Heathers News – March 2013

Welcome to Heather Bruce’s newsletter for her  wellness Brisbane clinic, Acupuncture Plus.


•    Damp and how to live through it
•    Changes afoot in Heather’s clinic
•    Heather’s inter country movements
•    Fees
•    Research
•    Eating – what and why?
•    Weighty matters
•    Vaccination
•    Teeth
•    Christchurch
•    Tourists in NZ
•    Tune-Ups

Beware the damp. .. .

A Brisbane summer to show us that we are still tropical!!!

I hope that you are enjoying the sogginess – if not and there is a lot of mould and funny smells about your house – think of getting the Oil of Thieves that I have in the clinic – it not only is a mould/fungus and bacteria ‘eater’ on /in your body but works really well in all external and household applications – black spot in bathrooms to start with – and is available as a household cleaner – I have some here – and oil of Thieves toothpaste.

To assist your body in this very damp weather, staying away from anything sweet to taste  will help as the damp energy brings with the tendency of the thyroid to falter and with that – a lot of digestive and energy lows. Candida then to come on board.

Every so often I bring out a precis of the research I have been doing – and this is one such newsletter.

All below is pertinent to everyone who comes in and wants a body condition healed . .
When people come in and wish me to help them I often wonder – were this a car – would you not change the fuel?

Changes Afoot in Heather’s clinic

I have been more interested in helping everyone through educating over the past 35 years. This newsletter sets off a new trend of sharing with you.

I am on track to start a whole new education venture – and have a helper in the background now.

Lauren may ring you to verify your details to see if you are still getting this newsletter and if you want to.
If you have unsubscribed via a different email address, and have it popping up again, please just unsubscribe again.
Lauren is just collecting the best email address to get you on so anyone who is interested in healing their own life.

Soon I will be launching an App (for iphone and android) on living well.
I will start with the pregnancy one.
I have been researching nutrition as the beginning of life – which explains why the footage included in this newsletter.

Heather’s movements

As many of you know, I have been coming and going from NZ on a monthly basis for years now.

I will be away from midday on this Saturday the 9th,
and BACK IN CLINIC first thing in Monday 17th March.

I will be here throughout Easter,
then leaving on Anzac Day for a three week trip to aconference in Rothenburg odT, Germany..
I will also visit Iceland and be
back in clinic mid May.

I am not sure that there will be anyone here in my stead – although I may have a person in the clinic to answer the phone and be the face of helping get supplies if needed.

You may wonder . .
Why the coming and going?
I was in clinic in Riding Road from 1995 – 2004.
Initially I returned home (I thought permanently for good ) to NZ in 2004, and in 2005, bought a house in the remote region of inner Westland, NZ to write books, and garden.
This is where ‘What Dads Can Do’ was developed.

Following the call to sort out family matters in Brisbane, I came back to eventually running another Brisbane clinic mid 2006, and have been oscillating between, due to two of my sons now living in Christchurch NZ.
Then earthquake matters intervened. Ryan (18) is now in uni in Christchurch and I still commute.

In this time I have been leaving the clinic empty when away.
Usually it is only a week at a time and hopefully it inconveniences people not much.

Fee Structure And Expectations

I do as much as I can in as short a time as possible to deliver the best treatment I feel that you need.
This is an amalgam of my 35 years of experience as a natural therapist and wise woman.
As a multi-modality worker, I also bring a lot in to the session.

I have been absorbing the cost of living and have not put up my consultation fees for at least 4 years.
Back then my fee was one of the most expensive, reflecting my seniority and depth of experience.
From the 1st March, I put the fee up to $90 a visit.

If this is a problem, please let me know and I will continue charging what you are used to. (The average massage is now dearer than seeing me).

I will be working towards an updated and electronic system of record keeping, hence you may see of hear from Lauren from time to time..

Personally I do not like being automatically reminded that I have an appointment, (dentist/chiro/hair people) and expect all to know when they have booked in to see me.
However my move to an electronic system of record keeping may include reminder txts.
I will be continuing to expect at least 4 hours notice if you need to change what you are doing as that way I can give more choices to those who may need sessions.


Recently I have been looking into food as my project ‘Saving Babies’- 24 weeks on . . means what we fuel ourselves is what we make our baby’s foundations and our own futures . .
I will soon start with my Independent Research Project as part of my Masters of Health Science . .. (at Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ) and will be studying ways to ensure pregnancies stay to 40 weeks – and what can be done to ensure this.
Of course I started with the use of non sweet – as sugar is inflammatory.

Already I send all away from the clinic with magnesiumas it is so absent in our lives and the base of why all diseases and distress are present.

If breast cancer has been your focus recently – or if someone dear to you has . .
Transdermal Breast Cancer Treatments

From my exposés on Magnesium, I have now moved on past vaccination and the wealth breastfeeding gives as a lifelong start – to looking at what went wrong with food.

The effects of too much fructose and then into fat and now looking at the malnutrition all seem to come in with and the unsustainability of food production.
Diabetes a case in point.

My very small answer is to start growing greens here and in NZ to put through my juicer.
At home in NZ I have a great wee garden that is getting larger every time I go back . . .

I do not have a TV – so now I sometimes find myself watching documentaries online ..

Eating – what and why?
Perhaps begin with what are you eating.

I have before suggested watching at least a way to help all disease – as this GP did when faces with MS – she investigated what would build up her nervous system – food – and transformed her life. We all can. Minding Your Mitochondria (17 minutes)

Sugar – the Bitter Truth

Apparently we are all as Australians consuming 45 tsp of sugar a day.
If you think – it is Stevia/honey/Aspartame or whatever – the sweet taste sets you up as a mild opiate .. .

Watch the way to magnetise a baby (40 minutes)
Just start with the first 3 and you will get it . .
he says – Food – Chocolate, cheese, meat and sugar – physically addictive substances.

I suggest that you play a game with all labels – and all foods that you wish to eat –
– ‘Where is Wally?‘ (Wally being the sugar hidden on the label)

There are subject headings – and I would suggest that as it is possible to sit down and read it all – you watch one footage at a time, as all are fascinating to see how we got to here – how food has become so sweet and we are all carrying around at least 5, if not 15 Kg on our bodies more than if we lived 30 years ago.

Sugar – The Bitter Truth

Start here – take out all the sweet taste – it only takes a few days and your taste buds change.
Have a lot more to do with crunchy veggies and protein – a little every few hours – maybe it is just mal (bad) nutrition – not a calorie exercise – but – ask yourself – What will this food do for me?

Sugar Makes Me Happy . . .

A great little clip – and highly entertaining – and if you watch nothing else here, please take the few minutes to watch Sugar Makes Me Happy  (2.30 minutes) – as the Bears so cleverly show..

“Sustainable Table: What’s On Your Plate”

Do you know where the food on your plate came from?
Many of us think about this only in passing, if at all but it’s something that is shaping the future of our planet – and not in a good way.
Seven percent of US farms now sell 75 percent of the country’s food, using a conventional farming system that depends on pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, monoculture and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
In the documentary film Sustainable Table: What’s On Your Plate, you can get a closer look at the way modern-day agriculture is affecting our planet… and learn what you can do to help stop it.
Watch the video Sustainable table (49 minutes)

Another one worth watching is Forks Over Knives

See also: Growing Change: A Journey Inside Venezuela’s Food Revolution

This video investigates our current food system and the solutions to world hunger.
Contrary to popular belief, modern agriculture techniques are not a solution, but rather the very heart of the problem.
Poor soil quality is a core problem facing farmers across the globe, and the Earth’s soil is depleting at more than 13 percent the rate it can be replaced due to our chemical-based agriculture system.

The film offers inspiration and hope, and demonstrates how communities can take back control of the food supply and gain independence, as well as feed those who would otherwise not be able to afford to eat.

Food additives: are they safe for long-term consumption?
More than 3,000 food additives — preservatives, flavorings, colors and other ingredients — are added to foods in the United States.
While each of these substances are legal to use in the US, whether or not they are safe for long-term consumption – by themselves or in combination – is a different story altogether.
Many have been deemed too harmful to use in other countries.
Decide for yourself – food additives: safe for long-term consumption?

Weighty Matters

Want to lose weight?

All seem to have gradually up sized – I know I have – why?

Here we are in the fruit season . . . Fructose will Make You Hungry (12 minutes)

Fear of fat

There is the fearful of fat issue – and this presentation explains why fat is so very important in our day. (54 minutes)

I have sent this home with a few – it is a must in relation to why you think getting slimmer and more healthy is so hard
– it is as simple as eating more fat and NO sugar (or anything with a sweet taste).

The presenting doctor is amazing at the historic perspective – it is engrossing.  Why is there all this disease? We are not eating as we are designed to . .

Recent soft drink ad campaigns have focused on the mistaken belief that beating obesity is a matter of counting calories.
This theory has been found to be patently false.

All calories are NOT the same, and obesity is the result of consuming too many of the wrong type of calories.
Carbs (fructose and grains) affect the hormone insulin and leptin, which are very potent fat regulators.
Fats and proteins affect insulin to a far lesser degree.

While soda consumption in the US has declined by 40 percent in the last 10 years, consumption of artificially sweetened “diet” beverages has risen in that same time.
Research published in 2011 found that people who drank two or more diet sodas a day experienced waist size increases that were six times greater than those of people who didn’t drink diet soda.

Research from 2005 found drinking more than two cans of diet soda a day increased risk of obesity by more than 57 percent. Drinking more than two cans of regular soda per day increased obesity risk by just over 47 percent

Watching all I have here may upset you and may have you wonder WHAT am I going to eat – we all have choices . . .

The more animal products we eat, the larger we are and then more likely to develop diabetes . .
Some of these I have mentioned before – when you want to come to see ME to fix what is bothering you – often I say – what are you fuelling yourself with?
Whilst we keep the same habits, what they cause stays the same also . .

The papers are even starting to pay attention . .

Whilst you are watching all of this – please remember that they are not mentioning the role of magnesium . . . a sufficient intake of magnesium will offset some of the damage we are doing to ourselves.

Are you getting enough magnesium to keep yourself healthy?

Find out why Calcium Intake Without Magnesium Is a Health Risk


Eating plants -strong & healthy living – forget about diabetes/obesity/heart disease. (17 minutes)

Type 1 diabetes prevention ‘better than cure’

Type-1 Diabetes Like Autism is Totally Preventable

Vit D and sun and disease generally (43 minutes)
esp around 29 minutes in – sunscreen usage ..

We possibly need to start looking at not vitamins but food . . what is happening to it? (58 minutes)

What is in the food chain?  (esp about ‘jittery’ foods . . .) (20 minutes)

Today’s Modern Food: It’s not what you think (13 minutes)

Breaking the Food Seduction (56 minutes)

Vaccination And Looking After Babies Healthily
If you watch nothing else – perhaps hear what his one doctor has discovered.
The disappearance of polio – misnamed – it is crucial to watch . .   (1.10 minutes)
especially when looking at the importance of breastfeeding.

Teeth . . .
If you wonder how to help your mouth and teeth and gut . . possibly this Ayurvedic way may suit you – I have tried it – it is a good way of not talking and meditating whilst going about your early morning . .

Oil Pulling Benefits For Health and Well-Being

On a lighter note . .. better coconut oil than the other coctails . . .

Soft drink addict loses all his teeth at the age of 25

then there is as a counterpoint – back to diet is essential . .

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Christchurch – two years on . .

If you are interested in what is happening in my home town . . Christchurch

Fun in NZ

Kea steals tourist’s wallet
Tiptoeing in the treetops

and in Australia. .
Thirsty koala follows walker, drinks three bottles of water

Tuneup Time

Please think of coming in to see me for a tuneup, all this awkward weather is messing with lots of us.
The change of season is also a good time to pop in to get a tuneup – and to pick up more AV/AT as it is magic to clear up any illness that just appears – including chasing away all infections/viruses – esp when used with Vit V+C and oil of Thieves.

Best wishes,