haul as supplements and herbs are found now in my work not to be doing what they were in the past . .

1 – Adjuvants

That stop the nutrient pathways leading to total chaos – independently of their being neurotoxic
Get the liquid activated zeolite s- not he ‘organic’ ones, not local – (from Australia) – not cheaper (some other brand) . .
But get the ones hat I know work – within two (2) days – Kathryn was more settled and very different – she even stopped being sent off t the hospital with statis seizures weekly.
Of course she only started these after the MMR at 4 1/2 years old.  .

2 – Excipients

Apparently inert . . .

3 – Foreign to us DNA

So we have an auto immune storm . .
Who can detox well enough?
NOT those with the MTHFR mutations.

That is a lot of us. .

(Hence the past question – anyone in your family had a reaction – and then NOT vaccinating anyone in that family.
that is past now as so much money is then paid over indefinitely as who is well?
You can change this.  ..
And the inflammatory issues that you have
Get onto the Glutathione accelerator also – which one – again – there is only one that works. .

(From USA not NZ)

Do get the original and take 6 capsules daily – as long as you are NOT allergic to mushrooms or seafood. .
All will be well . .

What are we thinking?
Why not just boost the natural immune system instead of completely corrupting it forever at someone else’s greed and behest??

Please – research for yourself. .
It is you that wear the consequences – as all we parents have found out.

No one even believes us the eye-witnesses!!





Be responsible – please support wellness not big business as YOU are the parent.