Mid summer – welcome back health!

Frequent updatings!!

So needed in this time of reactivity and misunderstandings. . .

In this issue:

Get in touch

I arrived back Wednesday morning and will be here for a month.

Summer hits me again as I return from teaching for 2 weeks in NZ

I had a lovely time in my garden – though my usual clinic mobile is presently on holiday
If you need to call me – 3899 2274 will work

If not – try 0452 343 773.

If you have left a message on my usual number, 0409 893 978 recently, please call again as my phone stopped working and I cannot retrieve messages

What did I get up to in NZ?

Several massage therapists in NZ are now able to also work magic on pelvises and on backs and belles in general. I was under their hands – best way to work out if they have got the moves right! If you wish to be in the last lot of trainings for the year (anyone can)  – see more here.  Maybe send this newsletter on to someone you would wish to see who could well do with my 40 years of short cuts that work?



I am running further classes here in The Life Alignment Centre – and will let you know when I have settled back. The weekends after next will be me teaching in Grafton, NZ or back here . This and next weekend if you feel to come and see me – I would love to be of service. Appointments Available!!! Catch up on YOUR HELATH!!!

What is Heather doing now?

Teaching in this part of the world . .
To make more likely others can be easily helped

Because of the uncertainty of the health ‘epidemic’ I am not traveling to Europe to teach as expected, so will be in Brisbane at Easter to do it online.

Self Care class –  please let me know – these are small, intimate and informative/ entertaining/life changing.

Coronavirus . .

Please read what I sent out 2 weeks ago . .
Still applies – more so even.
Pandemic? NOPE

Hand washing, more rest, looking after yourself and being well to start with?

Of potential fear through ignorance maybe . . WHAT ABOUT WHAT NATURE HAS ALWAYS PROVIDED?

Self help . . .

Vit Cwhat happened to good old easy and always works?
And here  Entire book to download here

Viruses – will never be vaccine applicable (if anything is).
Means – we get to choose our ‘fate’ – Live Well. Or hope in dread.
It is an ill person (in a state of unhappiness/imbalance) who gets sick.
A corrupted immune system does not work.

As it was designed to – it goes into silly mode – and attacks itself.

Who is really well/happy?
Those living their best lives.
Time for change  . .


Maybe even start thinking/not reacting?

‘Cure’ for the common cold – vaccine?
Ask yourself- who catches?
Those whose bodies are not in peak health . .

The ‘cure’ for not living well – is living well.

To pretend that you can ‘get a pass out free’ is not possible.. .
Maybe reach out to the one who has so much life experience and who does not freak out.

Yes there are ‘bugs’ – when AIDS happened in the early 80’s I was one of the first tested as I had had a blood transfusion with one of my baby’s births – at the same time the bubs died from an infected supplier here in Brisbane. That made me (at the time – a designer and teacher of acupuncture courses) – I paid attention – and have ever since.

Coronovirus is JUST a version of the flu – and the way out of this is look after yourself, so a strong immune system can look after you. Answers – abound – free also – sunshine – VitD3 – and so much of it. It is amazing what the addition of ingredients needed for life can do to/for us.

Do check out what I put together years ago to help file away what I was discovering  a wealth of amazing research here.


Cervical health

Have you investigated peristeaming?
Indeed. . What are we doing NOT knowing about self help and self care/maintenance?
That so many women all around the world do – as we clean our teeth –  .  .
Such a relaxing way to end a day – and so obvious when explained. . see more here.

An aspect of body going rogue – and your not listening . .
Same as endometriosis and eventual cancer really – see more on breast cancer here

Scope of practice medical is NOT health.

Stress . . shows up as . .

Follow what this sensible woman has written
Health DOES not come from an injection of chemicals . .
Comes from your being happy.


Easy Pregnancy

Do you want the best baby you can make?

So did I – this is me 33 years ago with a dying newborn – I have skills!
They translate into REAL help. For you – as I had to go off and sort things out myself – here is some of the story

Maybe do what so many other women have done over the decades in Brisbane.
One woman’s story here

See me as the naturally better babies expert

So simple – (as with all things) follow nature.

If your body is throwing out warnings – listen – in anything
In late pregnancy the extra heat and damp that is already a feature of pregnancy is outrageous – and so easily undone as all who are about to birth are finding who are seeing me now – all around them are swollen, itchy and not happy – so bub will not be either – easily remedied . .

Seek help – I am here mostly in the day times – as the weekends soon will be more teaching again . .
Real help . . wise women’s ways of knowing
40+ years of experiences mean – I am not practicing – and will likely know what to do


Enjoy life..

That is what we are here for . .