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Today’s thoughts  . .
(It is winter)


Life Alignment Centre

Exciting times as we get up and running ..

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Painting the fence is allowing the clarity to come through . .


Garden will be next!

Clinic hours to see me

I am here in the new Coorparoo clinic on:

  • occasional evenings as needed and
  • every Saturday plus
  • Tuesday,
  • Thursday 

Negotiable  ..  (I am probably upstairs writing courses)

Call for an appointment  (07) 3899 3374

I am in Brisbane all through winter – my teaching and treating is now to be focused here. .

Winter Remedies . .

(Although maybe not some days when we get to 26C)

AV/AT – get some today!! You then have some so if/when you get sniffles
You have the tools to undo this.

(3 every hour) Until better . 
What causes illness?
Inability to adapt to changes. . maybe come in and calm down?
Get aligned?.

Hot Epsom salts bath?
Lemon and water and to bed with a hot water bottle and sleep?
Also the Vitamin D3 I mention

Online – from iherb.com – get the Thorne brand – at 25,000 iu a day – at least – more if you are at all ill – short term – as this is not a drug – it is what fuels your wellness and immune responses. What you make all hormones with

See here – same as fat – and salt to make the minerals available -the electrolytes and the gut acid to digest protein to even make your metabolism hormones. .

They are all ‘forbidden’.

Simple Things

I spend my life telling people the three add-ons
People get upset as they seem to think that I do not care – forgetting that their body craves all of those – and they allow sugar – which causes inflammation – please – listen to what I say – if you take up a month’s challenge and eat so much more salt (coloured only) and fat – that which is solid at present) and get in the sun – and as the angles all wrong to fill you up (and if you are on statins – there is another retail opportunity that is running the illness business0 then get more rays and go with the Thorne addition as seen below).

So many seem to think that I am trying to do them harm to get them to save themselves from all that PC food dogma.

Chicken broth.
I make this up and have it for breakfast – perfect for that busy person who does not want to . .cook etc
Need – 2 ORGANIC chicken frames – the butcher over the road from the clinic is perfectly situated.
They been quietly doing what they do for over 30 years.. .
I fry up a red onion in duck fat – or butte r- or lard.
Whilst that is happening I have the Pureau water – never tap as we DO NOT nee day more fluoride – when none is what is what we have to have to try to save our thyroid function  .
When the onion is done, I throw the carcasses – yes – I know I was a vegan) into the pot, add the boiling water, boil up another jug of pure water pop lid on a simmer for 2 days – depending on the stove top.
I tried it in the slow cooker and I do prefer the result from on top of the stove.
The solid element on the old stove top here is better than the new induction one at Hecklemann St and thus no evaporation or smells when cooking.
I then take a scoop out and drink it heavily salted with veggie salt – and often fill several containers and leave in the freezer (my fridge died in transit so all that was is being replaced currently.

Life is easier with FAT, SALT and the minerals . .plus of course the protein and it is hot and nourishing going in .

You can then add it into soups and so on – as I will go up to make a pumpkin one – and of course – home made chicken stock.
It too easy . .and cheaper (I know the price of the electricity) than getting ill as we are not eating for nourishment.
With all that fat and salt – we are definitely eating for well being!!
Try it in the cold months – you will not look back.
All cultures had chicken broth/soup to recover when in illness/after birthing.

Breast health

Too many women are so unnecessarily worried about their mammary glands.  .

Understandably as no one is asking WHO gets the 1 in 8 diagnosis of cancer?



This is not ‘genetic’ – so much as contaminants

The Gentling Method

When was the last time delicate touch was used to soothe away your hurts?

So much of what happens to us is not gentle and we hide the results of our trauma away. Over a life, this can fester.
All the while interfering with natural flows and life force.

Life relaxes under no pressure

Want to know more?
Possibly come in and have an overall wellness check with me – as you are likely NOT well.


Your Liver Qi flowing well – I move it as part of the massage component of all sessions – will assist you here.

We need perfect ingredients if we want to live.
I did up a whole site on breast health – and although not totally finished –  it outlines why – and for healthy breasts – thus hormones – and of course breastfeeding – do send this to anyone with any breast concerns . .

And being unwell happens as a warning.
Yet all seem to forget that those three are craved for a reason when missing – by your body – not sugar.
When you stop the sweet taste and go for the ‘banned’ ones – as one woman said last week – she is so much more energy – tical and ready for the day – is happier and healthi’r and can;t believe that she is not now run by sugar./sweet cravings – what to do ?
Eat more fat- straight butter and salt on everything.
Not ‘naughty’
No sweet anything  – not fruit.
Drizzle straight lemon juice onto your tongue if you feel that you ‘need’ sugar

You won’t when you get your fat and salt (only ever coloured) quotient up.

Life is easy when you have your ingredients and flows flowing.

  • Blood
  • Lymph
  • Qi

None can when you add in cold anything 

(Food/fluids/ice on injuries/being in a draft) 

Cold blocks circulation . .



A question posed by the Health writer/expert in the ABC

Does cold make arthritic pain worse?

 Please see more on this here . .

Adding cold or ice is not going to help

What to do?

I cup the cold out as you know .

And suggest that you add in what is missing.

See here for fibromyalgia – it is a all other modern issues very easy to undo
Take out what is not supposed to be there.
Add in what is.
What is not?

Uncomfortable subject – as along with the idea that salt/fat and sun are bad for you (and fluoride is good) comes this idea.  ..

“Studies show”/”science is settled . . .”

Cold that has lodged for starters – added in on purpose – as the medical fraternity have forgotten that blood needs to be circulating for health – and ice shuts this off.

The inner stores of toxic heavy metals that keep being quietly topped up under the guise of wellness initiatives. .


Then we have that old story – we are what we eat – but actually – we are what we can process.  .and cold stops this  as does not having enough salt to allow the pH of the gut acid to be 1 or 2 – seriously – we have forgotten the basics and are not paying attention to what all elders would have us do . . just not WHITE salt . .

Add it in and feel the difference – your body will thank you.

Gut health

Get all of your flows flowing – then you will have NO PAIN!

As you know – all my sessions are heavy on touch – massage as well as the needles and what ever else my nearly 4 decades of working with people facing struggles and suffering direct me to use.

Extra faces in the Life Alignment Centre

1 – Ivana – Ka Huna Massage:

Ivana is a very lovely lady – and so gentle.
Here she speaks of what lead her into her work:

What does Ka Huna mean in my life? I first experienced a Ka Huna massage while recovering from depression and adrenal fatigue. It was an incredible session of emotional release and afterwards I felt relaxed like never before.

As a mother of four children, youngest only 2 years old, my life seemed to be about giving of myself all the time. Receiving the loving touch was vitalising to my body and spirit. Ka Huna has been one of the beacons of love in the process of returning back to myself, understanding myself better, loving myself more, and as a result being able to give again more freely and willingly. I have chosen to become a Ka Huna bodyworker to help others facilitate a reconnection to their bodies, and to find authenticity and more love in their lives.

Over the two years of undergoing training I have gained more and more awareness of the connection between the mental, emotional and physical well being. 

Our bodies are our greatest allies.
They constantly give us signals where we are out of balance, out of ease in our lives.

Once an illness manifests in our body, the imbalance has filtered down from the spiritual, mental and emotional spheres into our physical world, where the pain is much harder to deny or ignore.

Solving the physical problem without addressing the mental and emotional issues that might have contributed to its creation does not usually achieve lasting results.

‘According to Alexander Lowen, each tense muscle holds in it fear, grief, and anger.
What I love about Ka Huna is that while it helps release muscular tension, it also takes the receiver on a journey of energetic realignment. Each session is held in the spirit of unconditional love, creating space for introspection, relaxation, but also for release of tears, or anger or anything else moving through at the time.
Making time to receive Ka Huna massage is making a date with yourself, acknowledging that it is important to step away from the busy-ness and routine of daily life to feel into the inner space, inner sanctum, to recharge, to recalibrate, so that the daily life that you live is aligned with your purpose, your authenticity, your integrity.
‘Ka Huna helps you honour your commitment to your own growth, healing and wholing”. 
Please make time to see Ivana today
Ring her directly  0401 619 088 – she is to be the Life Alignment Centre on Fridays  .

Neil Pont – Atlas Profilax

The Life Alignment Centre – introducing again – the man who transforms lives – gently and one session only – by allowing the circulation – as intended – to happen.Will be visiting monthly initially from Tallebudgera, to save you the travel.

Instead of going back and forth to a structural worker – even with fancy titles and maybe even feel-good massage – why not just fix it? I introduce you to someone who changed my life – and those of many when I also had him working in my clinic in Hawthorne Rd about 6 years ago 

Next day here at The Life Alignment Centre – Monday 31st July
He really does make a permanent difference . and if you are busy visiting physical specialist – perhaps think of a more logical solution – no charge if you do not need it done.
Visit his website

ad for Neil

Neil started his career in 1987 certified clinical hypnotherapist and later N.t.P.

He then trained in massage and Fascial Kinnetics.

In 2OO2 he began his training in Switzerland and qualified as an Atlas Profilax

practitioner, a unique neuro-muscular procedure that results in the correction of a misaligned Atlas (the first cervical vertebra) safely and permanently in one session. Neil’s commitment to this work has seen him successfully treat more than five thousand patients, he is one of the most experienced Profilax practitioners in the world.

ln addition he is the co-director of Humanergetic Therapies a holistic wellness centre at Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast. Services provided include a Hyperbaric Chamber, Pulsed Electro Magnetic field therapy, a Scalar Wave Chamber and Genome DNA Stem Cell Healing Courses.

See his website here. Please book with him directly.

Declutter, Reset, Restore


Don’t forget, I am here in the new Coorparoo clinic on:

  • occasional evenings as needed and
  • every Saturday plus
  • Tuesday,
  • Thursday 

Call for an appointment  (07) 3899 3374

Best wishes,