Metabolism? Weight and no energy and pain . . .?

Is it your thyroid?


Likely . .. Far too many people believe that when the blood tests say ‘normal’ or ‘within normal limits’ that they are well and their thyroid is ‘OK’.

Perhaps it may be the same as everyone else’s – falling in a hole.

Likely taking the supplement designed to allow your body to work as it was designed to is what is most needed – at a fraction of the cost of all the vitamins and what not you may have bought and been taking diligently.  It may be all you need – please watch the DVD clips on the Glutathione section (Robert Keller Original) in ‘Healthy Living’

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Help yourself . . . .


A lifetime of researching, teaching and now mentoring others

Gentling yourself better

Empowering you through aligning you back to were you are to be – well and also happy.

What you have to lose:
A lot of pain/ angst and hopelessness


Intensive programmes are likely to move

what is needed on for you.


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All of you – including your soul script/beingness – aligning to Self

Multi modality

I use anything from realm  that I feel will help you.
My fusion of common sense and a deep understanding of how a body works and how you can be more effective in your life is what you have with me. I use a combination of :

Tailor made for you . . .

All as seen through my Advanced Channel/meridian therapy and East Asian traditional medicine. As my foundation this means we delve deeply into the source of all your disharmony and pain. Digging out the roots – Gently . . Always asking different questions – to get to the answers that are not here yet for you . .

What holds you hostage?

(Always beliefs . . .)

Step outside the ORTHODOX THINKING box.

(It is not working to be here).


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If you are interested in any women’s business – or in uterine re-positioning (for the entire healing of your being – with, or now without a uterus even – as the ligaments and the spaces still need corrections) – please see more here;

I always moved lymph, always undone blockages to flows. Always playing with the energy that leads the physical shell we inhabit into its merry life dances. Always interested in being heartful.

When I was first qualified as an acupuncturist in 1978, I was hands-on as I was dual trained – naturopath).


AND – having had thyroid/adrenal issues all my life – I get it . .

Any health queries

It may be that Simple Natural Solutions are needed.

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