How to help yourself?

Heather’s Movements 

Return to clinic Thursday (2nd March)

Working then and Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday

In between the times allocated below I will be in Brisbane and open for appointments.


Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th March

(Teaching acupuncturists and treating a few them and their patients)


 Monday 13 – Wednesday 15th

(Teaching acupuncturists and treating a few of them and their patients)


Monday 22nd March

(Teaching acupuncturists and treating a few of them and their patients)
New Zealand

 A rest in my garden, visiting my husband and writing more courses

Los Angeles

Teaching a week – 8th – 15th April


16th April

On my return, Elizabeth an Arvigo Self Care teacher and excellent masseuse will be in the clinic with me for 6 weeks – taking bookings (cash only) for her work for the six weeks she will be centred here whilst traveling about teaching Arvigo work.
Brisbane in between all of this ..

Not sure about my location in Brisbane after end of May  .
(Awaiting notification from the leasors of the house I am currently in)

I will not be here forever . .
Here is what I have been putting in place:

  1. Self Help – thoughts that all can action now (link to
  2. Courses – so you become Heather in training.
  3. Extra Heather-trained helpers (regarding Caron and Elizabeth and me training acupuncturists around Australia and NZ and the world


What is “Health”?

I believe “health” is the ability to adapt to changes in our environment.

If we have a healthy immune system we can adapt to any conditions that confront us, internally and externally and maintain our equilibrium while others are suffering.

Looking for Answers?

I have been honing her problem-solving skills in natural healing fields for nearly forty years, employing an increasing array of healing modalities. 

I noticed early on in my healing and teaching career that usually there is a simple natural solution for whatever seems to be ailing anyone. 
Often it is as simple as just returning to what our forebears automatically did.

Here is what I get to tell most people – so I thought to remind you . .
Please share freely – it would save a lot of hassles if everyone gained their common sense back!!!


Sometimes it is all about starting from the beginning.
Too simple .. .

What do we fuel our bodies with?

Especially nutritious – fat – and why . ..

Can’t live without it – an essential life ingredient
(and your body craves it – like fat and the sun – apparently banned but your body knows better . ).

‘We are what we eat’ is also about what we can digest . .

(We need stomach acid to process protein – life’s building blocks)

Magnesium – massively important for everyone . .

To assess what is missing in your cells – take out what is blinding the nutrients – pathways are clogged up and the body cannot release the toxins . .which are coming in faster than we can remove them without help. Hence we get ‘chronically ill – and it is called aging . .

Where to get access to these?

See my specialised site here – and walk through what the mercury that has been handed down to you from your forebears – all of us – has gifted us . . toxic bodies that are breaking down – and who seems to know – or care?
Mandatory vaccines and still using amalgam in our mouths  . .?
Messing with the ability to absorb the ingredients we need to not just make hormones with – but to live well . .

Every cell in our body needs iodine.
More on iodine here.
All hormonal tissue needs it to function . .
Breasts/ovaries/testicles . .and every aspect of being a man or a woman – plus person – as the basic metabolism not set right destroys your quality of life.

Hence everyone who comes it to see me has o have the basics checked off – and here I am saying – start here so I can get into the more individualised areas for you.

So you want to ‘detox’?

Perhaps see what I did for myself – to allow 7 kg to drop off in 7 weeks?
Look at the mess that was coming out of my feet – and I do not do the toxic things that others do to their bodies – besides some hair dye over a few years – I have not . .
So what is coming out of me?
What is the background pollution we are all sitting in . .
I have been doing this so I have a decent next 30 years . .
Glutathione acceleratorwhere to get?

Take 6 in the morning – that is the dosage . .


What is this?
Like when you drive an automatic car – how well it is in timing and how the engine runs – thus what sort of ride you have.

In life – it is same ..
Your engine is really your metabolism – how fast or slow – how fast and easy it is to think, to run your life, BP, thinking everything – the gut peristalsis – and when not –  can’t do anything well or fast – or often at all – you  all sorts of body break downs.  .


Whether you can even pooh – everything – or how slow and decrepit it can all feel . .

Regardless of what ails you . .
We all need to clear out the modern toxic residue and get real with the body we live in.

To help you . .

Courses ready for downloading . .
You know all those amazing massage moves I do ?
You can too!!
See more here . .

Including how to take out the cold . .

and use moxa and steaming and iodine all to undo all that is ailing you – at hoe as all were what people used to know . .

Clinic line up changes.

As I am about less – and maybe gradually only in the country (out of Melbourne definitely and Brisbane area) for the second part of the year.  .

Introducing . .
Caron Spurway will be starting up watching me sometimes in clinic ahead of her beginning to work from the space.
She and Elizabeth will be about whilst I am out and about starting up my year of teaching intensively – there needs to be a lot more healers who can also think around corners!!!

Wanting to make naturally better babies?
know someone who is just not winning with artificial ways?
Perhaps they need to see about sorting out their health – as fertility is just a measure of this . .
Ahead of my Natural Fertility Detective course we have this taster:


Men’s massage course – if you are at all worried about HIM and his prostate/ fertility/back issues or/and leg circulation .

Here is what you can do a home – plus there is the basic cupping and moxa moves plus all the structural guidance and the move the lymph – you do not need special training – just a willingness to touch and love him up!

Same for the women . . .

How to reset your system so it works?

Told or suspect that you have adrenal fatigue/exhaustion/thyroid issues?

Easily fixed – start back at the top of the page – with all the tips I have shared in video format and  . .get the info to do it yourself at home . .
Weight/gut/allergies/hormones/general health return?




Please be aware that  there is way more going on in a session with me now and I am charging accordingly. I intend to fix what is happening to you so you do not keep seeing me or anyone else. .

Expect each session to be at least $150. (one hour)
Initial general acupuncture consults – $200.

My combination of  Arvigo/Mercier and general whatever I think that you need are $400 a session – please allow. at least 3 hours
Products are extra.


Please ring me and leave a message on the clinic phone (3899 2274) which I will pick up when I return late Wednesday night.

I look forwards to helping your body heal itself. .

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce

Transformative Energy Body Worker
Accredited Mercier therapist
Arvigo® /Maya Self Care teacher,
Certificated and Pregnancy Arvigo® worker

Author of ‘What Dads Can Do’ 
HeatherSays Apps: Periods – Fertility – Pregnancy