January 2018

Welcome to 2018

1 – Heather is back in clinic back till mid February

2 – My semi retirement is your gain

3 – Self Care/Arvigo weekend

4 – How I can help you

Back from the cooler weather to steaming Brisbane tonight!

Having been on a two week break, I am ready to go!

Open from tomorrow – and happy to see all who now wish to commit as much as I do to their healing adventure!

Major reminders:

1 – I will try to limit myself to working – just Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays as there is so much to be done before I start the European teaching tour late April.

(Australia Day weekend I will be holding workshops/teaching Fri-Sun)

Of course if you have a need outside of this – I do live there so can be accommodating . .
Ask me. .(3899 2274 – leave a message . . )


2 – I am pulling back into semi retirement

2016 – Spent most of the year teaching Arvigo Self Care courses

2017 – Spent all year training apprentices plus moved clinic and committed to being in Brisbane at least another 2 years at


2018 – Intention – All I have researched and developed over my decades of providing health care in Brisbane is to be written ingto courses/texts and presented online and internationally.

Heather’s offerings

3 – Self Care workshop

You as others before you – may well come out transformed.

Who could come?
Anyone who wishes to shift their inner landscape . .

Discover the new you hiding under what has been holding you back – a fun few days of deep inner delving – and gentle. .  .
Anyone who experiences one or more symptoms of a displaced uterus such as painful periods, PMS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, infertility, miscarriages, painful intercourse, incontinence, low back pain, difficult menopause, digestive problems, etc. Men who experience prostate pathologies or digestive problems benefit from this workshop as well. This course is also for those who are searching for a modality that assists the body holistically – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This is for all who desire to have a strengthened connection to intuition, inspiration and creativity.

No need to be seeing me on and on . .

You can learn how to undo yourself

in an intimate caring gentle group with others also on this path.

Fully catered and all inclusive  . see more here.


Early Bird is extended till 20th

Book now . .

4 – How I choose to help you

(As a specialist multi modality transformative energy body worker).

To get the best results by giving you back YOUR responsibility.
Your life, your journey . . .


After 39 years of session work you decide if even after booking that you come in) – to offer intensives –

Which is either 3 times weekly or daily . .
As this way real shifts happen.
All through your being,

Then top-ups monthly/3-4 monthly or as needed – whilst you step up and into a new path of self awareness

(A course will be on membership and weekly add-ons so you are coached through).

What does this mean to you?

Exciting times as you get to work out what you need and commit to healing yourself – not being dependent on me or anyone else – as life was back when we (and the word we live in) were younger . .
Check out   ..


Want to know more about courses?
Will be out in the next few days..
(Just give me time to settle back into Brisbane . .)

More soon

Warm wishes