March – now two of us in clinic

Welcome to the end of the heat . .
Nearly . .


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Discover what underpins all this is bothering you.



What lies beneath?

  • Depression?
  • Suffering?
  • Pain on any level?

That is my forte . .

You feel pain – which is something blocking flows.
I fix flows . . your body not working well – as it is storing all sorts of life residue.

Shock/ trauma/cold – all have ripples that carry on – often all your life.


Scars – and adhesions

Inside views . ..

Besides being sometimes a nuisance and you not standing them being touched – they block your life.


Let us undo them?

Perhaps look to coming in and seeing how I can alter the trajectory of what is happening?


2019 – Heather’s year of consolidation


40 years ago I started my own clinic in Adelaide St, Brisbane city.
Being the only woman acupuncturist in the city for several years.
Dispensing even then wise womanly advice and assuaging all sort of suffering in apparently hopeless situations. Pain always being my specialty. Being the only woman there – I had a lot of  very hard gyne – pre HRT/ laproscopes (and arthrocopies), laser work, progesterone implants, IVF or C sections on demand .

Life was more stoic and I was there to assist in all cases of totally resistant to the usual – as I still am.
Before all of those modern ‘advances’ was me sorting the mess out – and winning against all women had going against them – and now – still I am the one left standing as all those modern ways to control and to force women’s bodies and bleeding are JUST NOT WORKING – thus Elizabeth and I will be working on maternal and menstrual rescues. (More in a week on this)


2019 – There will be more of this





I really got a lot of out of that last 18 months:

It was just mind blowing (often to me) amazing work now being done under my hands



It was really enlightening for me seeing how much different I have always been (from the inception – my inquisitiveness) as a health worker.


I loved seeing such a wide variety of problems.



Wondering what I did get up to last year?

I trained a lot of healers . .

JanArvigo Self Care Brisbane
FebruaryArvigo Self Care Atarau , NZ
PLUS Healing the Wounded Healer Atarau , NZ 
March – Rest  . .
April – End of in Albi, France teaching (acup and Foundational Moves (FM)
May – 2 days teaching (Pelvic Opening and acup) and in total 5 days at acup Rothenberg Germany.
(Making Better Babies Naturally).
Went then to UK, Spain and back to France, Spain to leave to Aust
June – Another GWSC (Gentling Way Self Care)
July – (early) GWSC/LLI Bne July Auckland Mammalian Maternity package.
End of July  LA/NY teaching then (Pelvic Opening and Pregnancy acup masterclass).
Sept – 2 weeks in NZ as  a gardening break
End OctCairns one weekend (Pelvic Opening)
end Nov –  1 week Albi, France (FM/ Living Ligaments I) (LL I)
2 weeks of December Brisbane – ( GWSC /LLI /Teacher Training/LL II)
January 2019 – NZ – 4 weeks of (Pelvic Opening and LL I – LL II – LL III)
USA/ – LA (eLotus pregnancy) and SD (pregnancy and Foundational Moves) Feb – 2 weeks.

No more Heather trips on the horizon . .


What am I doing?
I have been asking those I am working with.

Body mechanic

Life doula

These seem to be the most appropriate.


More gentle, more hands-on and a lot of subtle shifts – which is why the intensives – many sessions close together for maximum benefit.

With all the golden oldies . which I know teach you to do at home – as they were all home remedies to begin with)

I am still learning new tricks as I go . .

And as always . .



Offering solutions to what seems hopeless.
My specialty – looking with very different eyes.

If you have been troubled/diagnosed/given up in – that is my chance to bring it all back to balance.

Come in and see me – as I am in Brisbane all of this month.

I am integrating all I was taught over 40 years ago as my major teacher only now I am seeing just how darned amazing his insights were (likely the same fort hose I have been teaching for the past 38 years also). We mature.


Let us change your reality – freedom from pain and discomfort are very likely

See what happened when I worked on this woman recently


What did I do?
I was showing how easy undoing the C section problems – that result in NECK ISSUES forever after – is.

I started with my Gentling Way work – a bunch of very subtle changes that unlock what is stored within your structure – meaning that whatever ELSE we do is likely to work/stay permanently as your new reality.


After C section?

Regardless of how many years ago  . .
Or  . . any whiplash?
Almost guarantee I can fix this.

How ?
We work on the pelvic torsion – not the neck.
Simple .. .
See what we can do together . .


Silent phone . .

Here I was thinking all had given up on my coming and going in the past few years – not knowing when exactly I was here – when in fact – the culprit – dead phone that allowed calls out – and lost all calls coming in. Please forgive me if you have tried and given up – that is why .

New gadget on its way – in the meantime – use 0409 893 978

or email me –

Leaving a voicemail on 3899 2274 has been working.


Changes finally afoot


As I step into eldership and teaching/writing more

I am in semi retirement

Elizabeth will be here from next week.

A menu of what is on offer will be up soon

Her site here


Who is here when?


Elizabeth – Monday Wednesday Friday

Heather – Tuesday Thursday Saturday


Surprises await . .

We can always heal and start over again