Heather’s News – September 2014

Welcome to a new season!

In this issue:

1 – Spring is well upon us . .
2  – Where is Heather off to and why?
3 – Finally – a new way of working . . .
4 – You may ask . . What is Mayan massage?
5 – Why Mayan massage?
6 – Another new venture – Natural Fertility Coach . .

1 – Spring is well upon us . .
I hope spring is all that you like. . the rain was wonderful (can we have more please?) and the veggie seedlings are growing nuts ..
A change of season tune up is always warranted – much like the dental 6 monthly visits – to make sure nothing is falling too apart ..

2  – Where is Heather off to and why?

Gone Sunday 13th October – USA!!!!
Till Friday 7th November New Hampshire.

To learn the advanced pregnancy and all through life stages care, and the advanced back work . . 2 weeks doing this in retreat, one week off to watch the fall colours and write, then off to Houston Texas – WFAS. (World Federation of Acupuncture Societies).

I will also be presenting a 4 set group of topics at an international congress there:

  • Preventing Post Partum Psychosis
  • Avoiding Precocious Puberty
  • Removing Hidden Cold
  • Endometriosis and PCOS – Can It Be This Easy?

Yes – some wonder where the year went – I am sure I am not the only one who has done heaps with the days granted us – and can account for all of them.

3 – Finally – a new way of working . . .
Starting when I get back from my trip to learn more on pregnancy and advanced Mayan Massage, I will be running classes for self care for those who wish to help themselves – the Mayan work and other traditional models will revolutionise your life. .

The Mayan massage that I learned in Kin Kin continues to amaze me. Back, digestive, reproductive, clarity, anything – all helped when you get the lymph to move and get the uterus/all the pelvic contents back where they were designed to be ..

This means that I am very busily getting the practical up so when I am learning the advanced pregnancy and the advanced back work in a few weeks in New Hampshire USA, I will be proficient.

Am I still using acupuncture?
Of course – it is my first love.
I am not the standard acupuncturist though and the pulling cold out and using moxa can be shortened now with the steaming that is part of the Mayan – but also all traditional women’s business ‘ ways of living.
And there is often a lot that we could be doing for ourselves – hence I have gone off to find what would make a difference to all.

4 – You may ask . . What is Mayan massage?
Please go to this site http://www.mayanhealing.com.au/maya-abdominal-massage/ as it gives some background – and then look at what I have here.
http://heathersays.com/ under self care . ..

There is still time before I leave (Saturday 12th is the last day for a month I will be in clinic) to have at least one session – at $300 each (for 2 hours plus all the bits to take away to help yourself).

It is an investment – especially if the chiropractor/physio has not been able to totally fix the sore bits.
This work, along with the acupuncture and moxa, is making headway where nothing else may have – especially for women who have had many children

5 – Why Mayan massage?
Because it touches spaces that only you can work with – and at home – and as a support network so whatever we do together in clinic can be consolidated.
Who would benefit?
Especially if you are older – as I am.
The men’s health area is also missed mostly – so the prostate and the leg circulation (please watch the Vit B12 footage here http://simple-natural-solutions.com/essential-vitamins/vitamin-b/ – and the older women (and not so older ones) with bits falling down can relate. .

But here is also a huge population who are constantly in painpelvic, structural or of course the gut – and the gut is miraculously helped when you start looking after yourself – not take more pills – but heal through food and self care . .

So many so far with Crohn’s and IBS and dodgy gut are feeling loads better already – and of course the homework (in bed for a few minutes) really settles you in for a great sleep . .

6 – Another new venture – Natural Fertility Coach . .
Plus a Facebook page – for inspiration – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Natural-Fertility-Coach/714576328596924?ref=ts&fref=ts
Anyone whose children (who in fact may be well over 30 years old by now) and who came into the world via my ministrations – please add a picture of your bub and the year.

It may help those who as yet are still listening to the apparently infertility hopeless tale.

In NZ my 100% success rate is real – a simple matter of sort out the lifestyle and the babies start flowing where there was a blockage before…

Look to where the problem lies http://supercharge-your-sperm.com/

Of course it is mainly the state of the sperm – and in no one’s language 3-4 % LOOKING normal is a real measure of the quality of the baby you want.

As one woman said to me today – ‘I spent more time deciding in a new car than I did on preparation for my daughter’s birth’ . . no need to wonder anymore – it is now all captured as an easy navigation tool in the apps – the pregnancy one here – http://heathersays.com/

Until next time,

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce