Why meditate?


There may be times when we stop to listen to an inner voice of disquiet.

When we wonder if what has been presented as the point to being here really is all that there is.

When we may nudge all the perceivable edges of ‘reality’, perhaps seeking a different sense to be made of the ‘life’ that we have constructed.

Maybe because we have become disillusioned by the apparent crassness and emptiness of our current terrestrial experience.

Maybe because we feel the yearning for opportunities to extend ourselves and to reach out to share our spark with others.

‘We’ (having been socialised into), as pakeha/white fella have lost our dreaming.

‘We’ (in this present ‘here’ and ‘now’) have no solid cultural/ intuitive grounding, no inner routes marked out, no Shaman to assist as we begin our Spirit Questings. .

The Druidic/Celtic mythologies and knowings have been subsumed over time by the patriarchal hierarchical traditions within the fear based Christian religious dogma).

Hence, without inner discernment, ‘we’ may become seduced by the story-lines spun by those who are ‘guided’ to share what has been apparently whispered to them to share, from elsewhere through them.


Is there more than just go to work and try to survive?
Are we potentially more than being hamsters in a cage? Twirling faster and faster on the wheel of our lives?

We may dabble in the occult, the ‘channellings’ and the ‘prophecies’.

We may consider that all in physical body form, all that is manifest physically, is, by definition, sullied, bad and to be tolerated only whilst waiting to be rescued in some way, through deliverance, transcendence, ascension, death.

We may resonate with those who write that we need to be forgiven our humanity, having decided that being here in this ‘now’ as human is an inferior choice.

We may want to be magically freed of the pain and suffering the judgements we have as part of our social template create.

To become effortlessly released from the ongoing reactivity we create in response to those around us. Wistfully seeking to attain as our ‘normal’ setting, the apparently nirvanic state that we may have touched once, or have glimpsed in others.

We may wake up sufficiently to want more than the material trappings of this time and place.

We may wish to reach out to the intangible place that an aspect of a deeper part of ourselves yearns for – the possibility of union, in peace, with all.

We may then strive to go beyond the story-lines/ personality desires and beliefs. We may then wish also to peel back the veneer of the projections each create to mask their inner self.

To be free from the treadmill that keeps the physical vehicle mobile, driven by a personal self that is fueled in ever-faster cycles of activity, by the need to get ahead, make more money, make something of self…

All these activities supposedly resulting in “winning”. (In being seen as being ‘more’/better than before.)

To be free from the glamors of “here”.

To even remember that to lose sight of this “here”, we open up to the possibilities of lifting a veil from our vision, and of reframing all from a different angle.

And then, as with any change in perspective – the possibility of there being more than one “right”… and that this “here” is probably transient – a construct, a game, an experiment in being within limitless limitations.

To be free to explore that which we set up to undo, prior to our entry. Set up to ensure that we COULD not sit comfortably within the dated, generalised socially conditioned script.


These limitations being mostly found within the input that our family and social groups have placed there, reinforcing consequences of transgressions, so eventually meaning that we too carry the programmes that allow us to identify within the particular group.

A cage of beliefs we call “personality” and “character.”

A social vehicle that is CREATED to ‘die’ with the physical body.

Both having been created to allow the enduring aspects of Self experience in form.

Experience in duality – Experience in choice.

  • But once here, do we really choose?
  • Do we really exercise free will?
  • Do we ever connect with who “we” really are?
  • Do we identify as the body?
  • Do we feel as though anyone really knows the real “me”?
  • Do we ourselves?

Or do we rush off to fill the void with chatter, being busy, having another exciting though superficial relationship, rescuing others, eating and taking substances that temporarily make us forget the inner hole?

Do we ever stop to centre ourselves?
To see past the construction.
To see our own spark, our own droplet of the One?

Some say they are God.

But do they also see that all others are also?

Do we focus on the inherent union of all being here, disguised within the cleverly constructed personas we have set in motion, or do we act as though those very charades are all that we and others are?

Do we see those ones we wish out of our lives as probably our greatest teachers? (enemies/challenges be gone).

Do we chose instead to play the victim/martyr?

(Perhaps we need to recognise that “we” are ‘hurting’ because “we” identify as being the hurting self), the socialised personal self, rather than the Self working through it


What if we focused beyond the apparent difficulties – what possible lesson could be hidden under the personality disputes?

  • What is that one, here, now, uncovering in ourselves?
  • What would we have to let go in ourselves and in our personal world-view, in order for the situation to change?
  • What inner reactive sites harboured unconsciously within are triggered and activated when we see/hear or think of this person or situation?

What if we looked beyond the cage we call “self”? 

  • What if we stepped outside the walls of beliefs?
  • What if we suspended the sense we think we make of life?
  • What if we recognise the filters we censor all experience through?

Imagine what it would be like to just be. Not “knowing any better”
… No conditions, no riders, no ‘this’ means ‘that’s’. Like a new-born.

As though nothing means anything.
All just experience.

What if we tended our own energy fields as we do our physical bodies, our clothes and our brick and timber homes?

What if we cleansed the energy fields we carry with us?

What if we COULD see the cloud we have accumulate through the business of daily living?

The scars of all the shocks and traumas, and our resultant retaliatory attacks on the apparent “causes” of our distress, thereby setting up the reactive sites we then set ourselves up to experience until we wake up.


Through the grubby fog of smeary energy fields, we conduct ourselves here in the physical, as though we WERE those uncleaned windows of our soul.

Is it any wonder we eventually allow the alcohol/drugs/exhaustion/self annihilation and self-loathing to create the space for loss of self-sovereignty?

Do we, through the ego-constructed personality, measure ourselves up with others, as our adopted/socialised inner benchmarks and see ourselves as Less Than?

To then deviate into the fear driven paths that prop up all self-serving behaviours?

To totally get lost within the game of life – forgetting that it is a distraction, a created space, so we DO forget, and we DO then get caught up.

The energy blocks, the rips and tears in our auric fields, the attachments and the stains, grime and general grubbiness that we do not perceive, (as it is not in the tangible world we take as being “reality”), all eventually become as though they were part of “us”.

We live here in the planet of ‘free choice’. . . . . It is through our choices that we are too busy to return ourselves to inner equilibrium.

We instead think that we can book in for a service, (massage, ‘healing’ session) and pay for our inner work to be done for us, as though we were the family car needing a tune-up.

We seek treatment, for conditions that disturb our personality’s version on the point to our life.

The migraines stop us from living within an intolerable situation – fix the migraines, but leave the life intact.

The menstrual/hormonal disorders induced by the energy/blood blockages cover up the abhorrence sexual relating has been this life, since we set in motion a train of abuse encounters to work/live through.

How CAN we fully identify as Self-essence, with all the accumulations on board?


In possibly never cleansing our energy fields, we may gradually become unrecognisable as our true inner light spark, eventually merging with the density of this ‘here’.

We may forget our inner purity.

The (temporary) personality can become so wrapped up in being busy, being ‘right’, and being virtuous through the seduction of material acquisition, that stopping to listen to Self seems to hold no value.

Seen from the ego filters, pausing to reconnect with Self, removing all vestiges of every ‘before’ and starting each new day, in fresh energy is a waste of precious (limited) time.

But, what if disengaging from the personality web was the sole reason for being here?

What if the apparently insurmountable challenges that we feel are choking us and stifling our life force are actually there as gifts from the other dimension aspects of ourselves, to remind ‘us’ to break free from the very beliefs that were so carefully placed within our psychological programming?


To possibly grow beyond apparent difficulties/differences.

What if the answer were as simple as letting go the fairy tale?

Leaving the script that was so lovingly placed within by those (less than) “perfect” parents, the (less than) “perfect” family and the (less than) “perfect” childhood that we may presently take as being the sole cause of our current distress?

What if they all did the best performance?
At our behest?

What if all we have to do is to release the judgement?
To see all as players in our play, as invited in?

Deviated from their own story-lines for the duration, whilst we practice letting go?

Until we chose to absolve all hurt, all suffering based on expectation, and see only THEIR divinity. See only divinity in all?

But what if we chose to be so stuck in retribution, payback and recreating the exact dramas indefinitely that now, at this point in the planet’s evolution, we have chosen as Self, to return to experience all at once?

Hit from all angles until we wake up?

Those very ones chosen before arriving PLANNED to allow maximum lesson impact.

To see that all, regardless of circumstance are here, as all are, to experience. (Oh dear, does that mean “I” let go blame, drop “victim” and embrace responsibility/”grow up”/ascend?)

To work in and with duality, to transcend it.

To see the trap of judgement, of the mostly subconscious filing every experience into the inner account ledgers. (It’s good if I believe in it, its ‘bad’ if it goes against my inner programmes. . . . ) – of learning to jump into Super rather than Sub- conscious mode, as an automatic option.

To see the spark, the droplet of pure light, God in all.

What if all the early experiences that we trot out as horror stories for sympathy/dispensation were actually exactly as intended?

What if our mission this time around is to see ourselves as beyond the script?

Beyond accumulating the people and things that are here marked out as “success”.

What if we are here solely to experience – all that there can be?


Wake up.

See the current ‘life’ as a university course.

One that we have all carefully (elsewhere) planned to incorporate all possible experiences.
In a set order.
To a set end.

Part of the course being to get to a point where the ‘life’ as created no longer fits.
Like a set of clothes.

Then the possibility of the activation of the encoded information.
To be at total variance to the beliefs, the identity, the “reality” that the personality saw as itself.

Then, the deconstruction, in order to graduate to go onto the next stage.


What Cage? Look to this visual presentation

Drop all judgement. See that “good” and “bad” in ALL instances depends on the values of the one observing.

By judging we are trying to guess the finished picture of a jigsaw puzzle by looking at just one piece.

Look to the following article in this series – ‘Cleansing Energy Fields‘.

It shows the process that the second track (Emotional Clearance) ‘Reunion’ (MP3 or CD) takes you through to cleanse all the attachments that are within your energy fields.

Connect with yourSelf, your essence. 

1. Connect with your soul star. Centre within, unite with your Soul Star, to activate your higher self. Connect with your Earth Star to ground you.

2. Allow the silver cord, the antakarana to flow unimpeded through your physical form via the soul star, straight through ‘you’ to the centre of the planet via the earth star below your feet.

3. Allow the light to stream through, to cast light upon the inner shadows, to activate aspects of self that lie beyond who ‘you’ thought you were.

4. Activate a series of spiritual vortices to flush out all that is ready to leave you, and take it all down to where it can be purified and re-circulated.
Now, merged with Self, play with the walls (beliefs) that allow your specially constructed, perfect cage (personality) to fade into the light AND truly become the light that is all of who you are.  See what this looks like –

 Beings of Light pictorial representation of who we are.

Get yourself the Rescue Yourself package which has the M3 tracks, and the Getting Out of Your Own Way eBook to assist you to do just that – break free!!!

Whilst you are at it – the rest of the package is also pretty handy – what to do about eating and undoing all that you are carrying around, not knowing how to Live Well  ..