Mid September (Spring is upon us)

I hope that the changing weather is not distressing you.

If you are feeling odd – there is a great opportunity for a change of season tune up before I dash off to the Northern winter to be teaching again. 

Maybe also drop in and pick up some of the magic Geri Amena’s herbal remedies?
And the AV/AT . .

 In this newsletter:

Seasonal changes


Do you have AV/AT in your cupboard?

When China had SARS followed by Swine Flu – no vaccines needed – they rolled out what they knew was safe and effective – Chinese herbs.

AV/AT are in a capsule – and keeping a bottle or two in the cupboard means when illness looks like visiting – it can’t.
It is that simple! A dose is three at a time and taken hourly – all virus and so on gone!

My teenaged son got glandular fever – for 3 ½ days!!
3 AV/AT every waking hour . .that fixed that!
Blood tests showed a massively high concentration – yes – and no one medical was in the slightest bit interested in how we retrieved his health so quickly – no relapses . .

You could have this in your cupboard in case also.


If AV/AT does not work – the ABB (anti-biobotanicals) are next – along with the cough medicine that works and the extra attention a session or two with me taking out the cold.


If you have something that ABB is just not winning in – and you feel always you are getting ill.

(Or you have/are recovering from cancer or a big infection – get this extras as it really is worth it.

Take 2 twice a day ongoing – or if I want some one to get better fast – in addition or by itself – Mega defence 2 x 3 times a day – get a few in as they really are the best!!!

Taking out the Cold

I have realised I do a ‘discovery ‘process – much like defence lawyers when someone comes into see me – that is why I am a not working as anyone you have ever been to – and no other acupuncture consultant – as after nearly 40 years of working closely with your saboteurs and broken bits – I have honed in on the obvious beginning that all miss – we were meant to heal naturally and without help – so what are you doing to break yourself?

Thus I have been immersed in my ‘cold project’.
For decades.
Remember ‘old wives tales’?

Cupping the cold out (if you were silly enough to get any within you – and there are all cultures warnings not to). Cupping was always a home medicine folk remedy that everyone just knew to use before seeking outside help.  Not one of my acupuncturist colleagues even know about navel cupping. As you know, it is too time consuming. I found out about it as a ‘throw away’ line from a Chinese master who was teaching in Sydney in 1982. From there I have been playing with what sets us up to fail in our bodies – cold invasion and how to remove it.

In the past, people were not as silly as to be icing their insides with cold fluids and foods or adding ice on to parts that hurt – and needed more heat to get the circulation going again.
Remember Gua Sha??
Same deal – folk medicine to STOP you needing to pay for help.
You need to not keep breaking yourself – and when you do – fix it yourself as no one else will.

More on what to do with a body breaking down is in the cupping out your own cold course.

This course has all you need to know to fix yourself – or only need me occasionally – and that is handy as I am not sure just how long I will be here  .  .
A whole new site – cold is NOT your friend.
Cold breaks you forever.
People just chase the side effects whilst it is still being added in inadvertently.

Especially when pregnant and whilst in the hospital and as ‘healing ‘ aids afterwards – set up for damage for life – see more here.

Vitamin D3

Of course having a lot of Vitamin D3 on board sorts out almost everything.

The happiness vitamin – and all tell me that they are riddled with sun cancers and I say – sunscreen.

The lack of Vitamin D is so rampant at this time of year (hence ‘winter’ colds and flus – as the inherent protection we get from being in the sun is lessened and especially so now all are so scared of getting skin cancer- not knowing why it even happens
– please see below for the slow and sure way to undo your sun damage)  – take daily – two to start with – and then as summer kicks in at least 2 of these weekly.

Skin cancers ..

Not cancema – the Amena’s cream I have is slow but profoundly thorough.
Patience – it usually took years to get like this – Duncan’s face is gradually looking younger and he is a case of severe damage. . . it is restoring itself beautifully as cancers are literally coming to the surface and dropping off him – over time.

.. take with the internal mixture [which one?] (anti cancer, anti viral, anti bacterial) one teaspoon nightly will make SUCH a difference.
It works.
Also try loading up with iodine on the skin – and paint on the cancers and though it is the slow route, it works.

Watch all that bothers you clear up – the cause is usually a lack of ingredients usually compounded by lack of flow – move more.

You will sail through life pain free, all hormones rebalanced, no infections and your gut working better – if you stop freezing it.

Self help workshop 29/30th September

Gift yourself a nurturing retreat – in Brisbane with other like minded people. .


Download the flyer here

Download the flyer here

Make love your priority

If you want to ‘pattern interrupt’ in a big way, Janet still has a space left for the upcoming Making Love Retreat, 14th – 20th October. Not long now. 🙂

Some people can’t stand the idea of being in a room with other strangers around the issue of sex – I get that. But most find that it actually assists them to feel they are not alone and they learn so much from the humility and wisdom of each other in this space, it’s life changing.

Heather is back in Brisbane until 9th October . .

Maybe come in and see how we can reshape your life.
especially with the intensives . .
A way to ensure change.

Contact Heather now

Gentling Way practitioners

David and Sylwia Moore have joined the Life Alignment Centre to practice their different skills.

David has been learning the Gentling Way during his TCM training, which has given him a very different outlook on what can be achieved. David’s story here

Sylwia is a highly trained Reichian therapist using Gentle Bio-Energetics, Reflexology and Tension Trauma Release.
Sylwia’s story here


Stories . .

 Until now – not told . .
There are so many of them.
Here are two . .

Over the decades I suspect I have been responsible for way too many babies arriving – now parents themselves ..

If you feel like adding yours – I would love to have it. 

Stay well – come in and see me soon