Hello winter/spring/summer!



Welcome to the new life we all have.

Many months ago I write what you find below.

I have occasionally added to the SARS vs you page. See more here. (CLICK)

There has been a very long silence from me.

As with so many – the ground I stand on – shifts.

This has been months in the making.
I have been mentoring my tribe of healers.
We have gone through the sleep project, now the pain project with them and soon to start back physically teaching (in NZ).

A long, very different six months. ..

Contents . .

  • 1 – (Briefly) what I have been doing
  • 2 – Sleep project
  • 3 – Meditation gift
  •  4- AV/AT – how to insure you are well protected against any odd viral attack (besides living well).
  • Reach out for online consults (I hold your story/past and know what is likely going to help).
  • 5 – SARS-COV 2

You – like me likely are in transition – and not sure to where next we land.

Here is my gift to you – a free online course.  .
Helping Yourself. .

Also – are you following the Life Recipe?

What next?

I summer over here with Duncan and I garden, write books, manuals, teach online and knit . .


I will review this when the foolishness of being scared of life settles down.

Shortly I hope.

When/ if it is safe I will be back in Australia:

(though not in Brisbane, but northern NSW and in Yunagaburra (FNQ) ) .

I am on Zoom – teaching still and taking online consults.

Changes happen often and are unscripted.

Six months is enough. The polarisation hence the reactivity of those not used to being self responsible but being directed by others, plus the loss of thinking/ common sense /being ruled through fear, allowing a take over of personal sovereignty has astounded me.

Having spent my life as a health troubleshooter, I began being stuck here by being in shock – I imagine we all were. Twiddling my thumbs, I spent my initial months in NZ lock down doing jigsaws, online all day/night trying to get a handle on what happened. Undoing messes that happen as I had been for 14 years – visiting my life. Not living in the two houses I had here (one as a healing teaching establishment), meant there was a garden, a huge mess accumulated.

Taking time out to fill up my cup . .

In early June, after my realising that going back to Australia was a long term prospect, friends helped throw my Brisbane life away there. The Coorparoo teaching and healing clinic that was to be my centre for decades – gone. Garden likely now totally abandoned. My library, and books/manual in preparation – are in boxes in four different locations.

Meanwhile  – GONE

You have lost your ‘go-to’ in person multi disciplinary, multi lineage, no stone unturned helper. You can reach me here I am still online .. and who knows when/how I return to where my adult life was/is. Consults via this page

In the meantime, I took to catching up with myself.

Commuting countries was a trial. I have been cleaning out my own life.

Now knitting, not jigsaws. Awaiting the warmer weather – then gardening. Before gardening, painting the renos. Undoing boxes of a life clutter – lectures taken and given.

I mentor healers internationally, keeping my tribe of soon to be ‘allowed’ to work again students.  They are gradually filling their own cups.  We are working towards the Gentling Way .

Some of my graduates are found here.

What with the rapid changing of ‘reality’ and ‘truth’ and my life needing attention, I have left what is below –  unsent til now.

Next week I will write the Coming Out of The Dark/Hello Summer newsletter (October).
And offer some specials for self help . .
This is me clearing out what has been ‘left till later’
I sincerely hope you have reached out to me if needed – as I am seemingly ALWAYS online and answer email promptly.
Much moving and telephone issues mean – only phone that reliably works presently is

+64 27 777 3737

I find it easier talking than emailing and we (if you are a ‘friend’ on FB – messenger chat. or Zoom when we are in consultation).


Sleep . .

After my Living Ligaments classes could not go ahead in person, I took the usually experiential class online, and have been mentoring ever since. As they, like me, feel bereft – on top of all other loses, not being in service and touching all day – changing lives – I asked how they were sleeping – as I know my life is all odd. .


We deviated into The Sleep Project. Now the Pain Project ,  .

Over many weeks the group discovered many wondrous things.

Basically – what I teach – works.
And eating liver/pate – can vastly improve body function – and sleep – good old Vit B12 – as grannie made all – eat liver x 1 weekly. Amazing things happen when we do the basics . .
1 – At least 3 litres of water  (tepid) drunk daily – at least 2 litres before noon and 1 – 2 litres prior to eating or drinking anything different, You will notice huge shifts in yourself when you do this.

2 – Vit D3 – at least get to 100nm/ml on the blood – but why not JUST GET  A WHOLE LOT (online overseas as Australia and NZ are nanny states) and take it as I am yet to see anyone who is OK in this – think all the ‘health’ dramas you have – people 40 years ago when I started seeing people did not have these chronic issues. . immune system, weight, metabolic, caner, hormonal, mood  . . .the sun . .
As it is not at the right angle yet and as there is such a depletion in all – do take heed.
Diabetes, strokes .growth issues . .so mu. at least 50,00iu a week for  month – or this much a day for a week and then 20,000 iu a week.

3 – Magnesium – so much on topically – of it is not going on to your skin 20x a day – not enough . .
And then – review – do you have a sleeping problem still? Next we go to the free mediation tracks I produced in 1999.

Sleep – we all need it . .
These free meditation tracks (1999 ) may help- guided tense-and-release and the emotional clearance opportunity also.
See more here


Contents (for hello winter, then spring)

A Pause happened I found my feet
And my life back

15 years I was away from my healing cottage.

We returned full time (Renovating)


AV/AT? – Andrographolide as a potential inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2

It works .
Since SARS 1 and Bird Flu, regardless of what ails you, in the past I have sent everyone home with this.Easy – take 3 every hour at the beginning of any viral/apparently ‘getting ill’ occurrence and most magic wellness almost instantly – IF they rest , drink lots of water and generally take other health sensible measures –
My then teenage son had 4 day’s of glandular fever. No returns – a better healthier body.
One and a half bottle sat 3 every waking hour – water, some vit C, some Zinc and sleep . .

You may need a few bottles in the house – so at the first sign of not catching a cold – as in cold exposure – that is different – almost anything else – this will return your body to wellness. Do ring Panaxea 1300 133 807.
Say you can’t see me – they know the story – and they will send to you.
Maybe also get yourself what you may be missing as I have been gone now 6 months. .
OR – also book a consult with me and we can do a spring clean of your life together , . .

Extras – Vit D3 – and when the sun is hotter – outside in it a the time you are told not to  and for 10 minutes front and back full body exposure – you will be healed of almost all that ails you  . .
No research needed – it was all done decades ago. See more here. As the happiness vitamin – what are you waiting for?

I have used in clinic ever since – and whilst you are ordering this – also – get their product Resist as several of my patents have been taking that at the beginning of anything . .
It stops it in its tracks. As does keeping your Vit C and D levels up – all I have written of before.

SARS-CoV-2 virus which caused the global pandemic the Coronavirus Disease- 2019 (COVID-2019) has infected about 1,203,959 patients and brought forth death rate about 64,788 among 206 countries as mentioned by WHO in the month of April 2020. The clinical trials are underway for Remdesivir, an investigational anti-viral drug from Gilead Sciences. Antimalarial drugs such as Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine derivatives are being used in emergency cases; however, they are not suitable for patients with conditions like diabetes, hypertension and cardiac issues.
The lack of availability of approved treatment for this disease calls forth the scientific community to find novel compounds with the ability to treat it. This paper evaluates the compound Andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata as a potential inhibitor of the main protease of SARS-COV-2 (Mpro) through in silico studies such as molecular docking, target analysis, toxicity prediction and ADME prediction. Andrographolide was docked successfully in the binding site of SARS-CoV-2 Mpro.
Computational approaches also predicts this molecule to have good solubility, pharmacodynamics property and target accuracy. This molecule also obeys Lipinski’s rule, which makes it a promising compound to pursue further biochemical and cell based assays to explore its potential for use against COVID-19.
Andrographolide as a potential inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 main protease: an in silico approach. J Biomol Struct Dyn. 2020 : 1–7. doi: 10.1080/07391102.2020.1760136


I have been studying what is happening and here is some of what I have collated SARS VS US

I am still available – online consults and zooms if you want me to record and add in a page so you can refer to – I also add in links and things to do. And of course – more herbs totally available – then I send the ‘prescription’ to Panaxea and they fill it for you – you ring with cc details and the send it to you . Healthworld will also do the same. (My number is 4747X). They are on 3117 3300).

Continuity of care. I have ‘your story’ in my head I can carry on . .
Not sure I can send you off to anyone or my sessions – I wish someone would be near me also – as unless you are in Nundah Zoe (Chiro), Cairns (Maja) or Dannenongs (April) there is not a lot to offer. Vanessa (Lomi Lomi/Arvigo as well) Grampians), Tracey (Mt Gambier), Deborah (Maryborough area), Melissa (Naturopath, Mareeba) and Trish (New Jersey, midwife, Mercier and Maya worker) will be included on the Gentling Way site in the next week.
Julienne is a herbalist/acupuncturist who has much of my work under her belt. Redcliffe – and Tania also – Banora Point (NSW). But of course no one is traveling or even being touched in some places. .we have me online still . .and my online courses.  I am still teaching –  online.

We are reduced 2 houses to one and that one is being renovated.  .
Whilst I write and keep my students occupied.

This pause happened allowimg me to undo my life.
Grieved, sat back and heaped on myself more challenges – now writing the story of my daughter’s mother.

If you follow FB at all – some of it is here (CLICK)

Basic Qi flow (CLICK)  – so you can live well

Assorted bits . .

HOW TO FIX SARS-COV 2 . . (click)
Now ‘banned’ – if you ever wondered if this was about the virus  .

T cells (how they are part of your body working well

Want go to someone to seek help?

Wonder what you can do to help yourself first?

Wait for the next email – and maybe remind yourself.  .

New life – in my retrat cottage. Bit squishy. Having found my spot, internet working, less ‘bang bang’ renos, and the weather not being SOOO cold,  I will get painting, and send another newsletter out with Self Help extras in a week.

In the meantime – do reach out if you wish for a consult online as I can get herbs sent off to you and likely have a course online or eBook or helpful suggestion for you.