‘I am not better Heather . . .’


In this issue:

Getting better . .


What does that mean?
Maybe your body wants you to be shaken up?

When nothing else works – come and see me for a wise womanly discussion on what may ‘work’ – as a ‘bit’/one-off session may not.

Do you have . . . .


Commitment and


I do . .


Then  you say..  .

“I am not better Heather . . .”

(Of course there are also the one-visit-wonders).

  1. You may have said or thought after one or two session with me, or
  2. after seeing many specialists who all see just ONE part of you (not the whole) you are now officially ‘over it’ – and they may have finally washed their hands of you, or
  3. you may be taking so many medication s- that are not improving your day, or
  4. you know it is time . . to change /heal.
  5. You may also have given up on the medical slant – it seems to me that if cancer is not found – they tend to lose interest.

It has taken time to get in a state where you seek help.

Layer upon layer needs undoing.


My scope of practice

– living well again.

Medical scope of practice

– stop you from dying  (but – we all will)

AND  .  .. Death is a birth onto elsewhere . .and whilst here – could we not Live Well?
Hence the Life Recipe


– and the rescue . . .

 That is were I shine (after 40 years of dealing with impossible and ‘hopeless’’ for the people of Brisbane and surrounds) – with intensives as we dive deep and go to where the problems are beginning – almost always where you least expect – from your very early years.

Conditions these days require intensives as they are harder than ever before and we need to takeout what is stopping the body from working well.

Application on your part – and a patient outlook – with massive changes to your life – not just coming in for a session here and there . . . as it is YOUR journey. R.I.C.E.

Inner – Declutter . . .

We live now in a situation where our body is full up with what is blocking normal flows. I have seen this coming – where it seems that even concerted efforts there are still not doing what a few years ago they did.

Hence I wrote up the Self Care package – needs to be YOUR efforts. Your hands. Your belly. Your life.


entry via here https://heatherbrucehealing.com/self-massage1/
and encourage all to take that as it explains in the first part – why – things may not be working’. This is not something that I have made up – I am the messenger.

Time and again the ‘protocol’ of taking out what is not supposed to be there is all I see working. Something is messing with normal and rooting this out is the issue. Not smoothing all over. Usually what really ails us is emotionally driven – as Chinese medicine says – major cause of dis ease’ – emotional.

See more here

It is all the same regardless of what ‘named’ condition you have – your body is issuing warnings. See this ‘condition’ and it is always all of this – whatever the medical people call it – lack of what is needed to run a body well. Coupled with what is in store that is blocking the body able to sort itself out.

Concentrated packages are the only way – diving very deeply – and hence I am geared to this – not people coming in when they ‘can’ – as they would be ruled/ guided by what a specialist oncologist or IVF doctor decreed – yet the softer approach – when you can come in /afford do – tends to not yield the results possible.

Plus – time is a factor – and undoing why things have gotten to where the body has to shout at us. Here may explain it better. https://heatherbrucehealing.com/fibromyalgia/

When is Heather About?

I am here till 15th April then going home to NZ for two weeks.

On my return I will be finally transitioning out of ‘session work’ and into intensives is an obvious progression for me.

This is the only way I see real improvements with people – and their willingness to drop all and do the work needed – hence the online courses . .

WHEN DID WE GET ‘BENT’ INTO where we need to heal?

Whilst we were being made. .Crucial times . . being formed – first 3 years . Baby shock stays forever

 3 months prior to out conception, the 9 months within mum and the 2 years when she is (hopefully) breastfeeding us –  keeping us from harm. Hence I put all my resources into this manual and the DVD’s in 2005 – it matters how we start off in life.


I still see couples who have discovered that forcing nature does not work. Sex is for making babies, it is not for an increasing number of couples. If you are not seeing grandchildren popping up like weeds as they used to a half century ago – and you want them to . . maybe investing in seeing me is the starting point – NOT IVF – as they are not creating wellness or embryos that work well.

Why not?
Simple ingredients – where are the great sperm?
See more here . .


Not the story you will get anywhere else as they have not caught on – some people still throw money away – and may even have traveled overseas to buy someone else’s eggs or embryos. .or sperm – and none of it is biologically sustainable. .

We need to clear out why YOUR own (grand) children are not as you know they are to be.

Who used to ‘try’ to get pregnant?
We all tried exceptionally hard – and usually failed – to not have them – or so many . .. so close together – so this is NOT genetic but EPI- (on top of) genetic – meaning toxins in need to come out.

Hence I from time to time suggest all go on a cleanse – here we are – two products that make all the difference – and when you take them – you DO notice shifts – often immediately.

The detoxification drops

The beginning – as so much of what you are doing/eating is not making the difference it was designed to – we are so full up (and when you vaccinate – you get ever more) of what is blocking nutrients – hence you are failing . ..  https://detox.heatherbrucehealing.com/ You may ask . . . .  What is a zeolite?

The most immediate change you notice if you are already fairly well is you are terribly thirsty – that is the drops working their magic and you offloading the rubbish held in your cells – you can see a lot more on this.

Trawl the site – I am serious – why try to take herbs/even vitamins and mineral when your body is missing them even though they may be there – blinded by the Mercury https://detox.heatherbrucehealing.com/chronic-mercury-toxicity/ and the aluminium https://solutions.heatherbrucehealing.com/aluminium/that block the magnesium and the selenium to go to make up your own Glutathione (never take as a supplement although it is there to be bought from health food shops etc – as your body breaks it into the component parts – do not use it) – only the Glutathione accelerator. When you do – magic usually happens.

The Glutathione accelerator https://solutions.heatherbrucehealing.com/glutathione/ as a couple – there is little this will not work with – pull out what is not supposed to be there – and life returns . .

The lights turn on inside – seriously. Your mitochondria will pick up.

Apparent ‘Health’ Measures
. . .vaccination. .

(Are you one of those ‘nasty anti-vaxxers’ Heather?
(No – I am pro- life)
Actually I did vaccinate – and this is where we ex-vaxxing parents shine – without emotion – and no coercion/blackmail/bullying – suggest that you do what we did not – investigate – as you cannot UN do this.



I was a vaccinating parent – until. .. .

Some of my daughter’s story is here.

The story of my vaccination journey – a must to understand my commitment to health and you (and me and my children and their future). https://www.periscope.tv/teamvaxxed/1mrxmmXgjaLxy

Avoid All Flu Jabs


Do you not have enough rubbish within?

Clean up . . .

Instead .. . studies show every 2,000 iu daily work better than the flu injection – and do you know what effectiveness is on a vaccine? 3 months later there is presence of antibodies – your blood- not that you will not get whatever – but supposedly this only has to give you (if they guess the right strain) 1-2 days LESS off work!!

Really – get your Vit D 3 and AV/AT and Live Well . . .
At least these are not harmful and help you heal form all other life incursions at the same time.

Vitamin D3 – not that you have it likely as Slip Slop Slap along with the uptake of statins is wrecking everyone – start with what is needed as a base ingredient for life – fat and sun – (and salt)


What causes health?

Resilience, vigour, life force intact.

Maybe start there – I did this up 4 years ago – yet it is still applicable – for all – cause of disease?
Lack of resilience and ability to adapt to changes . . that would be all of us as we hide away in the bubble we inhabit – listening to the non-reality on Facebook and the media – as life passes many of us by.


Research yourself – as it is all out there.
What works better? Being well – and in charge of to yourself.
The flu jab contains minute amounts of mercury and heaps of aluminium and will waste the efforts you have made so far taking supplements as magnesium https://solutions.heatherbrucehealing.com/magnesium/ as they block it – and the making of the detox Glutathione on your liver so then you fall ill with all manner of things – as I see happening every year.

Wilful blindness is what I see happening – and cognitive dissonance.
If you want to be well – follow the life recipe above = take the drops and the Glutathione accelerator – use topical iodine and a lot of magnesium on your skin daily – drink so much NON tap water – non chilled and maybe come in for a tune up?

Also – get the AV/AT capsules I have in the clinic on hand for when /if illness starts – the dosage?
Three every hour and GO TO BED!!

Also of course were you taking Amena’s Super Boost – a tsp a night (available in clinic) all would be even less likely to get you. ..plus the anti cancer duo – this and the cream – targeted care – see more here.



And have your Vit D3 levels up where they are at the very top end of ‘the right’ measures according to blood tests then – all is likely to be good. . . Sail through winter as I do very year – except when I am taken out by moxa.


I am no longer using moxa – and have Elizabeth schooled up to do it instead. . .


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