Heather’s News – October 2014

Clinic update

Where is Heather going and why?
What is this good for?
My topics are:
Whilst I am away . .

Where is Heather going and why?

Brisbane – LA to Manchester, then Greenfield, for a two week retreat to learn the advanced pregnancy (including fertility and after birth care), and then a separate advanced back and gut course  in Mayan abdominal massage.

What is this good for?

Almost every thing people come in to see me about.
I am amazed how even when constantly working on some gives only some results – but not as good as I would like/used to have decades ago.

Dissolve all manner of problems with the self care component of using castor oils packs – a natural anti-inflammation treatment (add to it to any sore spots [see ‘castor oil packs (always use organic)] and abdominal massage and the self care teachings after the Mayan massage.

Adding in the traditional women’s wisdoms – from many different cultures.

Please explore more here http://www.mayanhealing.com.au/maya-abdominal-massage/ or look under ‘self care’ on http://heathersays.com/

I will be taking a break in New Hampshire and surrounding states, after this intensive workout for 6 days – exploring the peaceful autumn surrounds.

Then I fly to Houston to present papers at the WFAS (World Federation of Acupuncture Societies) conference.

My topics are:

  • ‘Preventing Post Partum Psychosis’,
  • ‘Avoiding Precocious Puberty’,
  • ‘Endometriosis and PCOS – Can It Be that Simple?’ and
  • ‘Removing Hidden Pathogens – Rescuing Innate Healing’.

I will be in the midst of a weekend of new ideas and will meet a lot of new faces – and then return to be back to work ready for sharing my new knowledge and ideas on Thursday 6th November.

Due to the presence of the G20 disruption, I will go home to NZ to attend my garden and see my patients there from Wednesday 11th coming back after all the dust settles to Brisbane, on the 22nd November.

Whilst I am away – I will be writing/tapping away at the computer and thus emailing me will get a response – though  am not sure of my availability when in retreat – it may be a 2 week complete silence from me – but once back in the outside world, I will be part of the internet community again.

Heather’s Movements:

13th Oct – 3rd Nov USA
Clinic closed
– contact Tracy for supplies
6th Nov – 11th Nov  Brisbane clinic open
12th Nov – 21st Nov NZ
Brisbane clinic closed
– contact Tracy for supplies
22nd Nov Brisbane Clinic reopens

The new Facebook page ‘Natural Fertility Coach’ is live and contains a lot of heart opening and inspiring content for all.

There will be a lot of information shared there soon on how to avoid the expensive and often hopeless attempts many make when going to IVF.

Applying old fashioned wisdoms – undoing  the health issues of the two people wanting to be parents first is the way to go . .

Whilst I am away . .

Need more of anything – or to make an appointment?

If you run out of supplies, or need to make an appointment for when I return, please ring the usual number (3899 2274) and Tracy will get back to you.

If you find yourself out of something she can either post it to you or arrange a pickup.


Have a wonderful spring!!

Best wishes,

Heather Bruce