Helping yourself to health and well being


Choices.  . .
We can all be/work towards being our best self
– or in these times of trouble – react . .

I choose to carry on regardless . .

How about you?
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Garage sale . .

All the usual that you would find when a house (me living upstairs) is being undone – and a business.

Are there at the clinic from 8am Saturday

What to do to stay well .

Turn off all media and GET OUTSIDE . .

My Life Recipe is here . .

I have sent you annually what to do – here is the link to one of these newsletters. And another. And yet another.

I am not repeating myself – and if you have not had before here it is .


Turn off the fear mongering  ..

We are all in a different state – locked in/down/out of our lives as we knew them.. Me – in a different country, no longer physically available in your world.

As the world reels from what else?

How to cope with the cold?

It is also now officially winter.
(NZ today . ).

Be more vibrant and . .as all elder wisdom (old wives’ tales ) said . .
DO not add any more in. COLD – what it does to you. (Wastes your metabolism and life force – stops circulation)

Physios and health workers seems to have forgotten that the 2014 RETRACTION of the I.C.E. dictate is the only way healing can happen. Qi and Blood have to flow. They are not able to when cold is present.

Thus you had me pulling out the cold – and until recently – adding n the special vibrationary heat moxa gave.
It allows your body to take over.

On another level – you may well need to start turn own thinking back up again.
Being run by fear will only ever end in tears.

The body heals itself

It remembers everything that has ever happened to it

Flows HAVE to flow.

This means – you need to free up/liberate what is stuck.
Above the door of The Life Alignment Centre is:

Up to you.

I have said a lot about the health enhancement you can do . .



LIFE HEALS ITSELF – when conditions are favourable.

I have spent the past months jigsawing, painting (outside), cycling and gardening and knitting – generally reflecting as I listen to the ever more ridiculous worries that are being fed the public.
Your body will be fine – if you do not corrupt it.
Not only do NOT get jabbed but also turn away from worry – towards life.
Life . .

Regenerates itself.
Protects itself

Needs to be ‘given its head’.
When run by fear – what next?
Elsewhere . . .
That pesky ‘it will kill us all – shut down the world issue.
(You could be forgiven in thinking that a megalomaniac is running the politicians who all bowed down, sent millions throwing it at the guy who funds all the agencies that have led us to this here.(NZ – $37 million – on top of paying so many people to NOT work – and ending up placing all the youngsters in debt forever – especially as we are SHUT IN here and can’t leave . ).

The #CDC just confirmed a .26% death-rate for COVID19…..

“CDC admitted they screwed up COVID19 infection counts and intentionally misled the public and have apologized, clarifying that the amount of people truly infected is much lower than what was originally reported. An error so egregious it made the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute say “how could the CDC make this mistake? This is a mess.

The American Coronavirus Task Force also admitted to fudging the National COVID19 death count when Dr. Birx said the deaths are people who died “with” COVID19 not “from” COVID19, thus making the real death count much lower than what is currently being reported. Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted masks won’t help against the virus and mask manufacturers are now including warnings that their products do not deter COVID19. He also said that continuing to close the country could cause irreparable damage. CDC backtracked their initial claim that led governors to shutdown their states & clarified that COVID19 does not spread easily on surfaces.

In this you have me following what Del Bigtree did up a week or so ago . .

I have been immersed in this situation as it has changed my life so totally.
And I work as a natural health problem solver. Maybe listen to a sensible professor whose opposite predictions (as with so many epidemiologists I have watched) are saying more or less what we have . . a Bell curve and are out the other side
(When AIDS happened – I did the same and ended up with a clinic with 1/3 of my patients recovering from this not being HIV+ but actually living and dying with AIDS).
It is well past time all used their own reason . .
Is it true?
How do I know it to be?
I am no longer in clinic
Have not worked for months
What price?
Many will also have had this happen . .
Change – can really make a new life.
Back to what is not happening – thinking .. .
As the sensible doctor in the footage below says. .
“You do not start a differential diagnosis with certainty . .”
No pre conceived notion – this is my issue with everything .
Instead you ask – as I always do in clinic. Think it through . . 

What is likely?

1 – We just know (INNATE)
2 – From life (like kids playing with blocks) – EMBODIED
Then there is the ‘programming’
3 – Been told
Also – increasingly (the body of nameless faceless others who are self important and have been published, and have not necessarily been on the coal face and often have NEVER done the work that those of us deeply compassionate caring individuals have ,And are still – no time to play this game . ..
4 – It IS Written
(Reframe all you know . .)
A war of consciousness .
Can we return to inner authority – or let others . .
Please take the time listen . . .
90 minutes – stop and set aside the time with partner .
Love and fear – which one will we choose?
Inner love first – Be the Light . .

Inner work
Build our connection to above to within and to make connection with those so we have True Connection . .
Darkness will always get lost in the Light.

COVID – yes – especially that – and all ‘seasonal’ flus. .

Bodies heal themselves.
Fear and worry weaken you
Easy to bump up your own health.
Find a local to you natural health care professional

Contact me for an online boost of what you can do to help yourself.

Online courses then included in the initial price – and specific individualised care.


Activated B – Tresos B is best (PLus and activated – 1/2 x 3 with food.
Vitamin D need 50,000 iu daily till you feel A LOT better – and this is buy online – can sometimes get 25,000 iu caps – at least 5 or 10 and take A LOT till better – at least a month .
All hormones, depression, energy, and immune system will come right – then go to maybe 25,000 iu weekly.
Kids – 16 year old the same.
11 – 50 for a week then 25 a week after that  as not doing hormones yet.
No vaxxes . .
Vit C – is water soluble – best with liposomal and hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver (I have in the clinic presently) – otherwise 10 GRAMS a day over the day – powder in water and stir it and sip all day – then rinse mouth out.
Zinc– ideally Health Word Liquids – Drink to supplement and Tally to taste test – you can order on my account Health world 4747 X is my number and their number is 3117 3300 – they are hard to get as practitioner only – maybe a tablet will work?
Amena’s Ultra Boost and Nettle or Hawthorn as that will assist your ability to process minerals coming in.
and Zinc – anyone’s tablet you can find in the meantime 3x day.
PANAXEA – ph 1300 133 807 – must say that you would be getting these from me but I am gone).
AV/AT – 3 is  a dose. There are now 150 in a bottle – cost approximately $$120.
These were designed for the first SARS 20 years ago – (Covid is the second). And bird flu. Those illnesses that came and went as this one will – those not well will cop it. ..

A wee sideline . . .

AV/AT – take hourly acute anything (my son’s G.F. story).
ATTENTION !!!! Cognitive dissonance warning!!!!
He was vaccinated for the first time in his life at 12 1/2. This was my choice . . I felt that he needed the diptheria (he did not) and a year later – the polio and tetanus. (Did you know you get the Hep B – grown on human diploid – cancer causing- tissue at the same time??) He did not get that as I refused – so he had 3 singles in all. That was enough to totally wreck the course of his life. .  . I am thus an EX VAXXER. (I am NOT an ‘anti vaxxer’ – that is a media beat up to polarise, and demonise – and obscure the FACT that this procedure is not only not necessary – but is CAUSING the plummet in wellness – thus unsafe. Says so on the package insert that you did not read. Or was offered. No informed consent – we would not be so stupid!!
Hep B has M.S. and Gullienne-Barre as side effects – as well as death for some. . we do need to Wake Up!
Ryan got conjunctivitis from this – as his body was now under strain. And still is. Started growing breast buds. . .got gradually more lethargic and lost his spark. After the secondvaccination at 13 1/2 he got glandular fever. None of my others had. .He never got colds and flus – he was so well till the jabs!  G.F. hit him hard. For three and a half days = what did I do?
I fed him 3 x AV/AT hourly – he was sent to bed, told I had had two patients who had started in on this adventure as teenagers, and 20 years later were in bed – still with chronic fatigue. He wisely (as was too ill to disagree) followed his mums’ dictates . .
I managed one acupuncture session, he was fed some Vit C and zinc as an addition to the water he was drinking. Sleeping fixed him.I then got a blood test done – incredibly high titer for Epstein Barr – yes – I know . . And the medical centre staff were not interested in how he went from being so ill to so well – what about all others who need to know? No reocurrences. Ever.
After the vaccinations – he gradually lost his health – and became the standard teenager – from being so vibrant! Allergies and asthma sill plague him – (usual family response – what would mum know?) he was never as he is now . .and a straight time line shows – what I did to wreck that stunning kid he was, Happens to all – and as his is so normal now – unless like me  you are a trained observer (is my job/life) you play the medical game of ‘we don’t know’. This why you come to me. We undo these and you are then on a more healthy trajectory. For the rest of your life – you are in a messed-with mode though.

When people help themselves – healing happens easily!



AV/AT seriously work – were designed for SARS which COVID is) and bird flu – same.
Have a large bottle on hand – they now sell in 150’s

The  ABBotanicals– is for infections (3 is a dose and take at least every 2 hours – take more Ultra boost Amena and go to bed and get fixed. Along with the oil of T and all others incl garlic – caps – at least 10 daily in 3 lots.

YOU can order these directly from Panaxea – by saying you are one of my patients they will prescribe directly. Ring them on 1300 133 807.  I suggest that you get stocked up for winter – all of these work – and when you look after YOURSELF they work even better. We only get ill when we have not kept up a self care maintenance routine.

Part of this can be found here.  .

Major issue is getting rid of the damp.
Start with no cold, sweet and raw going into you in the weather you have now.
Avoid all cold – and the moxa and the cupping of navel you will have always experienced is why I always started – at the beginning . . oils and tissanes and ungents (ointments have always been made in kitchens and in  herbal gardens – the wise women always had steaming and drying and life helps /heal life – when we let it.
All so easy . .. when you take what vested interests there are out of the picture.

What used to work – centuries ago – still does.
Oil of Thieves
Hydrogen Peroxide
Colloidal silver
Topical iodine
Vit C – liposomal
Sea minerals and herbs

Hydrogen Peroxide

First time I used it was when my then 2 year old (25 now) got golden staph. He was being minded whilst I worked by someone who was a wild life carer  and she was minding eagles and the scratched became infected.
Can’t miss it as the skin goes golden. And the skin of the palms of his hands peeled off – many thicknesses at once – and the toes and fingers started separating from the hands, feet

I had diagnosed this – the GP said not – the antibiotics did not work – then what?
H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) – 12 drops in water and left for 12 hours and as one was sipped over 1 hours the next one was started – on to of all the Vit C and zinc and whatever else I was giving him – that fixed it – when the Ab did not and could not.

Hydrogen Peroxide – a whole PDF

Hydrogen peroxide

More on that here. . .

And there is more . . .

Colloidal silver

Oil of Thieves – The Story

There are 17 different written accounts of the Thieves in the 1700’s (at least one is a 15th Century version). They were merchants (spice traders) importing cinnamon and clove from India. When the plague hit, the King sent out a mandate stopping all trade. In order to continue making money, they set up a pawn shop trade, selling items they robbed from the dead bodies.

The King ordered the constables to capture the thieves, but the constables were afraid of the thieves because they had been in contact with the dead bodies. A couple of constables were put to death for refusing to follow the King’s orders. Finally the 4 thieves were captured, and their secrets revealed.

It’s not certain which spices were being used by them, but most likely they included Oregano, Cinnamon and Clove. Each of the 17 versions tells different stories of the oils used. One version mentioned wormwood, meadowsweet, wild marjoram, sage, cloves, campula roots, etc. I decided to make my own version.

Colds, flus and illness produce lots of acid, which in turn produces mucus which accumulates in the pancreatic ducts. This leads to fibrocystic conditions and low grade inflammation. If the body accumulates mucus, we have a problem. Mucus in excess in the mesenchymal tissue is the primary cause of nasal polyps (an acid condition). It also contributes to certain tumors in the body.

Thieves oil blend dissolves excess mucus in the body (fluid acids and hardened mucus), attacking inflammation and suppressing the microphages from producing nitric oxide acid.

Excess stress leads to increased cortisol levels. The body then stimulates the microphages, which produce nitric oxide acid. This enters the body and leads to polyps and tumors, etc. Polyps are simply hardened mucus acid. Vinegar and olive oil are used as emulsifiers for essential oils. Vinegar neutralises acid.

A great way to ingest Thieves is in 2 oz (60ml) of raw apple cider vinegar. The “raw” variety has the culture still inside it – you can see it in the bottle. Take this first thing in the morning, and it resets the stomach pH. You can also possibly take it in the evening. This helps to decrease the acid levels of the body, and re-establish proper balance in the body.

The 4 Thieves vinegar formula was used up to 1793 for treating yellow fever. In 1780, they started experimenting with antibiotics. By the 1800’s, everyone used antibiotics instead. Use Thieves spray on public toilet seats, but make sure you wipe it off before you sit on it. If you forget, rest assured you will never forget a second time!

Thieves ingredients are:

  • Clove – contains 75+% eugenol – a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anaesthetic. Clove has camphor and borneol verbanone together. This is amazing as an antibacterial agent.
  • Camphor carries the other compounds in deeper.
  • Rosemary officianalis – contains 1,8 cineol (also found in Clove oil), which is a powerful antibacterial and anti-viral agent
  • Eucalyptus radiata – for respiratory infections (this was not used by the thieves, as it was not available in those days)
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon – second to none in its antiseptic action – is antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. Has a Vitamin P action, so it’s good for micro circulation, especially around the eyes. It is high in coumarins, so it’s good for the bloodstream. Citrus oils help to increase lymphocyte production in the body, thus stimulating the immune system.

Thieves essential oil is caustic to the nose, so just run the diffuser for 15 to 20 minutes then turn it off.

You can’t afford not to have a diffuser in your home.

Journal of essential oil research 10:517-523 (Sept/Oct 1998). Tested 3 bacteria which were all significantly killed by diffusing Thieves oil blend.

Offers . . .

Found in the next newsletter. It is taking longer/more of me than anticipated to get the life I was in dissolved – and from this distance. A few friends have rallied and are working tirelessly to have me gone by midweek. Then along with downsizing from two (one very large house and studio) to one (cottage/rural retreat) I am also teaching those who wish to follow in my steps  so you will have access to some who know – and those wishing to heal themselves – at all levels – will be part of the courses I am constructing from my decades of making teaching resources – the posters, the eBooks the healing kits, and so on you have been introduced to in the past.

All whilst I am preparing to return to Australia to run retreats and practical courses.

Where? South Australia, Victoria (Dandenongs and Grampians), northern NSW, Brisbane and Cairns.
Back to NZ mid October for the summer to run my workshops there till winter again. Then likely Far North Qld settling (Grandchildren, and to be the hub of my teachers-to-be).

When I am totally out of Brisbane and only have a house here to repaint, various home improvements (and garden) and of course – knitting .. .  I will begin again. The planning is happening – retreats in late September, early October, then I will be back here till at least the following Easter. – running courses/healing retreats and healing intensives in/from my country sanctuary.


It all comes down to look after yourself . .
Health and life follows when you do.

(You can get onto Zoom so I can record the conversation. You then have a record – so you can concentrate.

Price??  This includes me processing what is happening afterwards and popping up a page – only seem be you – so the additions are all typed up with clear instructions and what to do next . .

Usually $250 first half hour as we spend always longer – 30 mins face to face and then there is at least a hour organising for you . . $100 every 30 minutes after this. . I can get some remedies sent to you . .
As you are known to me to be on this list – is $150 first 30 minutes and $100 every half hour after this . .
We can carry on a healing communication – there are so many online courses and resources I have been working in over the decades . . .

Your life is in YOUR hands

Let us live more peacefully . treading ever softer on this planet 


Best wishes,