Hello winter!




Heather dropping in to say hello – I am still avalable- onlne consults and zooms if yu want me to record and add in apage so you can refer to – I also add in lks and thngs to do.
And of course – ore herbs totally available – then I send the ‘prescription to Panaxea and they fill it for you and send it to you .
Healthwrld will also do the same.

Continuity of care. I have ‘your story’ in my head I can carry on . .
Not sure I can send you off to anyone or my sessions – I wish someone would be near me also – as unless you are in Cairns (Maja) or Dannenongs (April) there is not a lot to offer.
Julienne is a herbalist.acupuncturists who has much of my work under her belt. Redcliffe – and Tania also – Banora Point (NSW).

I am currently teaching – and online.
Also courses you can instantly download. .

And we are reducing 2 houses to one and that one is being renovated.  .
Whilst I write and keep my students occupied.

Not at the moment – a large change.

This pause happened as I undid my life.
Grieved, sat back and heaped on myself more challenges – now writing the story of my daughter’s mother.

If you follow FB at all – some of it is here.

Still adjusting
After 15 years of commuting countries – I am in the space I have not lived in since June 205 – and then it was only a 16 months out of Australia – and I was back there again.

Change.  .
We no longer have a gorgeous clinic to visit – you or myself.
I am nomadic rootless in Australia on my return – ears prick up?
Can’t yet.
Eventually will be  . .
And where?
Yungaburra, or northern NSW.


Basic QI flow – so you can live well



EAsy way out shul dyo iget ill (fwith jstray na=sties)
Get what will fihgtyhjem on boar d- prefeably pror to even looking like getting ill.
Here is what works = so many ways to know tis on eth ehad – thihgt not being publicised.




T cells




Want go to someone to seek help?
Try Cherron?